Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Just stopping by my old stomping grounds to say hi, to share a bit of what I'm up to, and to ask you to please come on over to My (extraordinarily) Ordinary Life!

I have a new blog home and would love for you visit. All of my friends from this neighborhood of blogville are my most cherished blog friends. You all were my support, my sounding board, my cheerleader...my pals.

It just isn't the same without you!

Things there are much as they were here. I still share wacky stories about my every day. I randomly post scrappy projects. Occasionally, I get a bit "deep" and sentimental. And of course, I mention the nasty "c" beast from time to time. While the fight of my life is a thing of my past, the after effects are part of my every day.

I now work harder than ever to live a healthy life. 'Cause "ain't" nobody got time for another run in with cancer. However, there was a point when all this healthy living left me wondering how much "living" I was doing.

Shall we say I became a bit obsessive?

Watching every little thing I ate did nothing but cause my stress levels to go through the roof. Not exactly a positive.

I needed balance.

And I think I've found it.

I recently decided to share my Tips for Simple, Healthy Living.

After receiving so many emails asking for suggestions, I thought a series would be the best way to address the questions. That has been the subject of most of my posts the past few weeks.

That and my usual.

I hope this little preview of what is going on at My (extraordinarily) Ordinary Life prompts you to come follow along.

You can also find me on


Somehow, I have lost many of my contacts here. Rather than scour comments from old posts to find links to your blogs, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share the link in a comment here. I promise to pay you a visit!

Hoping life is being kind to all of you!!!



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