Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Much To Share.....BUT....

Hey gals! This has been one exciting week/weekend. I have been cuh-razy busy and there is so much to share!!! But some of it is going to have to wait. At least for a few days. I will give you a few hints to tide you over. Of course, it ALL has to do with the scrapping world.

First up, remember I mentioned a few posts back that I was working on some projects for a DT call? Well, the good news is....I finished my projects! I have absolutely NO idea if I will make it and I won't know for a few more weeks. The exciting part is that I did it!!! I have always wanted to try for a team, but in the past, I never felt I had enough time to give it my all. I am a real stickler for only committing when I think I can do my best. Another reason I have never answered a call...fear! Plain and simple. We all fear rejection, but this goes even further for me. I know we all pour our heart and soul into our pages and for me, submitting my layouts to actually be judged felt like I was being judged. Sounds silly, but it was my reality. Not anymore. This new "lovin' myself" way of life is actually quite nice. It has freed me from this least where scrapping is concerned. I'll let you know about the other areas of my life another time! LOL!

Below is a sneak peek of one of my submissions. I will post the others later in the week after they have been loaded in the gallery. AND I will give you all the reasons I think this will be a most wonderful place to hang my hat. I promise I will also divulge the name of the site in case any of you want to participate in the call. It runs until the 26th so there is still plenty of time. Why the secrecy? I think I must be more superstitious than I ever knew. I'm afraid to say too much until I see my projects in the gallery...I'm afraid I might jinx them! LOL! Here is the sneak peek I mentioned.

Other late breaking news...I am going to be the Guest DT at Butterfly Crafts in August! My name was chosen randomly for this spot and I cannot wait! My LO will be going up on the first. Be sure to stop by and leave me a tiny little show of support. I promise it is OK to lie...I am not above the token lie to help boost my self confidence! LOL! Of course, they have a wonderful DT and you will not be disappointed with your visit.

And you just have to stop in at Forward Progress! There are some changes in the works that I think are totally awesome! We are gearing up for some wonderful new challenges, more posts to get you thinking toward forward progress and we are adding guest designers to our team! We will be announcing our first 2 Guest DT members very soon. Be sure to check in often to see if you know who they might be. Also, we will be looking for future guest artists so be sure to let us know if you are interested.

Finally, I have several awards to mention. I have been such a bad, bad person. These awards were given to me over the past several weeks and I have yet to post them. I hadn't forgotten. It just seems summer vacation has turned my schedule upside down and I can't seem to right it. I received this award from Karen at Time Crafted.

It is for an "attitude of gratitude". I told Karen it is perfectly OK to take this back as I have not been showing an "attitude of gratitude". I haven't even acknowledged her kindness. (So sorry Karen.) I have to add that I just love this girl! I have only been visiting her blog in recent weeks but she has the most fun, creative spirit.

Peggy, Treasured Memories, gave me 2 awards.

Of course you all know how much I love Peggy. She is my super artsy pal from Belgium. The next award was given by two special ladies, Lexie and Michelle. Bloggers and scrappers that are a real treat to know.

And finally, this award is from Mommyscraps at According to Jane Austen. I always have such a great time when I visit...lots of fun and some scrapping eye candy to boot!

These last two require that I post random, "honest" facts about myself. I believe one asked for 10 and the other 7. I will give it a go and see how far I get.

1. I am an over-achiever. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college in 3 years. I did this by taking as many as 24 hours a semester and I worked while doing this. Of course, these over-achieving ways have long since been thrown out the window. LOL!

2. I got my first job at the age of 11. I played piano for a voice instructor's students. This was what we call "learning the hard way". I was a decent piano player, but you learn just how good you are when you are handed a piece of music and you are expected to follow the singer, even when said singer doesn't follow the music!

3. I run and jump in bed every night...I'm still afraid of what might be lurking underneath. AND i still sleep with a stuffed animal.

4. I need order of some kind in my life. If my life is in order "internally", then my external world can be a little less orderly and vice versa.

5. I can't remember numbers to save my life, but I work in the accounting field. ?????

6. Multi-tasking used to be my middle name. Now....not so much. I do better if I give projects my undivided attention.

7. I work best under pressure. Good thing, because I can sometimes be a procrastinator.

8. I would love to sport a 6-pack just once in my life.

9. With regard to No. 8, will probably never happen because I can't let go of my love for all things chocolate.

10. Finally, I am "honestly" very happy to be me. Flaws and all!!!

I want to send my most heartfelt thanks to you ladies for these wonderful awards. It is always such an honor to be thought of. I want to pass these on to anyone who comments today. And I WILL be watching to see who posts those "honest" facts!!!

Catch ya later!

P.S. I am working hard at catching up on all my blog reading. I know I've missed so many of your posts. And I go out of town again this week. After that, things should slow down a little and I should get back on track. I really do miss reading about what is going on in your worlds! {hugs}


  1. ♥ your sneak... best of luck with your DT call! I'm just SURE you'll get it!

    ♥ your list of random things... Summa Cum Laude in 3 years? VERY impressive! :-)

    I love that you run & jump into bed! LOL!

    Don't give up on the 6-pack. It's possible, even with a love for chocolate... :-)

  2. I am just as busy so getting up those awards may take me a bit...LOL. I love your honesty list. I don't like those "things" that lurk under the bed...when I know darn well it is just a bunch of nothing I never look at that gets stored under there. Yeah... My 14 year old shows me her cute little tight stomach every chance she gets. I don't think I ever had one. Not like hers. Must be nice. You are just the travelin' girl. Hope they are nice little relaxation moments for you. Hugs my friend....

    So excited you have tried out for a team. Your sneak peak looks awesome. You will be in my thoughts for the spot.

  3. BEST OF LUCK with the DT CALL!!!!! GIRL....U have soooooooooooooooo MUCH STINKIN' TALENT!!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your work....dangit...I thought U were all ready on several teams and that is the ONLY reason I didn't ask U to be on my NEW FAVE THINGS challenge blog...I thought U were too busy working on others....and LOL LOL LOL to your list....I CAN REMEMBER ANY NUMBER given to me...and I SUCK at accounting!!! LOL!!!!! LOVE YA! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh my gosh they would be totally crazy to not ask you to be on their DT! Your work is amazing. I wish I was half the scrapper you are:) I am headed over to Forward Progress right now to look at all the fun stuff going on there! Can't wait to see the LOs you made for the DT you are trying out for!

    Oh and we did not cave tube. I am so mad about it too. I wanted to and my husband didn't well when he heard everyone talking about it afterwards he decided I was right and we should have done it! Maybe next time:)

  5. I am so proud of you girl! I am crossing my fingers for to get that DT gig because you deserve it! Your sneak looks great, they'd be the lucky ones to have YOU! And congrats on your guest design gig too!
    I have the same rejection fear as you do, I think we all have it- crap! But you know, I'd rather get rejected than to have never tried at all. Keep envisioning that job in your hands girl! It'll happen! And if not this one, that means a better one is out there for you! xOxO

  6. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the call, it sure does take some guts to apply, but in the end, it's a good feeling to send out those applications and projects and know you gave it your all!

  7. I've got my fingers & toes crossed for ya darlin! Good for you for stepping out there, be proud of your work, you are very talented!

    I love your "honest" list! Finished college in 3 yrs????? GeeZ GIRLIE! HEY, who needs a's CHOCOLATE that's more important!!!!

  8. good luck with the dt gig!! I have never had the guts to try for one,. plus it always seems where I look, its the same names over and over.. I am anxious to hear what site you're going for? and congrats on the GDT thing too. I'll be anxious to see what you submitted!
    congrats on your awards too =) fun little tidbits about yourself~!

  9. How could your work possibly be rejected - it is gorgeous & original & an inspiration! Like Julie, a few comments back, I thought you were already DT member on more than one site!

    Every time I see a DT call that seems 'Me' I print off the details, but then put off completing an entry LO etc until the deadlines passed & I think "Ah well, next time maybe!!"

    Love your honesty list! It is true that there are unknown creatures that live under beds - that's why we have a drawer divan - it'd be a small flat monster who chose to live under that!!

    I am so with you on being a procrastinator, I always get more done with a deadline!! (except DT call LO's that is!!)

    Thanks for stopping by & leaving such heartwarming comments - congrats on all those well deserved awards - I hope you have a great trip, wherever you're off to this time & look forward to hearing all about here soon!! x

  10. Good luck with your DT submissions, can't wait to see the full photos! Just love reading your posts and visiting, you always bring a smile and a laugh to start my day!

  11. Congrats on the awards and good luck on the DT call!

  12. loved your sneak peek. can't wait to see more. good luck withe the DT.
    have a great week!

  13. Best of luck on the DT call! I think any of us that have put ourselves out there know what it's like! I love your attitude tho! In the end, WE just have to be happy with our projects, right!?! Have a fantastic week!

  14. Love the sneak....and can't wait to hear more!!!!! The list...well you and I are SO SISTERS!!!!! What you listed is me in a nutshell~~! We are in Delaware...interesting is what I can say!!!! :) Can't wait to talk with you!!! I miss hearing your sweet southern voice!!!! Love you!!! :)

  15. Sorry if this is a double post...but sometimes it is hard to tell whether your posts go through or not. Love, love, love the sneak!!! They would be so fortunate to have you on their DT!!! Wishing you the best my friend!!!!

  16. wow wow wow thank you so much for the gorgeous comment you left for me on my blog - it means so much coming from such an amazing scrapper. i dont view myself as being a creative genius, i just enjoy what i do - making a mess and seeing what comes of it so thank you for saying that. have a great week hun xxx

  17. Good luck with the design team!

  18. I love no.3 honest facts about yourself, lol! It's so cute. I've started looking in stamping. I found a website and they have demonstrator who can come over my place and give demonstration to me as a hostess and my friends. I'm thinking about it! Best of luck on the DT call! Always love to read your post.

  19. GRRRRR.......Blogger, IE8, or my computer just ate my post!!! WAAAAAAAA!!!

    Okay, now that my dramatics are over, I'll try this again! :>

    The gist of what I wanted to say is..... Congrats on your Guest DT position!! I will try to remember to go check and give you some love on the 1st, but if we forget, please give us a good swift kick in the tush, please! Okay, maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone here....give me a good swift kick in the tush!!! :>

    Good Luck on your DT submission! I definitely understand the scary part....yup, yup I understand that part quite well. My fingers and toes are crossed, but your sneaky peaky is great!

    Congrats on all of your awards! And NOPE, not taking it back. I LOVE each and every fabulous comment you leave for me...they always make me smile! :>

    Thanks for sharing those ten bits o' you! I giggled at number five....I cannot remember numbers that I need to remember currently, but I can remember my phone number from when I was a young kidlet living in upstate NY?? What's up with that?! And number ten is wonderful and you give hope to those of us who are still on that path to get there!

    Hope your Monday is shaping up to shine! :>

    (Wow....I think I remembered almost all of it! No stinkin' computer glitch is gonna keep me from commenting on a fun post o' yours! :>)

  20. Wowzers............looks like I wrote a book....whoops! :>

  21. Love the sneakie and Good luck on the DT!!! Loved reading your honest facts. Too cute. Hope you have a super week!!

  22. Congratulations on both entering one and winning a DT position!! Good luck on the one yet to be decided! And great blog awards, well deserved!! Love your list, too funny!!

  23. Good luck with your DT call...your sneak is fab! And big congrats on your GDT gig, very fun!

    Your awards are well earned and I am major procrastinator too!

  24. i'm so proud of you for going out for the DT! Your sneak looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the full reveal. Got my fingers crossed for you! Aaah, I would love to have a 6-pack just once, too, but like you, chocolate is my evil as well, lol!

  25. hey lisa,

    sorry i haven't dropped by in a while. i've been busy. anyway, just wanted to say GOOD LUCK on that DT call. i'm sure they'll love your stuff - i know i do! :)

    and yea.... rejection is never a good thing, but it's part of life! i give you a high five for even trying!

    have a great day!


  26. i know! i know! lol ;) seriously, good luck! and congrats on the GDT spot. you will be amazing, i know.

    just loving your sneaky peaky.

  27. Good luck with your DT Call!! And congrat's on the Guest Designer spot! That's awesome!
    Love your little list :D
    Hope you are having a great week!

  28. Good luck with the DT call Lisa! I can't wait to see your layouts in the gallery. And congrats on the guest DT, that is awesome!!!

  29. You know I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! You know my thoughts on this one: any team would be lucky to have you, and they'd better think twice before letting you slip through their fingers!!!!!
    Congrats on the guest DT, can't wait to see what you come up with! I promised Jocelyn to try and participate in this challenge, but I'm so pressed for time these days. I had hoped I would have had more time during the holidays, but it's just not turning out that way.
    Big hug xxx Peggy
    Oh, I almost forgot, thank you for your superkind words, you made my day and that huge smile will stay on my face for the rest of the day, I'm sure!


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