Favorite Posts

I began this blog in January of 2009. Not having a clue as to what I would write or where this blog would go, I did what I often do and jumped in with both feet, adopting the mantra "I'll figure it out as I go". Sometimes I feel I know the exact purpose of my writing. Other times...not so much. Here is a sampling of what I consider to be some of my better blogging moments:

Could I actually be funny? - I'm not afraid to write about anything and always strive to find the humor in everything. This is where you will find my attempt to share some LOL moments.

Assume The Position
I Have A Tummy Ache
And You Call Yourself A Doctor?
Oh Holy Heck
Oh No! My Roots Are Showing
White Knight, Where Are You?
Bikini or Tankini...Or Should I Just Go With A Muumuu?

As I stumble through life - Having a type A personality comes with a need to control "things". The older I get the more I realize just how little control I do have. It is overwhelmingly apparent I am still growing and learning...even at the ripe old age of forty-{grumble, grumble}. Here is where I "write" my way through a few of life's lessons and self-discovery.

The Pros and Cons of Solitude
No, I Have Not Been Eaten By My Sweats!!!
Have You Ever
I Want What She's Got
One Day I Will
Mergers and Acquisitions

Fighting the "c" beast - My journey as a cancer fighting chica.

That Dreaded "c" Word
Getting Down To Business
Squeezing Life's Lemons
In The Dark Of Night...
Dearest Me,
Faith Defined
A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Moment
I Fry... Then I Freeze
In Search Of The Complaint Department

Miscellaneous Musings - A hodge-podge of all things "me".

Does It Bear Repeating???
An Oldie But A Real Goodie
Sex & The City (Without the City...and well...Without the Sex)
Dear Taylor
I Dreamed A Dream
My People