Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun and Games

This weekend has been THE best. It started out as not-so-good but turned into one of the best I've had in ages. As with every work week, I was anxiously awaiting Friday. Well, my Friday was a bit like a nasty Monday...

a nasty Monday on crack.

Have you ever started your day by looking at the clock and saying "Oh Sh*t!"? That was my Friday. I overslept. Don't know how it happened but I woke at the time I should have been leaving. I sprang from the bed...not even sure my feet hit the floor until I was in the ready in 15 minutes...raced to work and hoped like hell I was fully clothed.

Remember my gotta-clean-for-the-cleaning-lady Thursday? Yeah, well, it became a much bigger task than anticipated. I had to also clean the game room in the basement as the cleaning lady only does the main 2 floors. It's been a few weeks...ok, a few months...since I cleaned downstairs. We never go down there. But having out-of-town guests will spur you into was time to clean that darned basement.

Well, my stinkin' vacuum decided to do nothing more than spit my super-sized dust bunnies back at me. Actually, if I were the vacuum, I would have done the same thing. Some of those dust balls were bigger than me! I would have choked on them...spitting should have been expected. So there I was, on hands and knees, wiping up the dirt and dust with Swiffer wipes. I never knew how large that room is!!! After what seemed to be hours on the floor and a lengthy scrub session to remove the pink and green rings in the toilet of the extra bath, I realized it was well past my 4 hours!!! You think that could have been a contributing factor to me oversleeping???

I get to work late and can't seem to find my focus. The first 2 hours of my work day were spent struggling to get my act together. Then a bomb was dropped. The cleaning lady called to say she couldn't make it. WHAT???? I wanted to be angry but just couldn't as her reason was more than valid. But what the heck was I going to do now. Unmade beds, in great need of clean sheets, dirty floors, ringed toilets and filthy sinks were anxiously awaiting her arrival...not to mention I was too. And my guest was arriving at time to get home and do it myself. To top things off, a nasty migraine paid me a visit. By noon, I was a wreck! lol! But somewhere, somehow, after that, everything began to get better. I ended the day with several work tasks completed. Leah, Taylor's girlfriend, offered to clean the house for me and even did the grocery shopping. And the migraine disappeared with only minimal damage. I made it to the airport in time and all was grand!

A quick recounting of the weekend:

Friday night - Dinner at a local tap room for pizza and beer followed by darts afterward in the bar upstairs. Made several new friends. Talked until 3:00 am

Saturday - Convertible ride around Asheville. Visited the area where I grew up and reminisced about days gone by.

Saturday night - Keri arrived home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Homemade chili, a few cocktails and board games until 2:00 am with my kiddos and several of their friends. Laughed so hard my sides ached.

Sunday - Visit to Grove Park Inn to view the Gingerbread House exhibit. Fun! Fun! Lots of themed Christmas trees and a roaring fire in the great hall left me wishing for a white Christmas!

Sunday night - Blog writing and passing out from exhaustion! :-)

I have always been one to only require minimal sleep...well, I WAS one to only require minimal sleep. Now that I'm an old lady in her mid-forties, I need all the beauty sleep I can get. And I got little to none this weekend. So forgive any and all nonsense in this post. I'm a walking zombie!

Before I go, I wanted to share the last of my Serendipity layouts from my November Just Enough Please kit. Remember you can click on the images to view a larger version.

Wishing you a Happy, Happy Monday!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday is here...and almost over! And I feel like it is still Monday. Of course, this is usually a good problem to have. But given I have a butt-load of things needing attention before Friday...ummm, yeah...not so good. I have a friend coming from Texas so there is all the prep work that goes into hosting guests. Things like cleaning, grocery shopping, activity planning, etc. Good thing my once-a-month cleaning lady comes Friday. Yet that means I have to clean before she comes. Yes, I'm one of those people. I have to clean for the cleaning lady. :-0 Actually, I just make sure everything is in it's place so her job is easier. She is only here for a set number of hours and there is no point wasting her time picking up items when she could be doing the things I loathe. Things like cleaning the floors. Honestly, I don't mind any of the household chores. Give me toilets, showers, dusting, laundry, ironing, dishes...I don't mind those at all. I even find them fun...well, rewarding...ummm, OK, so I don't have the right word. lol! Let's just say I will do them with out growling or grumbling. But the floors??? We don't gee and haw...uhhh, that's country-speak for we don't get along. Lol! It takes over 2 hours to do the floors in my house...if done properly. And I could never half do them. So I gladly fork over my hard-earned money to have someone do them for me. Yep, I'm a bit spoiled.

I wanted to share a few layouts with you before the weekend. I fear I won't have the chance to post again before next week so I thought I would leave you with some of my latest. First is my These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things layout. Our challenge this time was to scrap our favorite decade. I seem to always have a hard time deciding on a favorite for each challenge but this one was easy. I love the 1950's. It reminds me of the simpler times of my childhood where the focus was on family and home. Entertainment was found in the front yard with a stick and a sock ball. Dinner was a family event. Although we lived a very simple existence, we never wanted for anything...we were oblivious to what more there was to want. I liken it to a Leave It To Beaver lifestyle. Sooooo, I centered my layout around...yep, you guessed it....Leave It To Beaver.

I hope you will play along with us. There is an awesome gift up for grabs. And you MUST check out the fantastic work from the other DT members as well as our guest member, Michelle. These girls totally rock!

I also thought I would share another Serendipity layout from this month's Just Enough Please kit. When I saw the little chipboard sticker that said "A Little Nutty", I knew exactly which pics I wanted to scrap. Keri and I are, at the very least, a little nutty. We are always taking crazy pictures. We take turns with a word and we quickly snap our reaction to the word. Words like "surprise", "stinky", "angry", "stupid"...get the idea? I have no idea what the words were for these photos but we were having fun.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and the upcoming weekend is fab-U-lous! I'll be back early next week with the remainder of my layouts from the Serendipity kit and all the details from my weekend.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Technique for Sharing

Hi there! I wanted to pop in to share a technique I posted on the Serendipity Scrapbook forum this week. Every other Tuesday the DT is responsible for sharing a fun little scrapping trick...this week it was my turn. I cannot take full credit for this. I got the idea from a newsletter but I can't remember which one. I hate when I can't give credit where credit is due. Soooo, just know this is not an original concept...I stole it! :-)

The idea is to stitch a circular frame. Start by using a template to lightly draw a circle. Then use a paper piercer or needle to punch holes around the circle.

Stitch around the circle criss-crossing your stitches as you go.

Continue until you have filled every hole. Carefully cut the center from the frame. While you could cut the center prior to stitching, I don't recommend it. The center provides good support while you are stitching. Just use caution when cutting after the fact so as not to cut your stitches.

Once complete, the frame can be very versatile. Use it to frame a picture or a title. Embellish it with letter stickers or fun little embellies such as buttons, stickers, chipboard shapes. You can cut or punch around the outer edge to add interest. I hand-cut a scalloped border to create a flower.

I will admit, this larger one took a little while but I think it was worth it. The worst part is I ran out of thread. I started with the fuchsia colored thread from Making Memories and what I thought was more than enough. But I ran out with only a third complete. A quick run to AC Moore and Michael's yielded major panic as neither carry the Making Memories thread...most likely too old an item. I selected a similar color of DMC floss and headed home to start over. Must have been my lucky was a PERFECT match!!! Just to give you a heads up, I would suggest 2 "skeins" (don't know the correct term) of DMC floss for a frame this size.

I will be making many more of these in a much smaller size. I'm thinking a little flower garden would be cute. I can also see this making an interesting center on a larger flower. If you decide to give this a try, be sure an let me know. I would love to see what you do with it!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and Hallelujah it's almost the weekend!!!

Hugs and love,

P.S. Almost forgot to mention the new Martha Stewart punch sets that include the border and matching corner punch...they are da BOMB, Baby!!! LOVE 'em! I bought 3 sets while on my "thread" run. Again, the shopping gods were smiling on me as they were on sale! I used the circular one on this layout. Be sure to check 'em out! Later!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Something Is In The Air

My oh my! There is truly something in the air...other than my hands thrown up in total exasperation. I cannot keep up with my life these days. It is always a matter of feast or famine and I'm currently in "feast" mode. My social calendar is filled to overflowing. So many plans that have been talked about for months...some for years...are finally becoming a reality. Visits from out-of-town friends, a girl's weekend get-away to a neighboring town, another girl's trip to Boston, casual dinners with friends and family, pre-holiday gatherings, actual holiday plans. Can you believe the holidays are knocking at our door? So much to exciting!!! Of course, the normal day-to-day chaos continues resulting in a life spinning out of control. I'm one exhausted but happy girl.

I'm sure many of you thought I had totally forgotten to post the winner of my give-away. Yes, my brain suffers the occasional memory lapse, but not this time. I laughed my butt off at a few of the comments on my last post. You guys are the best. So it is high time I post the winner, don't you think? And, ummm, yeah, I have yet to master the art of copying the random number generator so you are stuck with the lame version posted below. This is all I could get to copy. Anyone have any suggestion as to the generator I should use and how I should go about copying it into my post??? I'll take all the help I can get. Before I tell you who won, I want to thank everyone who participated and for the wonderful comments. I was touched by all the stories of how many lives have felt the sting of this disease. My hope is we can all make a commitment to being diligent with our self-exams and our screenings. Early detection is the greatest weapon we have for fighting back.

OK! Time for the good stuff! The winner is:


Min: 1
Max: 31
Result: 29

The 29th comment was left by Karen at Time Crafted! Please send me your addy so I can get a box of goodies headed your way!

I also need to mention an award I received last week. Three awesome blog friends passed this one to me. A big thank you to Kim, Jocelyn and Jessi! You know I love you girls!!!

Here's the rule: I need to pass this award on to five people, post on their blog to let them know I left this award, and then I need to answer a list of questions in ONE word

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Your hair? curly

3. Your mother? mighty

4. Your father? hard-working

5. Your favorite food? healthy

6. Your dream last night? none

7. Your favorite drink? water

8. Your dream/goal? happiness

9. What room are you in? office

10. Your hobby? scrapbooking

11. Your fear? death-of-family

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? content

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something that you aren't? bitter

15. Muffins? cranberry

16. Wish list item? happiness-for-my-children

17. Where did you grow up? Leicester

18. Last thing you did? swore

19. What are you wearing? jeans-and-a-turtleneck

20. Your TV? Ti-Vo'ed

21. Your Pets? Yorkie

22. Friends? awesome

23. Your life? full

24. Your mood? happy

25. Missing Someone? not-sure

26. Vehicle? Convertible

27. Something your not wearing? Chip-on-my-shoulder

28. Your favorite store? White House/Black Market

29. Your favorite color? bright

30. When was the last time you laughed? seconds-ago

31. Last time you cried? Monday

32. Your best friend? treasured

33. One place that I go to over and over? work

34. Facebook? rarely

35. Favorite place to eat? home

OK, so I don't follow rules very well. A few of my answers were more than one word. I couldn't help it. And number 30 happened because of number 18. LOL! I normally break the rules when it comes to passing awards on but since I didn't adhere to them when giving my responses, I'll go ahead and abide by them and pass it on to Tara, Chantal, Melonie, Stacy and Amy.

Since this post is already enormously long, I'll only post one of my Serendipity layouts. It is my favorite...I think...from this month's kit. The pic is of Keri and one of her favorite cousins. They only get to see each other on very rare occasions as he lives several hours away but the adoration is mutual.

I thought this was THE cutest paper and wanted to emphasize the cheery sunshine effect. So I machine stitched along each of the sunshine rays. It is more evident in-real-life.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and your weekend is filled with fun!!!

Hugs and love,

P.S. Thank you to all who requested the link to my new blog. I've been overwhelmed with the wonderful comments and emails received as a result of the few posts made. Sadly, many can relate to the "hard" part of my story but here's to hoping there is an equal connection to the "happy" part!!! Again, if you are interested in the link, just email me ( I would love to have your feedback! xoxo L

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten!!!

I will be back to post the winner of my "Have You Squeezed Your Melons" contest along with an award and my Serendipity layouts. Busy. Busy. Busy. Love you guys!