Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Knight, Where Are You?

Today I dream of you. I long for you to ride in on your strong stallion...wielding your massive sword... slaying all demons and dragons that threaten to invade my world. Today I feel like a damsel in distress. Will you please come to my rescue?

You are who I dream of...



...the way my luck has been going lately...

YOU are the one I will most likely get...

A bad-a$$ medieval punk who does nothing more than leave hell in his wake. (Looks like someone missed his bi-annual dental visits. *shudder*)

Guess I should take up a sword and fight my own battles. What do you think? Think I can become a bad-a$$ medieval wench who rushes into combat and comes out victorious??? I'm thinking a little dragon slayin' is good for the soul.

Happy Hump Day and may all your demons forever be banished!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello Friday!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I will be hanging with good friends all weekend then gearing up for a 3 day visit from my mom. Can't wait to spend time with her. A little update...I'm working hard on all the changes to my blog. I have tons of ideas swirling in my head and I'm anxious to share. Hope to debut soon.

Before I go I want to share this picture I found in photobucket when lurking around recently. Doesn't it just scream "good times" and tropical places??? Ahhh, if only I was heading for warm sandy beaches........

Here's to a weekend of sunshine and smiles! Cheers!

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Mergers and Acquisitions...

...a general term used to refer to the consolidation of companies."

I suppose you are wondering how in the world mergers and acquisitions apply to a Friday blog post. Shouldn't I be celebrating the fact another work week has come and gone? Aren't Friday posts supposed to be filled with the anticipation of all things good the weekend will bring? Isn't it a time to party it up with a little Friday fun? Well, you guys know me. I have this need to be different, to stray from the expected. I choose to forgo the standard Friday fare and make an announcement. I'm planning my own merger & acquisition! What does that mean? I'm planning a total blog re-do and I felt it only fair to warn you of the upcoming changes. So here goes...

When I started this blog roughly a year and a half ago, I had not a clue where I would go with it. Honestly, I never in a million years expected anyone would ever read my ramblings. And that was okay. I merely wanted to record my feelings, my trials and triumphs, as I settled into a new way of life...the life of a single empty-nester. I had no intention of creating a crafty blog. I wasn't comfortable posting my layouts. I was timid and shy with regard to sharing them. Yeah, I'm sure you all are rolling your eyes and thinking I'm full of bull with that statement. How can a girl who writes about fat feet, big boobs, marathon pee sessions and gyno exams from hell ever be timid and shy? Well, I ain't lyin'!!! I had a very hard time putting my creative side on display. But I finally put my big girl panties on, sucked it up and posted a layout. From that point on, this blog seemed to take on a life of its own and it's self-imposed chartered course seemed to be crafty in nature. That was where I was at the time. Now my life is on a different course. My days are filled with different activities and my goals are constantly being redefined. Where I once spent my spare time commuting to see my man in Atlanta and filling the gaps with all things related to scrapbooking, I am now settled into a life in my own hometown working on strengthening my mind and my body. My focus has shifted and that is what brings me back to the mergers & acquisitions.

Several months ago, I started a different blog where I wrote about single life. I've always said writing is my therapy and my "other" blog was exactly that. By writing, I sorted through the break-up of my 3 year relationship/engagement, wrote of the craziness of internet dating and even told of a whirlwind romance that didn't end so well. It was a relatively anonymous blog as I felt the material wouldn't be well received by everyone. It served a purpose at the time but that time is over. I've now made the decision to merge the two. This will be my one and only... the landing spot for everything "me". The good, the bad, the will all be right here. And you can trust it will be a massive hodge-podge of everything ranging from fashion to home repairs, dating highs and lows, family fun, self-acceptance and there could even be the occasional crafty creation. My strategy of bringing the two blogs together is an attempt to merge the varying aspects of my life. I realize I have been unknowingly living a double life of sorts. I've separated the single girl from the other girl...the real girl. I've found myself wanting to write of various events in my life but unsure which blog warranted the post. It has become a little too much for even me to handle. It is time to "merge" the different sides of me in order to "acquire" a whole and complete me.

As you know, life changes. People change...and people come and go. I was married...but he left. I was a mom....then they grew up and set out to make their own way. I was I'm not. Through it all, friends have come and friends have gone. This is life. I entitled my blog Takin' Life One Day At A Time for a reason. I've come to realize, life isn't, nor will it ever be, constant. The only sane way to ride this buckin' bronco called life, is to take it as it comes. To not worry about tomorrow. Simply live for today. Each day brings its own challenges and rewards and I don't want to miss a thing by fretting over what the future will bring for it will certainly be different, maybe even the polar opposite, from anything I think it might be.

My life is fun, challenging, boring, overwhelming, exciting, normal, anything-but-normal... my life is all these things and more. My life is good and I want to write about it. I have made some amazing friends in blogland. You guys have supported me, encouraged me, laughed at/with me, cried with me, offered cyber hugs and brightened my world with each and every comment. I hope you will hang with me as I revamp my blog and continue to take life one day at a time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funky Feet

It's time to have a little fashion fun! I'm a shoe girl. No doubt about it. I find them completely addictive and I have quite the collection to prove it. Not exactly sure what draws me in but I can quickly be mesmerized by high fashion offerings. You know, those shoes that make you wonder how in the world anyone could ever stand in them without wobbling, much less walk in a reasonable manner. The more outrageous the better. Simply are fun!

Several weeks ago, Keri sent me a link to sign up for daily Shop It To Me Sales Alerts. The link offers the chance to pick from various shops/designers and receive daily notices on their reduced items. Being a lover of all things fashion related, I jumped on it. Nothing like a little fashion escape to make every day a little brighter. Stores and websites like Piper Lime, Blue Fly, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, J Crew, and many more were on the list. Even high-end designers were an option but I thought it best to stay within the boundaries of my budget and selected those that are more reasonably priced. No need to be tempted by things I could never afford.

One of my favorite shoe gurus is Steve Madden...always hip and fun. Today, I thought I would share a few of my Steve Madden faves from a recent sale alert. Note: my absolute-favorite-think-I-might-just-have-to-buy-them pair are the last two...C-U-T-E!!!

Notice there is a commonality among the shoes...they all are rather "chunky". That would be the style I am most drawn to. Guess it comes from having "chunky" Fred Flintstone feet. The additional umph of a hefty shoe helps dwarf...ok, only slightly ginormous feet. One lesson I learned a long time ago, dress for your body type...or in this case, for your foot type??? Let's just say, I do everything I can to downplay my abnormally ugly, pudgy appendages. Way cool shoes definitely help!

By the way, while I have a closet full of shoes (I quit counting when I crossed into triple digits) I tend to wear the same few pair over and over. When you work at an auto restoration establishment, you get more than your share of crazy stares when you wear your "fun" shoes to work. So I just go for functional. But you can bet I pull out the good-time-girl shoes when going out.

Hmmm, now that didn't sound exactly right. I'm thinking I just labeled myself something not-so-nice...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Uh-Oh! Missing My Mojo

Has anyone seen my mojo running around? One thing's for sure, it ain't hangin' with me! This weekend I had the chance to scrap with some super sweet scrappy friends. Very fitting given it was National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. The day started at 9:00 am and ended at 1:30 am. Wanna guess how many layouts I completed in those 16-1/2 hours? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I couldn't get my scrappy groove on to save my life!!! I would pick up paper...then put it back down. I sorted through photos...smiled...even laughed at a few...and placed them back in their envelope. I flipped through idea book after idea book looking for inspiration. I certainly found plenty but when I put scissors to paper, I just couldn't do it. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, worked. I finally decided to let it go. Why push it when you aren't feeling it? There will be other chances and I feel sure Mr. Mojo will eventually return.

I suppose you are wondering what I DID do during all that time. I ooh'ed and ahh'ed over everyone's creations, helped pull together co-ordinating items for my scrapping friends, spent a nice little chunk of change on new items at the sweet little scrapbook store we visited and laughed until I hurt. Oh yeah, I can't forget to mention all the food I consumed and you can bet chocolate was devoured in enormous quantities! With my hands idle, I HAD to do something...popping M&M's seemed to be the best option!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating National Scrapbook Day! Wishing you a week of sunshine and smiles! xoxo -L