Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter CHA 2010 Pre-Order Alert!!!

So....Worried your favorite scrapbooking store won't get your favorite products? Concerned that you will have to wait for them? Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Sassafras Lass, Cosmo Cricket, and omgosh, you know you want that new stuff from Tim Holtz!
Well LOOK no further...Serendipity Scrapbooks is doing a MASSIVE Winter CHA 2010 PRE - ORDER! AND BG will be loaded tomorrow or Monday- (Maya Road may follow if and when an image occurs). CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PRE-ORDERS

Please review info on how to order PRE ORDERED items- Some will be in upcoming kits (it is posted on the main info page for the line)
HERE IS THE ALERT---- Post this on Facebook, Twitter it, blog on it and share on any board that doesn't have a store Get your name entered into the Crop drawing for the Kit for each place you post!!! After sharing - POST HERE to be entered in the drawing :)

OH and DONT FORGET---- 15% off these pre orders with a code: Winterchagoodies This code must be redeemed in the code box at the VERY BOTTOM of the shopping cart. P.S if there is not enough of any product or line ordered then we will cancel and refund---

SOO exciting!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

And The Answer Is...

Time to offer up the answer to the question posed in my last post. I was rolling in the floor over some of the answers you guys left. Too, too funny. This one is a true bugger! To be perfectly honest, the sentence was flawed to begin with. It would have been more correct to have said "Have you already finished that drink?" or "Did you drink that already?". Several of you actually said that...Karen and Chris. And Chris even offered up the rule of grammar to support her answer. In trying to arrive at the elusive answer to the question at hand, I found the following information...and I quote:

"So the answer to that lifelong “have drank” versus “have drunk” bugaboo is right at your fingertips. “Webster’s New World College Dictionary” writes: “drank; drunk or now informal drank; drinking.” So the preferred form to use with “have” is “drunk,” although, if you want to be informal, they’ll let you get away with “have drank.”

From this information I gather 3 things. Number one, this is a "lifelong bugaboo"...we aren't the only ones to be stumped by this one. Secondly, since the original question had the word "have", the correct answer would be "drunk". You know, drink, drank, drunk??? Lastly, according to Webster, either one is acceptable. So either is correct??? Sheesh...what an ordeal over a stupid "drunk" beer. LOL!

As for "who" versus "whom", Rebecca got this one right. "Whom" is used with a preposition..."with whom", "for whom", "to whom". I'm curious if there is another grammar question we should address...this was fun! was your weekend? Mine? Busy. Busy. Yes, you probably already knew that. I'm ALWAYS busy! This weekend, Serendipity Scrapbooks hosted their awesome Project Runway Crop. Man, did this one ever speak to me. All of the challenges incorporated fashion in one way or another. Being fashion is my "thang", I was in scrapping/fashion heaven. The message board and gallery were hopping all weekend. If you want some incredible inspiration head on over to the gallery and check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Since I haven't posted a layout in a while, I thought I would share my challenges from the crop. The first was a Blue Jean Fashion Queen challenge. I am such a blue jean girl. I try to make them work for any and every occasion. I thought it might be fun to draw from the new trends for Spring. Ripped, torn, almost shredded denim is on the horizon. Additionally, patches are making a come back. For the challenge, we had to create 9 patches from torn paper to be used as the background for our layout. They were to be stitched to the page and the outer edges of the layout were to be distressed. Here is my sample layout:

The second challenge I posted focused on upcoming accessory trends. According to the Spring 2010 Vogue Accessory Guide here are some of the emerging trends. (To view images of the latest trends go HERE).

Small bags
Low heels
Silver Jewelry
Urban Sporty
Floral Print
Saddle Leather
Color Block
Belt Revival

Each layout had to incorporate 3 of the above trends. I left it open for creative interpretation of each of the trends. As part of the requirements they had to explain how they used the trends they chose.

I used color block, floral print and plastic (name plate is plastic). I was blown away by the creativity used in applying these trends. I was impressed and at the same time had a few "DUH!" moments. Like using staples for silver jewelry...can't believe I didn't think of that one. Or consider dimensional adhesive for low heels...pure genius!

In addition my scrapping adventures, I also found time to get in a few workouts. I'm still working on learning to swim and it's going pretty well. I can't say I've yet arrived but I'm well on my way. I no longer drink half of the pool when trying to swim a single lap. Karen is an amazing teacher and knows me soooo well. She can anticipate my fears and reactions before I even have them. I've finally learned to be comfortable with my face in the water and just relax. Bet you never thought "me" and "relax" would ever show up in the same sentence. LOL! I'm definitely a little high strung...all the more reason to give swimming the ol' college try. I'm taking it a step at a time and trying to be kind to myself in the process...another valuable lesson for the little perfectionist that resides in my head.

I hope everyone has a good week! I'm doing more of the, workout, scrap, visit friends, eat and try to sleep. What will take your time this week?


Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Ponderings

So here's a question for you. I consider myself fairly well educated and can most often compose grammatically correct sentences. BUT! There is currently a friendly debate waging as to the correctness (yeah, I'm smart but I have no idea if that is a word???) of the following statement.

"Have you already drunk that?"

or should it be

"Have you already drank that?"

Any English majors out there who can help a girl out? My cocky little self thought she knew the answer but now she's not so sure. I would also love the present/past tense rule to defend the answer. I've tried google but can't find a clear answer quickly. And while you are at it, how about the rules for using "who" and "whom"?

Help??? Anyone???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday & New Year Goals

Today is one of those days. A good day. And there is no particular reason I can pinpoint that makes it so. Just loving life. I'm finding myself busier than ever but loving every minute. Which brings me to a few goals I've set for myself this year. Last year was the year of learning to love myself. For the most part I was there but self-acceptance is something that can always use a little tweaking. This year is about facing fears, meeting challenges and attempting to try new things or revisit old loves.

I've already made major head way in facing one of my biggest fears. As hard as this may be to fact, I'm embarrassed to be admitting this...I can't really swim. While that is not totally true, I never learned the correct way. My mother is deathly afraid of water and swimming lessons were the last thing on her priority list. I did teach myself to tread water and do the basics. But for some reason, I never learned to swim with my face in the water. Maybe it is a carry over of my mother's fear. Part of me believes it is the loss of control I feel when unable to breathe. Whatever it is, I have an enormous fear and respect for water. But this year is my year to get my face wet. Sunday, my dear friend, Karen, met me at the gym and spent over 2 long and tedious hours helping me. The first 20 minutes were pure torture for me and most likely for her as well. I had a major panic attack. It was a combination of fear and self-reproach for being 44 years old and having never mastered these skills. Think about. How many women my age are unable to swim??? A few white-knuckle moments on the side of the pool and several unmentionable four-letter words later and I was fine. I dressed myself down, threw a little fit, took a deep breath and decided the water wouldn't get the best of me. I made more progress than expected that day. We are meeting again tonight and I can't wait! I'll keep you posted on this challenge. My goal is to learn and learn well in order to swim once a week for fitness.

Which brings me to my other goals. They center around becoming more physically fit and enjoying the great outdoors. I've increased the intensity and duration of my weight workouts and my cardio sessions have been amped up as well. But this is the year to add other things to the mix. As I mentioned, swimming is one. When the weather breaks I plan to add biking, running and hiking. I've found a possible biking partner and a running group. Biking is an old love. Running is something I've always wanted to do. And my area offers wonderful hiking trails.

Lots of other changes are on the horizon for me both personally and professionally. I'm strongly considering getting my masters in accounting and I'm currently researching schools and costs. The plan is to start in March if all goes well and I pass the GMAT. Wish me has been ages since I took a standardized test. Personally, big decisions need to be made regarding a possible move. Should I decide to stay where I am, many changes will be required to make it happen. Lots to ponder. Lots to decide. But I'm ready to face it all.

I know this is a very personal post. But I'm a firm believer in putting goals in writing. It makes me more accountable. So dear friends, feel free to hold my feet to the fire. How about you? Any specific goals or resolutions? Please share.

xoxo L

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I Am Not Dead!

It has been 26 days since my last post. I have officially declared myself one lame a$$ blogger. But those days are over! Yes, I did just make a declaration that I am back on the blogging track. And yes, I know that means something will most likely try to derail me...Murphy's Law, you know. But I'm stubborn and committed to fighting the good fight and keeping my blog updated. And oh the stories I have to tell. So much has been going on. I've been living life in a grand it's time to write about it.

But not today. Today, I have some major "serendipitous" news to share. January is shaping up to be one of the most amazing month's at Serendipity Scrapbooks. Here are the highlights and links to all the details:

*** January kits are now available

January I Deserve It All Kit

January Altered Kit

I've said this a thousand times and I will say it again. Kristen's kits are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The kits are loaded with product and she offers so many purchasing options. If you don't want the full kit, there are mini versions to choose from. If you enjoy working with kits, you must check these out.

You will also want to check out the products in the store. New products are constantly being introduced and you will find great sales on any given day.

*** Wishes Come True Contest

During the months of January and February, Serendipity Scrapbooks will be hosting a contest where you can win scrapping goodies from your wish list. All you need to do is register in the store and begin making your wish list. Then register in the forum and post a New Members check-in thread and be sure to mention who invited you to join. The last requirement is to merely post a minimum of 9 other comments on the message board. That's it! Of course, there are additional ways to increase your chances of winning. Invite others to join and you up your odds. That is why it is important to mention who invited you. It's a great way to win some free scrappy supplies. For all the details, follow the link above.

*** Project Runway Crop

Come join us January 22nd-24th for a crop unlike any other we have had before.

The Design Team has once again worked hard to bring you some totally hip and fashion inspired challenges that will get you strutting your scrapbooking skills.

Our "Fashion on a Dime" Challenges will help you use up some of that not so new but still fashionable stuff in your stash.

Pre-Crop Challenges will be posted Jan 14th and Crop Challenges will be posted Friday and finished projects loaded by noon your time Monday, the 24th.

There will be winners of each challenge, a "Fashionista Of The Crop" winner, Blue Light Specials and tons of fun and inspiration!

See you on the red carpet!

*** Design Team Call

December 26th - January 26th the search will be on for a new design team. If you are interested in working with some uber talented women and designing with some amazing product, get yourself over to the forum and check out the requirements. While I will sadly say farewell to my term at the end of February, I cannot express the gratitude I feel for having had the opportunity to work with Kristen, the current design team and all the members at Serendipity. When I first applied for the team, I said I knew I had found a home at Serendipity and I truly meant it. These ladies are an amazing support system for me. I know I will no longer be on the DT, but they will not be rid of me that easily! I plan to stay and play along with the new team. So get your applications in! I want to see some of my best pals on the team!!!!!

What did I tell ya? Lots and lots of scrapping goodness to share. Before I go, I want to share a couple of my layouts from the January I Deserve It All Kit.

Have a happy, happy day!!!