Monday, September 28, 2009

Can you say "Pimp Your Bra"!!!

That's right ladies! Serendipity Scrapbooks is gearing up for a super-duper October! Awesome kits, great contests and a crop you don't want to miss! Most of you are aware that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In support of this, Twisted Cherry Designs, a unique company to Serendipity Scrapbooks, has made these EXCLUSIVE albums for us!

Jogger Bra

Racerback Bra

Full Cup Bra

50% of the sales from each bra album from Sept. 24th-Oct. 31st will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Organization. And don't forget to mark your calendars for the Crop on October 16-18th. We will be showing off our altered bras and raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness! Plus the team has been hard at work getting TONS of sponsors which means TONS of give-aways! As with all of our crops, there will be a Queen of the Crop crowned and she will receive a past kit of her choice!!! This is slated to be the biggest event of the year so be there or be square...just kidding!

I thought I would offer a little sneak peek from the October kit I got to work with. They will go live on October first and as always, they are awesome. I am VERY partial to my has to be my most favorite kit EVER!!! And coming from a total kit junkie like me, that's saying alot! LOL!

SS Oct Family & Friends (3)

SS Oct Mini (9)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Mine is busy, busy, busy! Catch ya later!

Hugs & love,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Here! I'm Here!

Yes, my friends, I am here! LOL!I have not fallen into the vast unknown of cyber space. I am not a victim of a coronary from my bad luck of late. None of the above. I am actually doing much better. That is if you don't count my run-in with the flu the past few days. LOL! I have been out of work most of the week trying to recuperate and I can say I am finally feeling better. And my nasty little neck issue...that is getting better also. You see, the flu was actually a blessing in disguise. Because I spent 3 days in bed, my neck has had that much more time to heal. Hey, you gotta find the silver lining wherever you can! Right?

Tonight's post is going to have to be a quickie but I had to stop in and wish you all a happy weekend. So do tell...what does the weekend hold for you? Mine will be a scrappy weekend. My friend Pam is coming over bright and early Saturday morning and we will scrap all day...can't wait!

Speaking of scrapping, I have a few things to share. I know I've mentioned how much I love the kits at Serendipity Scrapbooks. Even before I made the DT, I purchased several of their kits! They are fun and filled with yummy goodies. Here are 2 layouts I made from the August Just Enough Please kit.

I have to admit, I stole the idea for the baking cup flowers from Meg. I saw this on her blog a while back and made a mental note to give it a try. I think they are so fun and add a bit of the unexpected to the page.

The next layout is one of my favorites. Do you ever make a page and you KNOW it is a favorite but you can't put your finger on the reason why? I'm not sure what it is, but I really like this one. I think it is the bright colors...hmmmm, I think?!?!? LOL! I did lots of fussy cutting on this one.

Before I go, I have to mention a wonderful bit of happy mail that graced my mailbox a few days ago. I think all of you know Julie, my wonderful "boss" at These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. Well, Julie being the kind and giving person that she is, sent each of the DT members a little present. She made sure to personalize the gifts in that she tailored her choice to each of our styles. And look at what I got:

Adorable journaling cards!!!! Aren't they awesome...and soooo me! Don't you think? Thank you so, so much Julie! I can't wait to use them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Do something fun and create a few laugh lines while you are at it! xoxo L

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forward Progress...Impact

A new prompt has been posted at Forward Progress and this one is wonderful! Ellen is a fantastic "boss lady" in that she gives us lots of notice on upcoming prompts. Never have I been more glad for the extra time than this month. Here is the prompt:

This month's prompt is about touching people's's not who you touch but how...

i have always felt that me, as a person and as intense as i am, left an immediate and definitive mark on where i have been and whom i have met. but do i? am i profound? am i in my lines? or do i blur them?

I found this one to be powerful...thought provoking...and life changing. When I stopped to think about how I touch people's lives, flashbacks of meaningful moments came rushing in. Many I could recall with a feeling of happiness...others I relived with shame and regret. Those are the ones I wish I could call for a do-over as I feel certain I wasn't the positive influence I desire to be.

Here is my layout:

I chose the title "impact" and a subtitle "how do I impact my world?". Once I completed my layout, I tried to create to-the-point journaling, but couldn't quite say what I wanted to say in a concise manner. So I chose to include all my thoughts on the back of the LO.

This is how the journaling reads:

"We all have them. Those times that forever leave a mark on our hearts...our souls...our being. Be it a good or bad time, it shapes and molds the person we become. Much of the impact it has on us is defined by how we approach that moment and the choices we make regarding it. I've had many such moments. Big, huge, earth moving moments. Marriage, children, divorced parents...a divorced me. Children moving away and then returning. The death of someone very dear. Some of these were cause for celebration and others were the cause of much pain. But through them all, I learned more about me and became stronger and hopefully wiser as a result.

But not all defining moments are as enormous in size. There are also the little things that can affect us. Little chance moments such as an encounter with another person that leave us with a life lesson all because we crossed paths. There can be inspiring moments of awe and wonder. And there can be misunderstandings or misguided intentions that leave us in a position to choose how we will move forward and whether or not we will allow it to cause harm or good to a relationship.

Lately I have been facing many defining moments. Times that are testing my character and my strength. I'm facing decisions that are almost impossible to make as there is really no good answer. Some days I feel victorious in these situations and other days leave me struggling to not feel defeat. But I am most thankful for these trying times. I know that even on the down days, I am building strength. God has given me the ability to rise above by trusting in Him. And I'm learning with each test and working harder to be a more positive influence."

I would love for you all to join us this month. And we are so grateful for the super showing we had for last month's prompt. The winner of last month's give-away will be posted tomorrow so be sure to stop by and see who won. We have another great gift up for grabs this month as well. Our sponsor is Genuinely Jane Studios and here is a sneak peek of this month's prize.

I hope you will play along with us this month and explore the impact you are having on your world!

Hugs and love,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Favorite Room

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things is live with a new challenge today. This time we were asked to scrap our favorite room in our house.

I have always believed the old saying "the kitchen is the heart of the home". So much of our lives in this family was played out in this room. My journaling reads "we eat. we gather. we play. we live."

I hope you will join us and show us your favorite room!!!

Before I go, I have to remind you that a new prompt is going up at Forward Progress today! We have another wonderful sponsor this month! Be sure and check it out! And tune into the blog on Friday to see who won last month's prize!!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Challenge With Kim & An Award

Today is the day! Kim and I have finished our challenges for this month and I wanted to share. As a little reminder, we decided a few months ago to become challenge buddies in order to encourage each other to scrap more and in ways we may not have considered. We have been taking turns choosing the challenges and this time it was my turn. Here is the challenge I came up with:

Create a layout of your choice using a minimum of 3 patterned papers. Also include at least one handmade embellishment and incorporate some "cut work" into the layout. You have until the 15th of September to complete the layout.

I want to share Kim's layout first. Her layout is gorgeous.

I totally must try her hand-made embellishment. The purple hearts are hand-made...she used wet toilet paper over a stamp, let it dry and added glimmer mist. Is that not THE coolest idea! She hand cut the flower and actually used five patterned papers instead of three. I was so impressed with this one!

Now for mine. I took a completely different approach. While Kim's is elegant and beautiful, I went for a fun, cute approach.

I came across this photo of Taylor from many years ago. I couldn't believe I hadn't scrapped it yet.

My kiddos have always been extremely active...AND extremely accident prone. As you can see, Taylor is sporting a cast in this photo. Sadly enough, I can't remember why...there could have been a multitude of reasons as he had several casts over the years. Anyway, I have no idea what possessed him to cover himself in band-aids...who can ever guess why kids do the things they do...but this is how I found him one afternoon. He stayed like this for hours. LOL! The journaling reads: "funny how a cast can bring about the need to bandage EVERYTHING!"

Like Kim, I used 5 patterned papers. (Great minds must truly think alike. Ha!) I cut out the little dinosaurs/monsters and my accordion embellishment accounts for the hand-made item.

I look so forward to my challenges with Kim. No pressure...just pure scrapping fun. Can't wait to see what she has for us this month!!!

Before I go, I want to mention a lovely little award I received from a new blog pal, Brenda. I am not only honored, but humbled that she would think of me.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and here's hoping your Monday is a good one!


Friday, September 11, 2009


Another week has come and gone and the only thing I can say is YAY!!! Despite the short work week it was a long week. I'm more than ready for another weekend. How about you guys...any big plans for the weekend? I have many DT projects to finish up, a bridal shower/recipe brunch to attend and a few football games to watch. Other than that, I only have plans for rest and relaxation. Ahhhh!

Just wanted to send a big "Happy Weekend" out to everyone and post a few more Serendipity projects. First is a very simple LO of Keri and Princess. Sometimes simple is the only way to go.

Next is simple card.

I had the most fun playing with fun papers and embellies in my kit. I mentioned Kristen really loads her kits with product. Look at how much is in this kit:

If you are a kit junkie like me, be sure to check out the kits this month. I worked with the September Just Enough Please Kit but I couldn't resist the other 2 kits.

September I Deserve It All Kit:

September Altered Kit:

After seeing what the other team members did with these kits, I had to have them. They showed up on my doorstep this week along with my kit for October...and it is Fab-U-lous!!! If kits aren't your thing, the store is teeming with new product you don't want to miss.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll catch ya on Monday!

hugs & love,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sex & The City (Without the City...and well...Without the Sex)

I fell victim to the HBO craze several seasons in and immediately became hooked. I own the entire series on DVD...which I've viewed time and time again. And I always get sucked right back in whenever I stumble upon an airing of the syndicated showings. I even saw the movie on opening night. Yes, it is raw and irreverent. And I must admit I cringe ever so slightly when I think of how much I adore this show. Always good for laughs, and equally good for making me blush, I find myself wanting to be like these life on the edge,secure in the strength of the friendships they share, living, loving and learning along the way. And who wouldn't want the wardrobes, the purses and the shoes...oh, the wonderful, insanely expensive, to die for shoes!!!

A few nights ago, I lay in bed watching a few episodes and I began thinking about how much I enjoy the show and I began to ponder why. First thing that came to mind is my LOVE for NY City. Something about this place resonates to the depths of my soul. Each time I visit, I feel I'm visiting a long lost friend. A friend who intrigues me, whose personality is loud and exciting, someone eager to share all she has to offer. Walking on the streets of the city gives me a rush of adrenaline and an urgency to explore. I feel as if I've stepped into another world, a place that has a life of its own. A place different from any other where no excuses are made. While it is too late in life to pursue this dream, I've always secretly wanted to experience a few years as a city girl. While watching this show, for 30 glorious minutes, I can live that dream vicariously through Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

I also realized one other reason for being a passionate fan of the show. I see a bit of myself in each of the characters. I possess Miranda's Type A personality and her drive and ambition. Charlotte's love for what marriage and family represents is a love I share. I also share her naive tendencies and more conservative ways and her never ending hope for a fairy tale ending. first glance, I would be afraid to say we share anything! LOL! But she is passionate about all she does be it love or friendship. Never one to be swayed by others, she speaks her mind and has a strong voice. Passionate is the one word used to describe me time and time again. And I often see the vulnerabilities lying beneath her strong exterior...those things which make her fierce and a force to be reckoned with. Using that strength to hide her fears and propel herself forward.

Finally, I am probably most like Carrie. Always searching in love and life. Often thinking she's found the answer only to learn she was mistaken. Enduring heartbreak and yet being open to love yet again. I suppose the fact that she is a writer who questions the truth of relationships is also something I connect with. And in the end, she gets her man...which gives me hope that I too may one day have mine.

So tell me, do you ever see yourself in TV/movie characters? Although they are fictional, they are designed to be relate-able. Just wondering if I'm the only one to find myself in such make believe.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Just Enough" Serendipity & An Update

It's here! My official first day as a Serendipity Scrapbooks DT member. I am so excited...a little overwhelmed...but thrilled nonetheless. I was fortunate to get to work with the Just Enough kit this time. It is full of Pebbles Inc "Skipping Along" papers and stickers, American Crafts papers, A/C Thickers, Bo Bunny flowers and Basic Grey bling and rub-ons! Lots of yummy goodies in this kit. I completed 4 layouts and 1 card wih the kit and there is plenty of product left fot several more projects. And believe it or not, I completed the layouts and cards using mainly kit items!

This layout is one of my favorites...mostly because this picture is soooo Keri. Despite her over the top personality, she is a true sweetie with a heart of gold.

The flowers were all made by layering stickers and hand cut pieces from various papers in the kit. I also want to add a little bit of pizazz so I hand stitched the swirls.

This next layout includes silly pictures of Morgan and her friends. I thought the pics went perfectly with the vibrant, carefree colors and patterns in this kit.

If you are interested in how to make the pinwheel flower, I've included directions at the bottom of the post.

So I heard from the doc about my surgery needed!!!!! YAY!!!!! I do have a protruding disc but nothing surgery will correct. As a result, I will be spending quite a few hours in physical therapy. I have my first appointment tomorrow. I've been through the ropes's just been several years. So keep your fingers crossed that this old body recovers as quickly as possible. LOL!

Before I go, I must tell you how much I appreciate all the well wishes. You guys are awesome. I'm trying to make my way around to visit but I'm still limited on my computer time. Work and postings for design teams is taking what little computer time I have right now. But like I promised last time...I will be lurking around your blogs again very soon!!!

Love always,

To create pinwheel flower:

Cut desired size square (4" used here) from double-sided paper.
Mark center point of square with a pencil.
Starting at one corner, use a ruler to create a straight diagonal line.
Cut along diagonal line toward center, stopping within 1/4" of center point.
Cut remaining three corners, creating 4 triangles.
Fold one corner of a triangle toward center & adhere.
Continue with remaining 3 triangles being certain to fold in same direction each time.
Decorate center of finished pinwheel with buttons, flowers, bling, etc.