Monday, January 25, 2010

And The Answer Is...

Time to offer up the answer to the question posed in my last post. I was rolling in the floor over some of the answers you guys left. Too, too funny. This one is a true bugger! To be perfectly honest, the sentence was flawed to begin with. It would have been more correct to have said "Have you already finished that drink?" or "Did you drink that already?". Several of you actually said that...Karen and Chris. And Chris even offered up the rule of grammar to support her answer. In trying to arrive at the elusive answer to the question at hand, I found the following information...and I quote:

"So the answer to that lifelong “have drank” versus “have drunk” bugaboo is right at your fingertips. “Webster’s New World College Dictionary” writes: “drank; drunk or now informal drank; drinking.” So the preferred form to use with “have” is “drunk,” although, if you want to be informal, they’ll let you get away with “have drank.”

From this information I gather 3 things. Number one, this is a "lifelong bugaboo"...we aren't the only ones to be stumped by this one. Secondly, since the original question had the word "have", the correct answer would be "drunk". You know, drink, drank, drunk??? Lastly, according to Webster, either one is acceptable. So either is correct??? Sheesh...what an ordeal over a stupid "drunk" beer. LOL!

As for "who" versus "whom", Rebecca got this one right. "Whom" is used with a preposition..."with whom", "for whom", "to whom". I'm curious if there is another grammar question we should address...this was fun! was your weekend? Mine? Busy. Busy. Yes, you probably already knew that. I'm ALWAYS busy! This weekend, Serendipity Scrapbooks hosted their awesome Project Runway Crop. Man, did this one ever speak to me. All of the challenges incorporated fashion in one way or another. Being fashion is my "thang", I was in scrapping/fashion heaven. The message board and gallery were hopping all weekend. If you want some incredible inspiration head on over to the gallery and check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Since I haven't posted a layout in a while, I thought I would share my challenges from the crop. The first was a Blue Jean Fashion Queen challenge. I am such a blue jean girl. I try to make them work for any and every occasion. I thought it might be fun to draw from the new trends for Spring. Ripped, torn, almost shredded denim is on the horizon. Additionally, patches are making a come back. For the challenge, we had to create 9 patches from torn paper to be used as the background for our layout. They were to be stitched to the page and the outer edges of the layout were to be distressed. Here is my sample layout:

The second challenge I posted focused on upcoming accessory trends. According to the Spring 2010 Vogue Accessory Guide here are some of the emerging trends. (To view images of the latest trends go HERE).

Small bags
Low heels
Silver Jewelry
Urban Sporty
Floral Print
Saddle Leather
Color Block
Belt Revival

Each layout had to incorporate 3 of the above trends. I left it open for creative interpretation of each of the trends. As part of the requirements they had to explain how they used the trends they chose.

I used color block, floral print and plastic (name plate is plastic). I was blown away by the creativity used in applying these trends. I was impressed and at the same time had a few "DUH!" moments. Like using staples for silver jewelry...can't believe I didn't think of that one. Or consider dimensional adhesive for low heels...pure genius!

In addition my scrapping adventures, I also found time to get in a few workouts. I'm still working on learning to swim and it's going pretty well. I can't say I've yet arrived but I'm well on my way. I no longer drink half of the pool when trying to swim a single lap. Karen is an amazing teacher and knows me soooo well. She can anticipate my fears and reactions before I even have them. I've finally learned to be comfortable with my face in the water and just relax. Bet you never thought "me" and "relax" would ever show up in the same sentence. LOL! I'm definitely a little high strung...all the more reason to give swimming the ol' college try. I'm taking it a step at a time and trying to be kind to myself in the process...another valuable lesson for the little perfectionist that resides in my head.

I hope everyone has a good week! I'm doing more of the, workout, scrap, visit friends, eat and try to sleep. What will take your time this week?



  1. I sure am glad you figured out the answer to that grammar question! LOL I am definitely a first grade teacher who could never teach English to older kids! I LOVE both of your layouts. I really like the brightness of both of them especially the green on the Sassy Layout! Fabric and sewing on Layouts is so cute! Great job friend!!

  2. lol Glad you figured out and answer that works for you, however the Dictionary is changed each year to include popular spellings and even slang. So dont trust them!!

  3. I really enjoyed your challenges :) And your layout examples are fabulous.

  4. Love those Lo's sweet did an awesome job....

    Keep up the good work with your is so wonderful to glide throught the water...

    Wishing you a Fabby week...we will talk soon!!! Love ya!!!

  5. Lovely LO's. That is good news that you can put your face in the water. I had the same problem when I was kid and my so called friend, actualy, she was always threathning me, but I succeeded. Now I can swim. Through her threats, something good came out of it! I can say thank you to that so calle friend.

  6. oups, I meant ''threw'' not through.

  7. I love that you used your sewing machine!! There is a guy that I follow on Twitter. His name is Oatmeal, LOL. He has some really nice, funny rules for when we are supposed to say things and use punctuation.
    I love him!

  8. Great pages! I so loved your challenges, Lisa and I was happy to have finished them both this weekend! The crop was a lot of fun :)

  9. Cute LO's, Lisa!

    Awesome job with the swimming! You'll do great!


  10. Wow! Guess all those years editing Mom's writing paid off, huh? lol Actually, it was fun to read your results & answers. :>

    You seem to have been a busy one! I love Project Runway, but I am a jeans and T, long sleeved T(ee) to be specific kind of gal. Basically....comfortable. I always used to be a shoe junkie though. I have an injury that keeps me in tennis shoes most of the time now, but oh how I used to go shoe crazy!! Back to your fashion and scrappin' though, your layouts are cute and what a fun challenge you came up with! :>


  11. just poppin' in to say {hi}! LOVE the layout using patches! great job!

  12. Gorgeous layouts Lisa, you did an awesome job! Glad to hear your doing good with your swimming. We grew up in San Diego in a a house with a pool, I paddled around really good and swam like a fish under water but never learned how to swim, even to this day I don't know how to swim the "regular" way!

  13. Hey stranger!
    I love the stitched layout, what a fun idea!
    I have missed you, hope everything is well with you

  14. These are gorgeous layouts! I love all the patterned papers in both and the beautiful blues! You should enter this in the Practical Scrappers challenge this week. It is patterned papers!
    Kim xXx

  15. Finally the truth is revealed in a sort of vague formal vs. informal way! Love your layouts. I really need to find more time to scrap.

    Have a great day Lisa :)

  16. Oh you are too funny! Sorry i missed quite a debate ;-) Love those layouts girl! That sewing over the blocks in the first one is fantastic!

  17. Love the layouts girl!!! I need to get a little more productive, just haven't had the desire to sit and scrap, too many worries these days.
    Glad to hear the swimming is going well, you'll be glad you did it! Just remember, the water is your friend, and learning to swim and not be afraid of the water could someday save your life!! Be safe and have fun!


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