Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand

This is a totally random post for me but I would like to solicit your help. One of my dearest high school friends, Doug, has a daughter competing in a contest for a record deal. She is one of the monthly finalists who is competing for a $25,000.00 record deal. If you could take just a second and vote for her HERE, I would be ever so grateful. Her name is Danielle Weaver and she is an amazing singer/songwriter!!! The voting only goes through the end of February so please vote soon. Also, just in case you have more than a few minutes, multiple votes are allowed with the condition of one vote per computer per day.

Normally, I wouldn't peddle for votes, but this is an amazing opportunity for a talented young lady. I know you guys are the greatest and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Thanks so very much in advance!!!

I'll be back soon...I'm actually beginning to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel where work is concerned. I can't see it just yet but I can feel it. :-)

Hugs to you all,

P.S. You will be glad to know the Christmas trees have now been stored. For all those who wondered...they are artificial. Couldn't have a fire hazard hanging around that long regardless of how lazy or crazy I am. LOL! In my defense, the snow made it very difficult to get to the outside entrance to my basement where I store the trees. Far too much shoveling required just to get in and out of the house to worry with the basement entrance. We have had a tiny break in the weather this week and a path was cleared. I had to jump on the chance as more snow is expected today. Anyone else ready for Spring?????????


  1. I am more than ready for Spring...glad to see it's not just me!!! Okay, off to vote too! Love, Jess

  2. You receive!!! LOVE YA!!!!

  3. Job done...& check out my blog for a spring day out...albeit a very wet one!! All that's needed now is some sunshine!! Glad you got the tree's away at last!!!

  4. Voting now! Yay the Christmas trees are down!! Good for you!

  5. OOO, hope i can still vote, going to try!! Glad to hear the trees are down hibernating for the year, lol!! No sweat, I've known people that leave them up all year round! I am definitely ready for spring, this cold and snowy weather has kept me indoors way too long!

  6. I might be too late (that's what happens when you get behind on reading your favorite blogs) but I'll check and vote if I can.

    I don't think I have ever been so ready for spring in my life! No more snow!! And I'm tired of being cold!

  7. Hey girl how the heck are you? Yes Im so ready for spring just not the 115 stuff!! Hope things are settleing down for you! Hugs, Char


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