Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In The Dark Of Night...

the demons come.

they invade my thoughts...

threatening my peace...

ravaging my heart...

dominating my mind...

devouring my happiness.

i whisper of their existence

reluctant to give them a voice.

they haunt me.

they mock me.

they are my enemy.

but HE is the answer.

i cry out to HIM.

HE is my rescue


with the sound of HIS VOICE the demons retreat in fear.

HE restores my peace...

my heart can rest

and slumber finds me.


  1. How wonderful is that? Whatever demons we have always seem more persistent in the dead of night & since childhood I've always ended up talking to God & it ALWAYS helps...that's no coincidence! I'm so glad that you have your faith to get you through those darkest hours...without it, where do we turn? Sending Love & Blessings xoxox

  2. I'm glad you can find peace (and communicate that so beautifully!). Your attitude has been amazing, Lisa!! I think of you so often and send you many (((hugs))) via online, from my heart! :>

  3. In my daily prayers for Ryan, you are also included :)
    You ARE amazing!

  4. Amen. Thinking of you every day and sending healing prayers your way. Your strong faith is your shield against any demons - they don't stand a chance Lisa! Lots of love to you! xOxO

  5. Wow.....what a true....You my sweet friend are MY inspiration! I truly admire your strength and faith!!!! You know I continue to hold you close in my heart and prayers every second of every day!!! LOVE YOU!!! Truly love you!!!

  6. what a beautiful beautiful post sweetie!! BIG HUGS to you!

  7. i know i sound like a broken record but you are my inspiration!

  8. Awesome post....I admire your strength and courage....such an inspiration


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