Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photography 101

Last night I had the opportunity to use my camera in something other than auto mode... something I've rarely done. Seems my mother has been promoting herself and one of her friend's decorating skills for publication. Both have filled their homes with primitive antiques. Both have magazine-worthy homes.

An author whose focus is on highlighting primitive antiques is interested in featuring their homes in her upcoming publications. Sample photos were needed to decide if their decor was in keeping with the theme and feel of her books. I quickly volunteered to use my less than stellar photography skills to capture the sample images.

These are a few of the photos taken. (click on the photos for a larger image)

I was ever so grateful these are only to be used as samples and the focus is on content, not the quality of the photos. I've noticed the images are darker when viewed on my work computer than when viewing on my home computer. Leaves me to wonder how they will appear when viewed by the author???

Not to make excuses, but I was shooting in very low light in most rooms and I was digging deep to remember all I've learned in Photography 101 about shooting in such conditions. Trust I will be studying and refreshing my memory on the subject. If the author/publisher likes what she sees, I will be photographing both "J's" house and my mother's house at Christmas. They both decorate for the holidays in their incredible vintage style.

If chosen, the photos...yes...MY photos... will be published in a 2012 Christmas publication!

Wish me luck.

Mom and "J" have their part in the bag.


Well...I'm off to practice. For as they say...practice makes perfect! And I need all the help I can get!


  1. Ohhhhhhh these are GORGEOUS! Good luck! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Well, on my screen these pics look pretty good!! What stunning homes...& good luck, although I can't see what the author wouldn't love about the rooms or your photography skills!! Enjoy!! :)

  3. Hey there, Lisa! So good to see you blogging again! (Though I Completely understand your absence!!! :> :>) I'm right there with you on the learning out of auto mode. I have shot with a few SLRs before, but that was over a decade ago. And last February I got a DSLR for my bday, but I'm still in learning mode & haven't quite figured it all out yet! Have you heard of a Light Scoop? I won one on TidyMom earlier this year and am experimenting with it. Though, it works better in rooms with regular ceilings to bounce light off of (I have roofline ceilings in several rooms in my house). Best of luck to you & your Mom on getting into the publication! :>


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