Monday, April 2, 2012

For Real???

Has it really been 4 months since I last posted? I swear I only thought it had been a few weeks. But as it usually does, Life is rolling along at lightning speed.

So much has happened.

So much to share.

While I will spare you the details of the past 16 or so weeks, I think it's high time I share a few of the "big" events". The biggest being...

I'm Moving!!!

Yes, my friends, I'm packing up and moving on!

And oh has this been a long time coming.

When I suddenly became a single girl 7+ years ago, I knew there would come a day when I would move from our oversized "family" home. Initially, I wavered as to when I should make the move (don't ya just love puns?) and sell the house. The main consideration was how the sale would affect my kiddos. I rather quickly decided to do my best to stay put so my children would have home to come home to as long as they were still coming home.

In other words, I felt it best to keep the house until my youngest graduated college and started life on her own.

That was a major undertaking to say the least. A big house to clean, heat and maintain along with an excessively landscaped yard is not my idea of fun. Think weeds, weeds and more weeds to be sprayed, pulled and cursed. Just when I would think the yard work had ended for another year, an abundance of trees made for the raking of some 55 gazillion leaves. Three levels of flooring to vacuum, 5 toilets to clean, appliances to repair, drainage issues to address, a lightning strike that created electrical problems...I'm tired just typing it all.

Maintenance and repairs have tried to get the best of me but I have survived. All this has made the idea of "maintenance free living" provided by a townhouse a dream come true.

Now the time has come. Keri will be graduating in May and I can officially claim "empty nest" status in every sense of the word. Roughly 8 months ago I listed my house and prayed for a sale. Those prayers were answered a few weeks ago. An offer came through and I'm finally making the transition from "family" mega-house to a much smaller "single girl" townhouse.

I'm so excited...


And a little bit (okay a lot) sad.

Fourteen plus years of memories made in our home makes the goodbyes all the more bittersweet. But bigger things are on the horizon. And the best thing of all... memories have no address. They belong to me and follow me wherever I go.

Before I sign off to go pack a few more boxes, I wanted to share another bit of news.

I am also moving from my cyber home. My timing is impeccable. Don't you think? Two moves for the price of one. (ha!) The past few months I have been working with a web designer creating my new internet address. My desire was to wait to make the announcement when the design was complete. But I'm too excited to keep quiet. We have a few more items to tweak so I will continue to post here for the time being.

Should you feel so inclined, you can check out my new space at My Extraordinarily Ordinary Life.

I hope Life is being good to all of you. Please leave me a note and let me know of your latest and greatest!

Much love,


  1. How exciting about your move!!! Hope you are doing well!!

  2. So glad to here from you and what exciting move for you:) I hope you and your family are doing well..My sweet Kendall turned 2 last weekend can you believe that 2!!!! Where did it go???

  3. I think it is great Lisa!! You deesrve to have more me time and less work, stress and headaches!! Im sure that you will make some new and great memories at your new address!1 :) Luv ya, Joe

  4. Congratulations on both moves. I'm sure your new place will be just as fantastic as you are. If you need any help packing I am happy to help out. Just give me a shout. So happy for you and continually praying for you daily. Sending you lots of love and hugs!

  5. Yay! It has indeed been 4 months & you've been missed!! But what great news you have to share! A new home! My Mum-In-Law moved into a little flat when Dad-in-Law passed away & had the same reservations about leaving behind the family home where they'd spent so many years together raising the boys, but doesn't regret her move one bit!! You're right, memories go with, & the people are still with you wherever you lay your hat!! I've been over to see your new space & it's looking good!! It's good to 'see' you...don't be a stranger! Love & {{hugs}} Sandi xx

  6. I am so glad that the house sold and that you are moving on.....Now I will have to visit to see the new girl cave!!!! You have been a busy bee and times seems to pass so quickly!!!

    I miss you sweet friend....I miss our long telephone conversations, and laughs shared!!!!

    Wishing you the very best in your new you!!!!

  7. WOW girl, when you do something, you do it big time!!! Congrats on selling your old life and getting the heck on with a new well deserved journey!! So great so see you here (although I see you all over
    Sending you super duper the world is your oyster vibes!!!!!
    Big Hugs Lisa xOxO
    Cheers Nerina

  8. Hi Lisa!! It was so wonderful to hear from you and I'm so happy you posted!!! Congrats on the move into your new home, you will love not having to clean so many toilets and raking 55 gazillion leaves (we have 100 gazillion leaves and I have piles everywhere I haven't picked up yet! I need to move to a townhouse too and let someone else do the landscaping - LOL!) Hope you are doing great, I think of you often! I'll look forward to your new website! Hugs, Annette :)

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  10. It's so good to see you here, and I am excited about all the changes ahead fo you! I know packing and moving is difficult at some times, but I hope that you will be surrounded by precious memories made as you pack. Headed over to your new blog now to check it out!

  11. Great to see you back. i have shared the Liebster Blog Award with you so if you would like to take a squiz, please visit me over at Phenomenal Woman.


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