Monday, September 10, 2012

Myrtle Beach In Pictures...ummm...NOT! I'm a total lame a$$.

Tell me now... who goes on vacation and comes home with only three measly photos? Especially in this day and age of smart phones with well above average picture taking abilities?

And ... I just so happen to be the proud owner of one such smart phone.

Although, if you ask me, the "smart" part only applies if the user is equally "smart".


Not so smart.

I can make calls (although occasionally to the wrong person), send/receive texts (also randomly sent to the wrong recipient), check my email (can actually do that without issue) and take a random picture or two (none of stellar quality). Other than that, the mega bucks I shelled out to own one of these awesome androids was a total waste.

Seems I'm not only a lame a$$, I'm a dumb a$$ too.

Last week I spent several days soaking up the sun on the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach, SC. It has been years since my last visit but nothing much has changed. It is a family vacation hot spot. During the summer months, the masses flock to this place considered to be one of the south's most visited beaches. That is the exact reason for my lengthy vacay from this vacay location. Call me old and crotchety, but crowds no longer do it for me. Last week's lighter post-Labor Day crowd was much more tolerable and the weather was uh-MAZ-ing!

A nighttime scene at Broadway at the Beach

Many hours were spent with my rear firmly planted in the sand, all the while reading and snoozing to the sound of the crashing waves. Evening hours were all about nothing....simply goofing off, eating and shopping... a girl's favorite pastime! (Don't tell, but I was guilty of rushing back to the hotel on Tuesday to catch an episode of Dance Moms. What in the heck has gotten into me???)

Great atmosphere and waterfront dining!

While shopping, I was even lucky enough to find THE perfect dress for my son's wedding. Can you believe it? My boy is tying the knot 2 weeks from this coming Saturday. All the mommy-moment emotions tied to that upcoming event to be shared in a future post.

All in all, my beach trip was fab-U-lous! But...I must admit, it is equally nice to be back to the routine that is my life. Home, work, workouts...I missed it. I know. I know. I'm not only lame and dumb...I'm also completely crazy!

Before I go, I want to share the final picture I managed to favorite! Hope it leaves you feeling all "ahhhh" inside...

Wishing you a most wonderful week!


  1. Well.... the photos you did get are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  2. As always Lisa, I truly enjoyed reading this, so much that half way through I was interupted, I did not just start reading where I left off, I went back to the first word so that I could read it from beginning to end! You are such a wonderful writer and friend! And its ok that you did not get anynore pics, what counts is that you had a great time, and after the hustle and bustle of the wedding is over, you will have a chance to get out the Canon DSLR and get some practice. :)

    1. As always, thanks, Joe. And I plan to do exactly that... practice after the wedding. I have had a great teacher to get me started! :-)

    2. Thank you so much for the compliment!! ;-) See you Tuesday!!

  3. The above, with the beach chairs and umbrella is post card quality.

  4. Write. do it.

    Be good, get good or give up.

    1. She never gives up, not in her personality! One of the strongest women I know, if not The Strongest!


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