Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes it SUCKS to be so sentimental!

Tonight I ran the gamut of emotions. It all started when I lost the ring my kiddos gave me for Christmas. The ring didn't quiet fit so I had been wearing it around my neck on a chain since receiving it. It had not been removed at any time. For whatever reason, I felt more connected to my children as long as I was wearing it...this would be my sentimental side taking over. In my own mind I reasoned that while they had moved out and moved on, I could still feel close to them through this little gold band dangling near my heart. Keri had been so excited to give me the ring. It had cost way more than she and Taylor could afford to spend, but thanks to the demise of our economy, the jewelry store was going out of business and the ring was deeply discounted. Given this was the first piece of jewelry I had received from them they had totally paid for on their own, it meant even more.

Today, feeling a bit adventurous, I decided to wear it on my little finger. It was a bit big, but not so much that I thought it would be a problem. Boy, was I wrong! While filling plastic bags with ice for a cooler, I noticed the ring had become especially loose. Ten minutes ring! I began to frantically retrace my steps and look for it. Nothing. I emptied grocery bags, trash cans, ice trays, stuck my hand down sink drains, dumped the contents of my purse and all my luggage. Still, nothing. After spending almost an hour searching and re-searching I had to give up and head back to Asheville. And that's when the tears came. Big crocodile tears. My heart was broken. I felt guilt and sorrow like I haven't felt in...well, a very, very long time. During the three hour drive from Atlanta to Asheville, I convinced myself that I would discover the ring when I unpacked. Again, nothing. I had to reclassify the misplaced ring as officially and permanently lost.

But the greatest gifts can come from the strangest places. Mine came tonight in a bag of bread. I had decided to shop for my weekly groceries before I left Atlanta as I always get home so late. It seemed easier to carry it home with me than try to start the week without bread and milk. Keri had come to Keith's for a quick visit so I took her shopping with me to help her restock her dorm room pantry. We wanted to share a loaf of multi-grain bread so I separated the loaf putting my half in a plastic bag. I had certainly checked that bag time and time again for the ring. As luck would have it, I thought to have Keri check her loaf a few minutes ago. Success! Squeals of delight filled the air between here and Athens. Where before I cried with sorrow, I now cried with joy.

I love that I am a sentimental person...that I find the little things to be the biggest...that the heart poured into the gift of that ring meant more to me than I ever knew. As has always been said, you sometimes have to lose something to realize how much it means to you. While I must admit it truly SUCKED to feel the heartache of thinking I had lost that little gold ring, I wouldn't trade the sentimental value of it for the world!


  1. Momma...I think I'm just like you. I was crying when I was reading the top part of this blog, and it immediately led to laughter...out loud!
    I love you Mommy. You're the best!

  2. I can always relate to your stories. In my case it was a necklace my mom gave me and I gave it up for lost after searching for months. I figured someone stole it from my carry on bag when I went to visit her which was the last time I wore it. A year later - a whole year - I used that bag again and there it was stuck down in the creases. I cried with happiness.


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