Friday, January 30, 2009

I think I need some help...

If anyone is reading, listening, or just in the general area and feeling philanthropic, I need help. For the most part, I am quiet self-sufficient. If I want to learn how to do something, I learned a long time ago, the instructional information is out there somewhere and if I look long enough and hard enough, put the time in actually reading the material, I can figure most things out. So why, please tell me why, am I not able to scan in my scrap projects? If you think I'm sounding a bit would be right. I am also totally, completely and utterly frustrated! And, yes, I am whining. I understand scanning the right and left side of my page, dragging and dropping into layers in Photoshop, altering opacity of one layer in order to line up the two side, restoring 100% opacity and flattening the image. Sound like I know what I'm doing? Yes, but no. I've completed all the steps, but for the life of me, NOTHING will line up.

So I resorted to taking pictures of my pages. No luck there either. I'm at work during the daylight hours thus no good light for my photos! Add to the mix that I have a virus that causes episodes of vertigo and a photographer's nightmare is born. Either I was taking crooked photos or I was seeing crooked. Beats me. Just couldn't get a straight shot to save my life. Wait a minute...could it be that my pages WERE lining up when scanned only I saw them sideways? Nonetheless, I want to post some pages, but they are gonna have to wait until someone comes to my rescue or my world stops spinning! Both would be nice.

Sidenote: I was prescribed Meclizine for the dizziness.
Directions state: "Take 1 tablet 4 times a day as needed for dizziness."
Warning states: "May cause dizziness".......huh????


  1. Hi there Lisa....

    I cannot scan my layouts or projects to save my life....
    I photograph mine on the weekends because I also work during the week....
    Anyway, when I first started photographing my work it was not the best but after some trial and error its all good....
    Something that helped me out is not using my flash....I don not use a flash unless it's life or death...LOL!!!

    Good Luck with your projects and your blogging!!!!

  2. I don't scan my projects either!! I photograph mine in natural light and then I let photoshop do its magic. Just the thought of stitching my page together intimidates me!! Good luck!

  3. I do scan my LO's into PS and I use the photomerge component, but it still does not do the job I would like it to do!!! I also take pics of mine and use no flash if I have good light!!!! Then I take the photo and crop it!!! I still like the scanned and stitched ones better but hey, at least I get them on my BLOG!!!! I want a 12 x12 scanner just to make life easier!!! So glad that you stopped by my BOG! Let's keep in touch!!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) As I was just reading your blog to see who you were I found this.
    I used to scan my layouts all the time and I use Canon Photo Stitch. It came with my husband's camera. I love it! It worked all the time. Sometimes, depending on scan and stitch I had to crop a tiny portion. I have not scanned in a long time. Taking photos is so much easier.
    Anyway, I did a search and I found this:
    It looks like the same version I have. Try it and let me know. You can email me if you have any questions. (email on my blog).
    I hope this helps.

  5. Hi- i don't scan either. I photograph and just upload, super easy. But I wanted to say hi because I just started a blog in December and I figured us newbies should stick together. Good luck with your scan and the dizziness.


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