Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Gift For You... To Celebrate! (aka RAK)

April is the month of my birth. The day the world stopped and a crazy mess of a person was born. The day life would never be the same for anyone fortunate...or unfortunate...enough to cross my path. That's right. I will be turning another year older...if only another year wiser. *sigh* I do feel blessed for the opportunity to continue to live life to the fullest. Even if it is my 15th year turning 29! *wink wink* Heck! I may actually be ready to step into my 30's after all these years...29 is starting to get soooo boring. *snort*

OK. OK. So I cannot tell a lie. I will be turning forty-four. So many years of living and learning, stumbling and celebrating. Allow me a brief moment of reflection, but life has dealt me a few crazy cards...challenges and triumphs. And I can say with all out certainty...I have loved every wacky, deranged, kooky minute of it.

But enough about me. I want to talk about YOU! In honor of my big day, I want to do a give-away. This is not just any particular give-away. I have been purging and cleaning my scrap room for over a month. The collection of much loved extras has been growing by leaps and bounds. I am wanting to pare down to the essentials...well, not totally...but I have way too many treasures to be able to fully appreciate them all. So I thought, why not pass them on to a new home where they can be loved and coddled. What??? Doesn't everyone pamper and pet their scrapping stash?

Take a look at this.

And this:

And this too:

Many of these items come from various kits I've purchased over the past year. They are always so product heavy, I could never possibly use it all. A few pieces of paper have been cut, but the remaining portion is substantial enough that I decided to include them. Same goes for a few of the embellishments. I have also included a few oldies but goodies. There are stamps, rub-ons, stickers, ribbon...the list goes on.

Details. Details. Of course, I will want something from you in return. I will try to keep it as painless as possible. I have 3 requests and only one is required to win. But before I issue my wants, I need to share my reasons for them. This blog has become a sort of home for me. A place where I can unload my thoughts giving no mind as to how nutty I sound. I can be me without reservation. And you have welcomed me. Accepted me. Made me smile, laugh, cry. You've helped me keep my focus on the important things in life...relationships! This is my way of sending you a thank you and a hug.

So here goes. Request number 1, otherwise known as the mandatory eligibility requirement. Leave a comment on this post. The catch...tell me which of my posts has been your favorite. Yeah, I had to get a few compliments worked into is my birthday you know.

Requests 2...not required but would be appreciated. If you wish, please link this post on your blog. Reason? I am always looking to expand my circle of blogging friends. And you know how it goes. Someone from your blog sees my give away. They come to my blog. I go to their blog. And so on. And so on. And so on. Worst case, more people have a chance to win, and I will get the gift of another blogger to stalk.

Finally, request number 3...also not required. Become a follower of my blog. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you why...I need the ego boost! Watching that little counter go up...ahhhhhh...just makes me feel special! (And you know you want to make me feel special, 'cuz it is my birthday.) As an added little bonus for these efforts, you will receive an additional entry into the drawing. If you are already a follower, I will be sure to add your name an extra time for already meeting this request.

You have until midnight on Saturday, April 25th, my actual birthday. That's just over a week. Plenty of time to think of the best way to leave me a little love about my wonderful blogging skills. You know, I really am full of myself tonight. lol! I will randomly draw the winner and post the lucky recipients name on Monday the 27th.

Now I'm off to find something for my sweet tooth. All this talk of birthdays has created a hankerin' for some cake and ice cream!!!


  1. Ok...I am HERE to COMMENT and SAY that I am IN AWE OF THOSE GOODIES...and I have just recently found U and U are the BEST STORYTELLER EVER!!!! AMEN!!! (how's that for EGO BOOST.....LOL....but, I really mean it!!!!) (Ahem....U forgot to put the date in there Miss April 25th!!!! :):):):):):):) MY FAVE "TAMING OF THE 'GIRLS'"....can I get ANOTHER AMEN!?!?!?!? :):):):):):):):):) And I will BE LINKING this POST in my NEXT blog POST tomorrow!!!!! YAY! :):):):) And YES, I am ALL READY a LISA HOWARD FOLLOWER!!! Isn't EVERYONE?????? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I have to tell you - I seriously have a hard time picking a favorite post of yours b/c every.single.time I read your blog, I smile and laugh out loud. Hmm, if my arm is being twisted, though, ;-) i'll pick the "have you ever" post b/c it really made me think and had me nodding along as I read it. But it seriously is a tie, b/c I just adore the humor that is found in your usual postings. I would be happy to link you up on my next blog post (which since i've become such an expert blogger ;-) is sure to be soon, lol). And, I could have sworn I was already following your blog but, alas, there goes the mommy brain working again. Problem rectified. ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday Lisa!! My favorite blog post was "have you ever", followed by " taming the girls"- both great . And as a matter of fact I became a follower yesterday. And I will also be happy to link you rak on my blog. Have a blessed birthday!!!

  4. Wow girlie, this is some kind of Blog Candy!!! All those goodies can be put to such good use. I love all of your posts, one of my faves is the one about your private parts hurting!!!! I know what you are talking about!!!! I just adore you and your Blog and so glad to see some of my girlies here, nothing better than sharing some of the most awesome friends. Oh I am so coming to Asheville, maybe I can snag Sandra and we could come together!!!! I will post this on my Blog and of course you know I follow your Blog!!!!! Have a great weekend! We need to talk soon!!!! Love ya! Happy Birthday chickie, and yeah maybe 30 would be a good age for a change! :)

  5. Girl you are a youngun by the way!!! I just love your blog, I have no specificly favorite post!! I love all your posts!!! I will put you on my list in the next couple of days!! Thanks for bringing me so much sunshine with your blog girl!! You're the best!!!

  6. First of all, I think the frozen chocolate covered cheesecake balls (or whatever it was) has been my favorite post...I was cracking up.

    Also, I think I forgot to tell you this earlier but, yes, my name is Crystal! I guess I should put that on my blog somewhere, huh?

    I have already posted for today but I will try to link your giveaway to my blog early next week :)

  7. Hi Lisa! Happy week early birthday, you should email me your address to (, I love sending birthday cards!

    Also, my favorite post ever (I haven't been a follower that long, shame on me) is "TAMING THE GIRLS". I mean come on... its hilarious! It has to be my favorite post. I'll try to remember to post a link tonight on my blog! What a RAK, WOWZA!

    Love ya girl :)

  8. ok. either you are a serious hoarder or you get too many kits. i am updating my post this morning to link you. blog land needs to know about my cyber sista.
    yes yes yes. ran 1.5 miles. bleh. i guess i shouldn't expect too much since i took off 3 week for surgery but it's not like i got my hip replaced or anything.

    which post has been my fave? i am not sure, the girls was a funny one but i love the one that you "went off" but didn't, kwim? haha, you honesty is just awesome.

  9. i linked you to my post this a.m. i was going to put "not only is she giving away some awesome RAKS she has a big one too"! but i figured that was a bit inappropriate since i linked that post to the BTA contest, lmbo!

  10. I am new to your site - my 1st time to visit. I just hopped over here from a link on your friend Kim's site. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  11. I like "Gold Star? I don't think so!" about the toast and the Pop Tart.
    I'm off to link, even though that lowers my chances of winning!

  12. My favorite? There are alot of them!! But I think "Assume the Position" had to be the funniest story I have read in quite some time!! I do have you on my friends list on my blog, but I will put a Very very very special post in with a link to this one for the birthday girl!! Hey, can we have a cyber party?!! My birthday is the 23rd!! Uh, I gave up on the 29 years ago, it didn't work, now I'm just 35 (going on 50)LOL!!! I did sign up as a follower, not sure why I didn't do that a long time ago, I usually do!!
    Anyway, nice stash you're giving away!! And Happy early Birthday to someone who can make me laugh on a daily basis!! Many many many more!!!

  13. Sweet Lisa, let me start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I wish you everything you could ever want for, and much more!

    I would also like to thank you for your supersweet comment on my blog, talk about making me feel good, girl, you simply are the best!

    About your 3 requests ... I've been a follower from the very first time I visited your blog ... to say it with the famous "Jerry McGuire"-line "You had me at hello!". I've said it in every comment I ever left you, and I'll say it again (just a matter of boosting that ego), you're the most entertaining writer I've come across in blogging land, and you make me smile and feeling happy time and time again. Your honesty and way of thinking is so refreshing, it's just impossible not to like you from the very start.
    As far as my favorite post of yours goes, I'm torn between "Taming the girls" (I could so find myself in that story) and "Assume the position", which was just brilliantly written! I'm sure there were other stories equally worthy, but I haven't been following for that long ...
    As soon as I've saved this comment, I'll be putting a link to this post on my blog, in fact I'll be happy to! I've raved about you in the past, I can do it again!
    Keep writing Lisa, you bring us more joy than you can imagine!
    xxx Peggy

  14. Lisa, me again - yeah I know, I feel like I'm stalking you, but I just had to write again ... I just visited Staci's blog, and I read your 8-hours-awake-phase story ... not only do you crack me up with each and every post, now you're doing the same in your comments. Just had to let you know...
    xxx Peggy

  15. Happy Almost birthday! Easter is always fun...its one of the holidays we love to celebrate! :) How was yours? My moms birthday is tomorrow...exactly one week before yours...she'll be 52! I made her a scrapbook from her Vegas wedding pictures from 6 yrs ago when she married my stepdad! Any how...I have just started to follow your blog a few weeks ago and the first post I read is still my fav..when you wrote about the pros and cons of solitude...which is so true because some people wish to be on the other side of their life and you never know what its like until you get there. I love how you gave examples for your readers esp those who get sick of their kids and cant wait for them to get out of the house...or ones whose kids are gone and wish they would come back! It just reminds us all to be thankful for what we have and for who we are. I enjoy reading your blog and I love that you stop by mine...Ive had a few readers who I lost and wish they would come back and say hi...even when I continue to post on their sites! Did I do something wrong?! Any way...HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!!

  16. Hi there! I am a newbie to your blog by way of Ellen S. blog.

    I signed up to be a follower....I will be linking your blog on mine and last but not least of your Birthday wishes my favorite story of yours that I have read so far is from February "Learning to Love myself" I know it is not your best post but to me at this time in my life it is just what I needed to read. My husband of 26 years decided he wants a divorce and you being divorced know what you felt at that beat yourself up and all that and well after reading that post I have to remember to love myself a little more each day.



  17. I will totally post your RAK on my blog. I LOVE finding new great blogs to read to help entertain my boring existence. Holy Cow thats a huge RAK. I must know who makes that hot pink PP with the white cirlce things in your 2nd photo. Let's see... Taming the girls was funny but I'm on the other side of that one, so my favorite would be your cheesecake induced tummy ache, I can relate to that one.

  18. Wow what a stash of goodies there Missy Lisa. I love poppin gi n to your blog and I always get a laugh. My favorite would have to be the one about your girls.

  19. Hi Lisa
    I followed a link over here from Cathy's blog and so glad I did, I have so enjoyed reading your blog. Hubby kept coming in to see what I was chuckling about!!! I don't think I can pick just one post as a favorite, you have such a great way with words and your humor just shines through....and each story has it own uniqueness.

    I have certainly become a follower and I have added a link to you on by blog and also on my my online community Vintage Flaire We have a discussion specifically set up where members can list great sites, blog candy and competitions.

    Enjoyed your blog and will certainly be checking in each day.

    Bree's Corner of the World ------ Vintage Flaire

  20. Hi Lisa!
    Haven't forgotten you, just been busy having a little holiday for the last week.
    Some lovely goodies you got there !!
    Hope you and your family had a great Easter.
    Julie :O)

  21. Almost forgot the most important thing

    ***********HAPPY BIRTHDAY***************

  22. Okay...So I came to your blog once before from Jocelyns site and now I am back from Julies site....I will admit I have not read enough of your blog to give you my favorite....So for now they are all my favorites...But I am adding you on my blogroll because I think you are an amazing woman and I want to pop in more frequently. I hope you have a very happy birthday.

  23. Well what can I say - the fabulous Julie (aka: they call me the scrapnut) put me onto you. This being my first post has me already in stitches as I love your humour (so I will be sure to add you as I need a giggle every now and then). What else - your age is near mine but I'm older and therefore - wiser - lol. And my youngest has her birthday the day after you but her party is on your birthday so I will eat cake (which I'm yet to order.....better get onto that soon).
    Happy Birthday and enjoy every moment of life.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!! Hope you have a very happy and blessed year too!!

    My favorite post is probably, "Assume the position"! LOL

    But honestly, I love all your are very entertaining and very real!!
    Take Care girl!!

  26. Definitely the I Have A Tummy Ache post! Still makes me laugh. I'm now a follower and I'll add this post to my blog with my next blog post.

    Have a great birthday week :)

  27. Wow, that's a LOT of goodies! :-) Just found you today from the Tucker & Wolek blog, so I don't have a favorite post yet. But scanning over the recent posts & the fact that I, too, just entered my 40's 11 months ago... makes me think your blog may be one fun read! Happy early birthday & have a GREAT weekend! :-)

  28. Ok so I too am a new follower. I only found you about a week ago... so yeah... "Taming of the Girls" was the first post I read and it hooked me as a follower permanately. Too funny!
    Oh and I have an April Birthday too and guess what?? I turned 29 again last week too! Hope you have a super Birthday week.

  29. Wow Lisa, that is a great RAK! You are looking good for 44! And My favorite post of yours is the Masters trip. The pics of you looking bored in the car, and then your back to happy man pics is awesome! They truly made me laugh! I hope you have the most fantastic Birthday you have had in years and years, and I will most definetly link you up on my new bloggie! XoXo

  30. WOW! What a RAK you have going here! Of course I am going to be telling people about your blog, and checking back myself....and not just because of this! :)

  31. Nice of you to give a RAK Lisa. I've enjoyed your blog and your stories and can relate to many of them. My favorites would be "It Pays Not to be Sentimental" and of course, the one about Boobs!!

  32. happy birthday girl!! I hope you have a great day!!! You are too funny, but I don't know which post to say is my favorite because this is my first time here, so THIS one is my favorite!! Especially with that give-away! holy smokes, I want to come scrap at your house!!

  33. I am new to your linked thru Cathy! But I love your "Have you ever" post! & can I just say that you have some wonderful blog candy!!! & here's to wishing you a Happy advance, of course!

  34. #2 Request: Your scrappy giveaway is linked to my blog...go check it out! & hey, leave me some love while you are there! ha! ha!

  35. #3: I am a follower! Have a great day!!!

  36. Lisa,
    Of course I meant Cake Batter from Cold there really any other kind? :)
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  37. Thats a new pic of us. OK I have to admit this I couldnt help it, but I was giggling at Blake too. He was so serious, standing up so straight and he literally had his nose touching the wall. I had to snap a pic and leave the room. Couldnt let him think it was playtime.

    I will have to look at my LSS next time for that paper. I've seen alot of pages using it, but never knew who made it. American Crafts is probably my favorite company , bc of their thickness.

    Hoping you a wonderful birthday.

  38. Hi my name is Jenn and honestly I can't say that I have a fav post, only because this was my first visit...that being said...I will certainly be back to visit again...and hope you have a happy bday week.! Oh yeah and i will be sure to link folks here from my scrapbook blog as well. Have a great day!

  39. You are very welcome! I would try
    This site!! Hopefully you get some for your birthday!!

  40. Good morning Lisa!! I love ALL of your posts but my favorite is "Assume the Position" too hilarious! I already have you on my blog list but I will definitely put a link to your blog for your giveaway on my next post!!I hope you have a wonderful week!

  41. Good morning, I hopped over here from Peggy's blog. First off wishing you a happy 29'th or 30'th birthday and many many more filled with good health, joy and love. Since I am new to your blog I have to say that the "have you ever" is my least for now :) I am going to do a layout based on those questions, so that when our girls are older they can look back and see that Mommy was not perfect but tried to live life as best as she could) Have a wonderful Monday.

  42. Hi Lisa!!!! What are you gonna do on your Birthday? Actually it needs to be a whole Birthday Weekend celebration!!!
    What a fantastic set of goodies you are giving away! Well...the post that caught my eye was the 1st one I read on March 21st....PEEING LIKE A RACE totally sucked me in as a FAN of yours! I love your humor...thank God for it!
    I've got you linked up to my blog also!

  43. You know Lisa...I have never came upon some AWESOME Blog Candy such as the stuff you are giving away before and have been even more taken by the persons blog itself. You and I have SO much in common it is just unbelievable! My first reaction after first seeing your blog candy was me literally going goo goo ga ga but when I visited your little place here on the www I took my time and read A LOT. Thanks so much for the laughs. I can almost see your personality through your writing. Oh! And this Saturday on April 25th is my daughter's 2nd birthday too!!! So, when we're wishing her a Happy Birthday I'll be saying "Happy Birthday Lisa" to myself too! Even though this will be your 16th year turning 29 I sincerely hope that you celebrate this year a little different than the rest and have fun, fun, fun!!! I'm off to do ALL of the requirements you asked for because it IS your birthday. :wink:

  44. Okay, I've officially done everything you asked. My favorite post of yours would have to be this one because you not only bribed me with some awesome blog candy but you also lured me in by your little speech that intrigued me and got me REALLY interested in wanting to follow your blog. Here's the link to my blog where I've bragged about your blog candy:
    and I'm now an official follower of your blog. Crossing my fingers now. :)

  45. Hi Lisa!!! Don't need any more stuff right now, I am trying to purge. :) Just wanted to pop in and say happy birthday and I love all your posts. :) You have such a great writing style.

  46. I put up a link to your blog on my blog, and I also became a follower of your blog! You got some awesome talent!
    Oh and before I forget, "Happy Birthday Too You"! I hope you have a extra special day this year! You deserve it!


    oops there's the link to my blog!

  48. you are too sweet!! well, I love your blog and I am glad I found ya!

  49. Hi again Lisa- we seem to be following each other around. Every site i go to I see you comment one or two above me. LOL! We must just have the same great taste!! By the way...I see your follower list growning...way to go!!

  50. Hi , first of all....HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more...great favorite is your "capture MEMORIES" the colors and everything on it....

  51. Also to let you know that I put a link and pic in my blog :)

  52. Hi, I came to your blog from another (I can't remember cause I've been reading your stuff too long) and have been entirely entertained since! I'll be back to read more soon.

    Go check out my blog too and you might be able to get a birthday present a day late. I'm also giving some candy.

    I'm off to become a follower (my pleasure) and post your candy on my sidebar. I can't wait to come back and read some more!


  53. I saw your blog only yesterday.
    viewed many pages.
    I am not speak English and read your blog via a translator, but it was all nice and pleasant.
    You will write more about the family and it is amazing.
    I really liked the page with a girl

    Happy birthday!
    Your sweetie amazing.
    Thanks for the chance to win it.
    I link you candy in sidebar

  54. Hi!
    I came by your blog a while ago, I think I came through Joanies blog. I never bookmarked it at the time. The post you had up at the time was 'you would never guess she's my daughter'. I really enjoyed reading that post... I could totally feel the love for your daughter. So, that would have to be my fave. post of yours. I'm glad I re-found your blog, and will be back!! I've got you linked in my faves, and am (in a min.) now your follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win! And thanks for a new blog to read! Looking forward to coming back!!
    Take care!

  55. i love your blog and you wrting is always so real and funny!!!


  56. AWWWW, thank you for the post on my BLOG!!! Look at all of your wonderful comments and I need one thing from you!!! Email your address please.........I am so happy for you!!! How are the blisters and I want to come to NC tomorrow!!! We would have sore jaws by the time I went home, we just talk non stop!!! Love you girlie and thanks so much for the encouragment!!!!LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Hey! Hope you had a great weekend! I forgot yesterday, but I'm adding you to my entry for today...hope you get lots of comments and followers and fun praise that you so deserve :) Everyone needs an ego boost every now and then ;)

    And, Happy Birthday!! When exactly is the big day?

  58. Hi Lisa, happy birthday!!! I wish you many more years of love, hapiness, creation and blogging :)

    I'm pretty new reader, but I've read most of your blog posts and I really enjoy the way you write and also the photos and scrapbook pages :). My favorite post in your blog is "Have you ever" post. Many of the things you wrote there are things I think about a lot myself so many times. I admire you for the courage to share things with the world that way . I wish I could too.

    And about the candy - WOW, thank you very much for the chance to win all these sweet things! I also linked you in my blog and signed to be a follower (because I want, not because I need to :)

    Blessings from Israel,

  59. hey girl ... I am behind in leaving comments but I have to say I love the post about YOUR "rak" .... heheheheheh! That totally cracks me up and you've inspired me to do a blog prize too ....

  60. Hi Just popped into your site and it's great :) Happy Birthday too
    Fave post "Have you Ever.."
    Thanks for the chance and linked yah up too
    Nikki C

  61. Happy Birthday!!!
    I have posted you on my blog:
    Great Candy!!! and thank you so much for the chance to win. I am new to your blog but I have read some post and the favorite is: "Have you Ever..." I think these thoughts are so universals, that probably everyone had some of this thoughts during his life, too.
    again congrats for your birthday!!! You look great!!! When you said first you are 30 ... I belived you ... :-)

  62. ok, this post really sort of made a lot of sense to me. I know how you feel when u see the followers increasing and the number of hits and all the comments ppl leave. I started my blog this month and I also feel so excited when I see all this. I really could connect with what u said so i became a follower b4 I had even finished reading your post. I've added the link to this on my sidebar as well. I liked the post about "you would never geuss that she is my daughter". It really made me think about our relationships in life. Its funny, but I came to your blog through a comment u had posted on another blog. That makes something else u said about increasing our blogging friends seem so true! The more I think about it, I think this post is becoming my favorite!

    Thanks for the chance at winning such fab stuff.

    Happy Crafting
    Ananya Gupta

  63. hi.. HAPPY BDAY!! hope that u have a woooonderful year ahead scrapping! hee.. my fav post is.. ur post abt ur rak! *roflol* esp when u say "Even if it is my 15th year turning 29! *wink wink*" hahaha.. i almost laugh out loud at office!

  64. Happy Birthday!!! LOL, LOVED the post about "Taming the Girls" you are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I am DEFINITELY going to become a follower, if only to share a laugh with a fellow like-minded soul... :)

  65. Happy Happy Birthday! You really know how to perk up a girls day. Right now because I am attempting the "diet" as well and would really love some choco cheesecake except for the fact that the guilt would be favorite post is I Have a Tummy Ache!

  66. Happy Birthday girl and what a crazy awesome RAK...Yep, I am a follower and I posted and I am linking you up!

  67. Happy Birthday to you, Lisa!
    I wish you Happiness, Luck and Hope. They will help you through new year of your life.
    I just find your blog and may say that you are very talented woman and wonderful mother.
    I am your follower now and here I have left a post about your candy.
    I have read just a part of your posts but my favorite is Have you ever. I want to tell I have for all things you have write but it will be not true. But the mainly part of your words are written about me, too. I only don`t know who is Marcia and what are the Brady Bunch.
    Your candy is as came true dream for me. I am looking on it and don`t believe that somewhere there are so many wonderful and interesting things that I will never see or touch. They are so far from me and I can only yearn about them.
    Best regards from Bulgaria.

  68. Happy birthday Lisa!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    I have only just found your blog but after reading a couple of posts I just kept on reading... you are sucha crack-up!!! My fave post was that of Thurs Feb 19... more for the title than anything!!! Very funny!

    Oh btw... that is the most awesome RAK ever!!!

  69. well hello there birthday girl. i LOvE how you roll. i like to make birthdays a big deal around here. we celebrate for at least a week.

    i'm having a hard time time picking a favorite post. i think i'm gonna go with the one of you hiding in broad daylight in your locked car to eat your cheesecake bites.

    i'm gonna link you up on my post today.

    happy happy day to your daughter as well. have fun celebrating.

  70. Hi Lisa...saw this in the nick of time! ;) I have linked this to my blog, and become a follower...thought I already was but it seems not..hehe. Happy birthday Lisa have a beautiful day! :D (Thanks so much for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago too.)

  71. I'm a relative newcomer I know! But I am loving your blog & watch eagerly for your new posts as they are always worth making time for!!

    My favourite so far has been 'Taming the Girls' as I can so identify! It made me literally laugh out loud!

    I'm off to post a link to this from my blog - & on that subject, thanks for all the lovely comments you leave for me.

    Have a fabulous birthday, eat lots of guilt free cake!! xxx

  72. Come check me out at

    Thanks for the RAK!

  73. Well...I like this post *wink, wink*, but I also like your layouts, so those are definately my favs.

    I wrote about your candy on my candyblogpost to share the luuuuv. Come by and visit me too :)


  74. I don't want to be entered in the RAK, just wanted to leave my blog for you to stalk, err, I mean visit. :)


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