Sunday, August 2, 2009

Favorite Flower & Butterfly Crafts Guest DT

Don't you just love my original title? I pride myself in my effort to be witty and charming, even with my titles, but tonight it just ain't happenin'. I suppose there is no suspense as to what my post is about so I will get right to the point. LOL! Another challenge is up at These Are A Few of My Favorite Things. This time we are challenged to scrap our favorite flower.

I have always loved wildflowers. For some reason they remind me of freedom of spirit and simpler times. Each time I see them I instantly smile.

The response to the Favorite Things blog has been incredible! The entries of the DT and the followers are so imaginative and simply breath taking!!! Julie has out done herself with this blog!!! If you haven't checked it out yet I encourage to hop on over. The winner of this challenge will receive a gift certificate to Pretty cool, huh? You have until the 14th to get your project submitted. Remember it doesn't have to be a layout. It can be a card, an altered item or anything your little heart desires!

I was also lucky enough to have been randomly selected as the Guest DT at Butterfly Crafts this month! I was so excited when I saw that I had won this opportunity. I have been following the blog since Jocelyn (who is a current DT member) turned me onto their blog. They post bi-monthly challenges and I won a Guest DT position for the one that posted on August 1st. The challenge is to scrap your favorite food or drink. Anyone who knows me could tell you immediately what that would be.

Yes, my friends, I love, Love, LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper! I love it to the point of it being an addiction. My journaling is in the form of a note addressed to this bottle of carbonated delight. It is written on the back of the LO and reads:

"Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh how I have a love/hate relationship with you. I am aware of the fact that you are nothing more than a bottled nutritional wasteland yet you taste so good. Try as I might to break off our long-standing relationship, I think I will forever be your fan. I cannot help myself....I'm totally addicted!"

I have often considered a 12-step program for my addiction to this bottle of poison...I am seriously THAT hooked. But I'm learning to love it in small doses. Why is it that the things we often love the most are usually not good for us? *sigh*

I hope you will pop in at Butterfly Crafts and leave the team (and me, please) a little love. And if you can find some scrapping time, please play along with the challenge. But be sure to leave me a message here letting me know you played along. I will certainly want to stop by and say thanks!

By the way, my LO is one of the most simple LO's I've ever done but I think it is one of my most favorite. I didn't even use patterned paper on this one. Cardstock only!

I used my Slice and a few punches to make my flowers. They are super simple but kinda cute.

One last thing just to reiterate the fact that anyone who knows me TOTALLY gets this. My daughter came into my scraproom the night I finished this LO. She stopped mid-sentence when she spied it on the table and began laughing. Her words were something to the effect of: "I LOVE IT! Mom! That is soooo you! That is my favorite one you've ever done!" Guess she knows me.

Happy Monday!

Hugs & Love,

P.S. I guess I lied when I said I had one last thing because here I go again. But I promise this really is ONE LAST THING. Notice how my photos have gotten a little darker and a little crappier? Yeah, I'm taking a photography class. LOL! I guess she really meant it when she said "you will probably get worse before you get better"! Ha! (And I already edited them in Photoshop...this is as light as I could go without making them look wonky! Rainy days are not my friend. LOL!)


  1. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the lo's my sweets!!! GORGEOUS!!! YAY for GDT and YAY for FAVE THINGS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Great layouts, Lisa!! Love the Diet Dr. Pepper the B&W with splashes of color and um, yea, LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper!! I didn't "learn" to drink coffee until a couple years ago and so DDP was my go-to, for taste and a pick me up. Congrats again on your GDT position....sooo exciting! I'm off to see more about these scrappy locales! :>

  3. I too loveeeeeeeeeeeee the LO's my dear!!!! You are on a roll!!!!!!! I just loving reading each of your posts and I did get my page done today for Butterfly Crafts....YIPPEE..I scrapped!!! :) Have a great week!!!! :) Call me when you have a chance I have a Blog question I cannot figure out!!! LOVE YA!!!!

  4. Such great layouts - so creative and the Dr P one is a hoot! And of course, I love the flower one - the mix of colors is like a wild flower meadow. I am so glad I found your blog as it is so filled with energy and fun. Your photos don't look bad now but I know what you mean about photog class - I took one last summer and it is amazing how the way you see things changes so much. You start composing photos every time you look around. Thanks also for the advise on how to post more photos - I used your advise when I did the TAAFOMFT posting and it worked great.

  5. Great Layouts! I love that Diet Dr. Pepper one, but not the diet dr. pepper...I cannot stand diet drinks UGGGHH! Also love the wildflowers great! have a great week:) Love, jess

  6. Your layouts are so fabulous...!!! Love the reason why you love wild flowers!!!! Not a fan of diet drinks but to each his own.... I am a sweet tea drinker..... I have that paper you did your flower layout with..... Very cool paper I made a mini book with it for an allnighter ...It was fun to play with!!!! Hope you are rested and well. Hugs.

  7. Love the wildflowers lo and the diet dr. p one too! You and my mom would be bf's lol she LOVES her Diet Dr. P!! I love your work! I am going over to butterfly crafts right now to check it out! Oh and I have to get working on my these are a few of my favorite things lo too!!

  8. oooh! ok. i have to get over there and check it out. diet dr pepper? that cracks me up. i just don't need soda like i use coffee in the a.m....yes..

    so how was your weekend?

    i love the spots of bling on your wildflowers lo and that yellow 'pop'!

  9. I love both of these layouts!!! Your dr pepper cracks me up!!!

    The wildflowers are beautiful. I have been wanting to scrapbook my garden for a couple of years. I going to have to get to that next year. I haven't taken many pictures this year so I'll start next.


  10. Wow..Lisa congrats on being Guest Designer at Butterfly Crafts!Sooo cool!
    I love your Diet DR Pepper layout,love the black and white and the doodling!
    I totally LOve your fave flower was a close call for me..the sunflower or the wildflowers..just love them..they grow around no matter what.
    LOve your writing and enjoy your photography class!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. That is one stunning LO - simple , uncluttered & say's it all!! You are so talented!!

    Love the flower LO too - all those primary colours!

    Oh! & I hadn't even registered that the photo's looked anything less than perfect!!

    Off to leave some love on BC!!

  12. gorgeous pages!! love the "addiction" page!! we would get along a little TOO well!! lOL! and good luck with your photo class, just hang in there you will get it!! ;) chat with ya soon!!

  13. I LOVE BOTH OF YOUR LAYOUTS!!! The flower layout is just gorgeous! & the Diet Dr. Pepper one...well, let's just say that I have a similar DH says I should just get an IV & hook it up to the Diet Pepsi fountain...gotta love it! to go leave you some love @ Butterfly Crafts...

  14. Ya know, sometimes all you need is a sheet of white cardstock. I LOVE it, Lisa!
    As far as photography classes go, I am taking my first one tonight! Just think, someday soon you and I will be expert photographers...LOL
    Your wildflower LO is so pretty, great color scheme!

  15. I love both LO! The wildflower is realy nice and the other one ''Dr.Pepper'', I had a good laugh! I had an addiction to Pepsi. I was determine to quite and replace it with bottle water. I use to drink the Pepsi at my desk at work. 2 cans a day plus one more at home. I am done and over with it for 2 yrs now. Well, I tried one a few weeks ago, it was so sweet, I didn't realy appreciate it. So I'm back with the water and proud of it. If only it was as easy for quitting the smoke. That addiction is worst than heroine. But I try to keep busy, that way, I don't smoke. Hope you have the will to eventualy quit the Dr.Pepper!
    P.S.: If you don't here from me for awhile, it's because I'll be busy scrapping, as soon as my goodies come in. Can't wait! You can visit my othe blog which is
    You can leave me a comment there also if you like.

  16. I too, am a Diet Dr. Pepper addict!! I will definitely have to lift that layout!! AND the journaling as well!! Fits me to a "T"! LOL. Congrats on the Guest DT spot!! Your layouts are awesome girl!!! Oh I am also a wildflower lover!! I have a special spot in my yard for them.

  17. lol out of all the sodas out there this is the one I DON'T LIKE... lol glad you are addicted and drinking up my share Lisa! Great layouts and DT work... I always love your blog you make me Smile and sometimes LOL. I want to do the favorite flower challenge love that idea. Looking forward to seeing more of your photography as you progress with your class.

  18. Love wildflowers too.
    I miss my wildflower garden that worked so hard on back in Colorado. I wonder if the new owners are taking care of it, or have they let it die.

  19. Oh I sooooo need to join that 12 step program with you!!! Do you Chick-Fil-A near you? They have THE BEST Diet Dr. Peppers! Love your layouts. Both are just fabulous!

  20. ♥ BOTH of your LO's! The FAV flower LO is so cute & such a great photo, too!

    ♥ your "addiction" LO... mine is Dark Choc Raisinets! :-)

  21. Ok, how to do you do your titles? Mine are always so generic. Are they stamps? Are they stickers? Did you print from your computer? I so need help wtih my titles. I vaguely remember another LO of yours that involved diet Dr. Pepper. Something about favorite things....hhmmm. Yes, I think it is an addiction alright but honestly if that is as bad as your addictions go, you are doing pretty good. LOL.

  22. I love your LO'S !! Instead of the Dr. Pepper mine would be coke!! Did you get your goodies yet?

  23. Ha ha, an addiction? Thats cute!

  24. I feel your pain with the soda addiction! Great layouts! Congrats on your Dt and Gdt gig!

  25. hey Lisa! Great new layouts! Buuuut ... Dr. Pepper?! UGH!! lol!!!! I love that you used no pp on it. Congrats on the GDT and happy that Favourite Things is doing well, I popped over quickly but am just trying to catch up after being on vacation for so long ... and going again tomorrow for another 5 days!!! :)

  26. Cardstock only--you are a brave woman! Love the layouts--very cool topics!

  27. I really love these layouts! You are just so darn talented!!!!!


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