Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes You've Just Gotta...

...complain that is. Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed nothing was going your way? Where everything feels out of sorts? That would be my "today". I am hesitant to write this post for many reasons. The main one being that should I truly write what I'm feeling this will be nothing more than a gripe session. And no one likes to visit a grumpy puss. Despite my efforts to wrestle myself into a happier state of being, I realize this is where I'm at today and I decided to just run with it. If you are averse to complaining and negativity...consider yourself warned. However, should you decide to stick around and read my meaningless complaints feel free to commiserate, offer to send chocolate or tell me to get over myself. Regardless, I'm in a mood and the complaining is getting ready to commence. Because sometimes, dear friends, you've just gotta!

Number one on my laundry list of all things wrong is the current state of my humble abode. I love, love, love having my children home but we have all become insanely busy and the house has suffered for it. No one person is to blame...yet everyone is to blame. While Taylor and Leah, his girlfriend, have a great deal of their belongings (from 2 households) stashed in storage, they have somehow managed to fill my game room, Taylor's room, my basement and a large part of my garage with the remaining items. Keri is accumulating pile after pile of items for her new apartment and said piles are claiming all the floor space in her room and my study. Add the fact that I have items strewn here and yon in my scraproom, home feels uncomfortable and unsettled.

The homefront chaos is not contained within the walls of the house. The exterior is in a major state of disrepair. I've been holding back this complaint for awhile because I have been having trouble swallowing all that has gone wrong. My beautifully landscaped home has become the source of an ever growing money pit. Six massive diseased trees had to be removed before causing major damage to the yard and possibly my house. With all the rain, weeds have taken over...some being taller than me. They have totally gotten ahead of me. My fertilizing efforts have also paid off because it now looks like I live in a jungle. Everything needs to be pruned...everything. My brick area outside my kitchen has begun to crumble and water is seeping through the broken mortar and running into the basement. The brick walkway that sweetly meanders around the side of the house leading to the backyard has suddenly become an uneven obstacle course. Mold and mildew have taken up residence on my hardy board exterior. Wood trim has begun to rot where water is no longer draining away from the house. My ex-husband owned a water & sewer company so you know our yard was the epitome of a perfectly designed drainage system. But within the last month, I've notice a mini lake Erie in my back yard. All of this developed almost overnight! When we built the house we spared no expense and it paid off over time. I have always been a firm believer in an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so I kept up with all maintenance issues. I guess things like this eventually happen. Fifteen year old houses will need more attention. I just wish the house had been a little kinder to me and not hit me with everything all at once. The lovely price tag on all these repairs is equivalent to 3/4 my annual salary. Yes, it took me several days to recover from THAT shocking news!

So the house is a bit of a nightmare right now, but nothing that can't be handled with some time, patience and a large portion of my savings. Just as I was coming to terms with all of this, I had another pleasant little surprise. And yes, I'm being sarcastic! On my way to work Thursday before last I heard a nasty sound coming from under my car. The kind of sound that causes your gut to churn as you know it can't be good. I pulled over and took a look around but saw nothing. Once back on the road, the sound returned. I slowly and oh so carefully drove to a nearby convenience store/garage where I know the guys in the shop and pleaded for help. I had a feeling something was caught in the wheel. Ummmm, something was caught all right. My TIRE was caught in the wheel! HUH? You ask? Yep, my tire was shredding and a large portion was caught in the wheel. Again, I am a poster child for vehicle maintenance. I very frequently check the air in my tires (every couple of weeks), I have my tires rotated and I show up for all scheduled maintenance visits. Yet, my tire shredded. The replacement tire was not delivered until Monday of the following week. I was car-less for almost 5 days. That HURT. And it gets better. When mounting the two new front tires, it was discovered that the back tires were equally bad. Stranded yet again! LOL! Yes, I'm laughing. Oh, one other point to note, my car doesn't have a spare...of...any...kind!!! When my tire goes flat/shreds/or just no longer wishes to cooperate, I'm all out of luck! The next car I buy, the very first question will not be about gas mileage, safety features, loaded extras...it will most certainly be "Does this car have a spare tire and can I see it!"

Add to all of this, my baby girl is moving. We are in the final days of her summer break. I know I went through all these emotions when she went away last year. You would think it would be easier this time. But not so. This time brings an added cause for mommy heartbreak. Keri wishes to establish residency in Georgia to help with the astronomical out-of-state tuition fees. In order to do this, she must actually reside in Georgia. She has an apartment, she will be getting a job and she will be staying there year round. No more moving back home. At least not for 3 years. Of course she will come home for holidays, but all other breaks will be spent in her own home. I am so excited for her, but carrying a heavy heart all the same.

Today it feels all of this has come crashing in on me. Funny how we can control our emotions but the smallest of things can tip the bucket and we fall apart. My "little thing" came in the form of my co-workers. The men...to be exact! The only way I can explain it is that someone brought it to my attention that we have just had a full moon. Every single male at work has been experiencing PMS. I kid you not! They are hormonal, emotional, whining little boys. I sincerely love them all, but today I wasn't liking them very much!

Do you think I've whined enough. I would say yes, but there are a few other things. I made a new commitment to my wellness challenge on Monday. I have been doing rather well but I wanted to step it up a notch. Sooooo, as of yesterday, I gave up all sweets for 2 months and I've given myself the same 2 months to kick my all consuming addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper.

Hmmmmm, I MAY have just discovered the source of all my problems...I cut out all my fun!

Please know that I am well aware that none of this...not one iota of it...is really a big deal. It was just one of those days and I needed to whine. I am a very fortunate person who never wants to take that fact for granted. Thanks for allowing me the chance to whine and for always being a source of support and strength. On days like these I would normally grab my girlfriends and head out for a drink. So to all my blogfriends...the most awesome of girlfriends...I raise my glass and say "To better days! Cheers!"

Hugs & Love

P.S. It really is One. Of. Those. Days. Bloggers seems to have lost my entire list of blogs I follow! Nothing. Nothing! NOTHING! is showing up on my dashboard!!! errrrrrrr! How will I ever make my blog rounds???

After hyperventilating and banging my head against the wall several times, I choose to believe that blogger is male and suffering from the full-moon-PMS-syndrome every other male in my life (not you, Keith and Taylor, xoxo) is currently plagued with. Tomorrow is a new day and maybe, just maybe HE will be nice tomorrow and Give. Me. Back. My Blogs!


  1. Oh Lisa, so sorry! I do understand "those days". I've had a few of them myself and I completely get it. My advice is not to tell you to get over it, or to remind you how bad others have it, and you should feel blessed. No, my advice is to take a day off from your wellness challenge (because everybody needs a day off now and then) and go have some ice cream or chocolate, maybe a bottle of wine (yes the whole bottle), or you pick your pleasure, and let loose a little. It make me feel better every time!!


  2. WOW! I feel so bad for you - it's not raining, it's not pouring, it'a a tropical storm on you. I feel so blessed right now that my life is going fairly smoothly but there have been times.....and why is it so many things seem to happen at the same time? Speaking of tires, last November I drove to my son's home (3 1/2 hours away) and felt like I had a low tire about 1/2 way there. The highway is a two lane country highway built above the Florida swampland so in many places there is no place to pull off and there are only 2 towns along it. I limped into the 2nd town and filled up with air and made it into Sarasota on a wing and a prayer. Usually I return on Sunday but I had to stay over until I could take it in on Monday and not only did I have a nail in the tire, the whole insides of both front tires were shredded and the rear tires weren't much better. I too take very good care of my car but I guess things just aren't made as well as they used to be. Suffice it to say, after spending a bundle on new tires, I was able to return home safely. I feel truly grateful that the tire didn't come apart while I was traveling - I know I would have wrecked and possibly ended up in a canal or ditch filled with water. I hope your week improves. Take care of yourself and give yourself a little treat!!!!

  3. My word for this year is perspective..... I so live in your perspective of today... but my attitude is a totally different perspective..... I hear ya.... We have a townhouse that was built in the 70's we took on a large project but we bought our 1400 square foot town house for $45,000 we are homestead exempt and only pay $60.00 in taxes a year.... But maintenance wow so many things go wrong it is hard to keep up.... so I changed my perspective.... roll with the punches.... It sound like you need some of us blog friends to come up for a visit and help you weed out some of these house issues... forget the salary I am game to help you get it all back in order..... when it is all clean we plug in the blender and toast to a job well done, peace and get to scrappin'... I am game just tell me when. No really I am serious.... I remodeled 2 bathrooms in 3 days pretty darn good lookin bathrooms too..... We can handle some siding and some landscaping.... I love you.... Hugs friend.... Chin up!!!!! I really would love to get us ladies together!!!!

  4. Girl!!! I feel your pain!!!!Everyone need one of those day and I hope tomorrow will be better! Hugs!

  5. Oh My Gosh!! We are also experiencing male PMS at my house!!!

  6. HOL-E COW girl! You are having one rough day(s)!!! I feel your pain...I just hate it when nothing seems to go right :0(

    I'm in a huge hurry tonight...but just wanted you to know that I am thinkin' about you...keep your head up...it'll get better!

    & seriously, what the hell are you thinking??? Giving up your only vice @ a time like this??? LOL!

  7. I'm so sorry for all your problems. I think we've all been there and can really feel for you. My time was last December when my furnace, my garbage disposal, my breaker box and my sewer system all broke! I was without heat for 11 days when the temp was in the teens. Thank goodness the HVAC people left me some space heaters.

    Thank goodness I'm not around many males so I don't have those problems!


  8. I hope they get the mess fixed quick in your mini Lake Erie! And sorry you are sad about the moving process again. I think thats why my Mom didnt let me move back once I left!

  9. Talk about Murphy's Law huh! We've all been there Lisa, everything in our house always seems to brake down all at once as well.

    Two weeks ago I went to buy a new bedroom for my son. We hadn't planned on this for another two years, but he desperately needed a new bed, so I figured why not buy the whole room at once. Luckily this was sponsored by my parents! Anyway, I was walking down the showroom and saw this couch I fell in love with immediately ... leather, pure heaven I think if you have kids in the house (can you tell I don't have leather now!!!) and half the price!!! After making three phone calls with my husband and after thinking about this for over three hours, I decided to take a chance and order the couch, praying nothing would go wrong over the next year or so ... Later that evening (oh yes, the very same day!!!!) smoke came out of the car!!!! It totally broke down ... We finally got it fixed yesterday (we've been without a car for two weeks!!!) and we've been told to be on the lookout for a new car as our car won't last very long ... So much for being safe this coming year!!! Now not to worry, of course I wouldn't give my last dime to a couch ... but ... this probably means no going away on vacation again next year *sigh*.

    Okay, so obviously this whining was contagious LOL! Like you however, I too am grateful for all that I do have, though even with knowing this, it's hard to not feel sorry for myself every now and then LOL.

    And on top of that, I have to lose more than 20 kilos and stop smoking ... and both me and my husband decided to stop smoking within the next few days ... help!!!! Will our marriage survive I wonder LOL?!! But we have to, it's costing us a lot of money and it's destroying our health, so ...

    That being said, I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time right now. Try to find strength in the positive things Lisa! Things will look better soon, somehow they always do.

    Oh yes, and blogger deleted all the blogs I follow as well ... luckily they're still all listed in my blog ... don't know what went wrong there, but I've read we're definetely not alone in this!

    Remember, I'm only an e-mail away!
    Love xxx Peggy

  10. Oh my Lisa sure does sound like everything is happening at once. Hope things calm down foryou out there my friend.


  11. Hi Lisa,
    I hope the moon has left you alone and that things get better. I think alot of people were affected by the last full moon. I for one, I cried my mother so much and I just let it out. It's healthier that way. We need to let it out, either write it, talk to someone. What I do, after a good cry, I go lie down and breath. I also talk to myself. After that, I feel better. The hormones can trigger my mood swings too. And to be honest, I was glad my bf was leaving for a week. I think I would have lost it and put him to the wall. I'm sensitive and I can feel it when my bf is nervous or irritated. So I keep a low profil. I wasn't so lucky myself yesterday. I had a fall with the grocery buggy. It came to a hull, the buggy tilted forward and I fell over it. Brusing both front legs. I don't have much meat there, so it killed my bones. The food was all over the pavement and to top it off, it start to rain heavely. As I was going to pick up the last peach, a truck ran over it! When I got home, I kept laughing to myself. I put some ice pack on my legs. That being said, it's behind me now. Today is a new day! :-)

  12. I've been having one of those "days" myself although it seems to be turning into a week. lol No worries about venting, we all need to do it sometimes!

  13. Oh Lisa!!! I know EXACTLY what you feel like! Houses are hard to keep up with, as well as kids, work, daily life, cars, etc. I'd send you some major chocolate and Calgon, but I don't think the chocolate would hold up and then there would be one more mess to worry about!! Hang in there girl, and just remember, God only deals out what HE knows you can handle! And tomorrow is another day..... {{{HUGS}}} I hope today is much better :))

  14. Holy smokes! I hear you on the house front, our house it almost 40 yrs. old and it's definatley showing. We will spend a 1/3 of our income to replace the carport roof and build a whole new garage. It hurts to even say it.
    Take a few deep breaths, drink a dr. pepper, and then face it all head on! You can do it!

  15. I too have lost my list and I am flipping out!!!! I am with you with the whine session....it is just perfectly OK to let out all the frustration with us!!!! It seems like life knows how to smack you in the back of the head....so I am wishing better days.....resolutions to all the problems and a house that returns to some type of normalcy! I am with you there chickie!!!!! I could sure use a vacation....how about you and I jumping aa ship and heading for some far off island....we can sit back and RELAX~~~

  16. Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry Murphy has come to pay you a visit! I'm rather leery of Murphy visits as he always implements his Law, which inevitably costs me money, time, or a pounding headache. May Murphy & his Law (and moon induced male PMS) end his (their) visit quite abruptly!!

    Home repairs.........uh, um, oh something I'm not overly fond of right at this minute. We have a couple of doozies to deal with (and pay for!) right now...........oh, oh, OH! Okay, its still relatively early for me, I haven't had any form of caffeine yet, my son woke me up an hour and a half early today (he has a birthday party with squirt guns and water balloons at 4:30pm and is, shall we say...uber excited...an hour and a half early for a party at the end of the day!!!!! sigh), and I just cannot think about home repairs right now. Nope, can't do it.

    Moving on. An equally tragic subject!! The Blogger Pretzel!!! Funny how we can get so twisted and tied up in it when a few years ago, I was asking, "Blogs? Really? Why?" And now I have been folded in and cannot really remember life without blogs. Not really. Well, yea, kind of Really! Again, I truly hope Murphy stops implementing that ol' Law of his and you get your nice list back!! :>:>

    Okay.....before I write another book, which you know, I'm prone to do...........I'll stop! Oh wait!!! You're giving up Diet Dr. Pepper??? Cold turkey? I only did that for my pregnancies. Now, I'll admit, I definitely do not drink even half of what I used to (since a friend found a way for me to finally consume coffee without making me feel like I'm drinking battery acid........nonfat, sugar free latte, thank you very much!), but I can't imagine giving it up completely. Well, actually that's not totally true. Since I know its not only nutrionally in the hole, but also doesn't make my bridge work (from a car accident) very happy at all (well, you can use soda to clean porclean...so what's it doing to my teeth!!), I have cut back and I do look forward to the day I do not "need" it, so I suppose I can indeed imagine it. But, cold turkey? Well, shucks, at least you'll always have your Winning Layout!!!!! :>:>:>

  17. OKAY!! I Did say I had not had an caffeine yet and that my son woke me up an hour and a half early, right??!!!

    I meant PORCELAIN, not porclean!! What the heck is porclean??? A new and improved facial cleansing product aimed at teenagers looking for a miracle remedy just in the knick of time for prom???


  18. Is it possible to have days like that every day? Well, not every day but close to it! My issues with my computer are wreaking havoc with me. It was out of comission for a whole month, gone for 2 weeks to get fixed, came back last wednesday, I hook it up, thinking in my head woohoo finally!....and then it crashed. Yes, crashed right before my very eyes. I don't know what they did to it to make it do that, but it's going back in AGAIN. So I have been computerless except for when my mom lets me borrow her laptop. So here I am with my moms laptop. Thsi time they are telling me it'll be 3 to 4 weeks before I get my computer back because they want to make sure it is working 100% correctly before they send it to me because I am ready to sue the company over this nonsense! Seems everything is going haywire lately, my van, our truck, my computer. I don't want to think of what's to come next! So, you are not alone in these "why me?" and "what the heck" days of life!

  19. At the beginning of the post, all I could think was that I was definitely mailing you some chocolate. But... then I got to the end & saw that you were giving up sweets & your beloved Diet Dr Pepper, so I thought better of that idea. :-(

    I don't know what to say, except it all sucks. Totally sucks. Especially the part about Keri moving to Georgia. My guess is that's probably the worst part about the whole thing... even worse than all the money you'll soon be shelling out.

    Can Taylor help out with the weeds & pruning? I don't know. All I know is that some day (hopefully sooner than later), you'll look back & say, "Glad that's all in the past."

    But for right now, just look down at that chic watch of yours & hope that the work day passes by quickly!

    Wish I could meet you for Girls Night... you know I would if I lived closer! :-)

    Hugs ♥...

  20. I really understand those day!! i've had them myself!!! I remember the kids moving back home just once each of them and bringing all their stuff and gf's/bf;s !! My house was kaous!!!! Things WILL get better I promise!!! Hugs, Char

  21. It will be a better day tomorrow.... I also lost all of my blogs yesterday...freaked out...but guess what...they are back and I am thrilled. Big Blogger issue!! As for all of the other stuff...you will look back and laugh, not now...not tomorrow...but soon and I see from your post your that it is already dissipating a bit. Being able to vent through this wonderful blogging forum is just what we need, we are all there for you and you can count on us anytime!! Life is just an all or nothing whirlwind and when you have all of your ducks in a row...that's when you say...hey...what's missing...it's the crazy stuff that keeps us sane!!
    Big Hugs to you cause the sun will come out tomorrow and you will be smilin!! I know it!!

  22. I hope today is a better day. Sometimes I find that when you get to that point where things have just added up to the boiling point, a good night's sleep seems to cure it...or at least give you a new perspective.

    Big hugs to you though, I know it's a tough place to be in when it seems like life is just ganging up on you...

  23. glad you let it out. hope it helps you start to feeling better. thinking of you and sending you hugs!

  24. boy, can i relate. when one thing goes wrong it seems to spawn and take on a life of its own.
    it never gets easy when thet move out again. no matter how many time you go through it. no matter how much we complain about the mess and how they take over the whole house, truth is, it HARD when they leave.
    repairs can suck up a lot of money. car repairs, or home repairs. sucky!
    i raise my glass to you and send you a hug...no chocolate for you missy, or did you forget?

  25. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear you are having some struggles! Just know that things will get better in time, at least that is what people tell me, it is getting through that waiting time that is the struggle. I can totally relate to what you are going through, my life is quite hectic right now myself but I know it is just temporary and things will all work out in the long run. Sending you a big hug! Annette

  26. I really hope it gets better. Once school starts and the chaos quits. I'm having a bad MONTH. I know how it feels. Feel better soon. (Go buy yourself something, that always helps me!)

  27. Poor, poor Lisa...
    Hope you're feeling better now and that mr. Blogger has been kind to you!

    Big hug, Jenneke

  28. Oh my sweet Lisa. We all have days where it is totally acceptable to whine. Today is yours. I get to the point where I pray that God will just not give me one more thing I have to "deal" with because I fear I will simply not be able to handle it. I will have a drink in your honor (on a boat in the sun..yeah me!) Cheers to you!!!!!

  29. Chuck Norris does not get frostbite. Chuck Norris bites frost.

    I {heart} you!!

  30. holy COW!!! that is a lot of comments! at least you have a lot of friends that sympathize and give you support.. so go ahead and complain =). we've all been there!
    I would agree with you that blogger would have male traits.
    and the sweets thing? and how in the world will you kick the ddp adiction? that is my vice.

  31. Oh poor lisa, I wish I could jump through the computer screen and give you a big old hug right now!! That is a lot of stuff crashing down on you at once, and every single one of us would be just as overwhelmed! I hope you are able to take things day by day and find lots of fun, silly, laughable moments to make the following days seem a lot sweeter!

  32. ((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))) lots of love and hugs your way friend, I don't know where to begin to comment.. Just know I'm thinking about you and hoping you find some peace and this drama fades away and your life will return to a better time..


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