Thursday, November 5, 2009

Something Is In The Air

My oh my! There is truly something in the air...other than my hands thrown up in total exasperation. I cannot keep up with my life these days. It is always a matter of feast or famine and I'm currently in "feast" mode. My social calendar is filled to overflowing. So many plans that have been talked about for months...some for years...are finally becoming a reality. Visits from out-of-town friends, a girl's weekend get-away to a neighboring town, another girl's trip to Boston, casual dinners with friends and family, pre-holiday gatherings, actual holiday plans. Can you believe the holidays are knocking at our door? So much to exciting!!! Of course, the normal day-to-day chaos continues resulting in a life spinning out of control. I'm one exhausted but happy girl.

I'm sure many of you thought I had totally forgotten to post the winner of my give-away. Yes, my brain suffers the occasional memory lapse, but not this time. I laughed my butt off at a few of the comments on my last post. You guys are the best. So it is high time I post the winner, don't you think? And, ummm, yeah, I have yet to master the art of copying the random number generator so you are stuck with the lame version posted below. This is all I could get to copy. Anyone have any suggestion as to the generator I should use and how I should go about copying it into my post??? I'll take all the help I can get. Before I tell you who won, I want to thank everyone who participated and for the wonderful comments. I was touched by all the stories of how many lives have felt the sting of this disease. My hope is we can all make a commitment to being diligent with our self-exams and our screenings. Early detection is the greatest weapon we have for fighting back.

OK! Time for the good stuff! The winner is:


Min: 1
Max: 31
Result: 29

The 29th comment was left by Karen at Time Crafted! Please send me your addy so I can get a box of goodies headed your way!

I also need to mention an award I received last week. Three awesome blog friends passed this one to me. A big thank you to Kim, Jocelyn and Jessi! You know I love you girls!!!

Here's the rule: I need to pass this award on to five people, post on their blog to let them know I left this award, and then I need to answer a list of questions in ONE word

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Your hair? curly

3. Your mother? mighty

4. Your father? hard-working

5. Your favorite food? healthy

6. Your dream last night? none

7. Your favorite drink? water

8. Your dream/goal? happiness

9. What room are you in? office

10. Your hobby? scrapbooking

11. Your fear? death-of-family

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? content

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something that you aren't? bitter

15. Muffins? cranberry

16. Wish list item? happiness-for-my-children

17. Where did you grow up? Leicester

18. Last thing you did? swore

19. What are you wearing? jeans-and-a-turtleneck

20. Your TV? Ti-Vo'ed

21. Your Pets? Yorkie

22. Friends? awesome

23. Your life? full

24. Your mood? happy

25. Missing Someone? not-sure

26. Vehicle? Convertible

27. Something your not wearing? Chip-on-my-shoulder

28. Your favorite store? White House/Black Market

29. Your favorite color? bright

30. When was the last time you laughed? seconds-ago

31. Last time you cried? Monday

32. Your best friend? treasured

33. One place that I go to over and over? work

34. Facebook? rarely

35. Favorite place to eat? home

OK, so I don't follow rules very well. A few of my answers were more than one word. I couldn't help it. And number 30 happened because of number 18. LOL! I normally break the rules when it comes to passing awards on but since I didn't adhere to them when giving my responses, I'll go ahead and abide by them and pass it on to Tara, Chantal, Melonie, Stacy and Amy.

Since this post is already enormously long, I'll only post one of my Serendipity layouts. It is my favorite...I think...from this month's kit. The pic is of Keri and one of her favorite cousins. They only get to see each other on very rare occasions as he lives several hours away but the adoration is mutual.

I thought this was THE cutest paper and wanted to emphasize the cheery sunshine effect. So I machine stitched along each of the sunshine rays. It is more evident in-real-life.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and your weekend is filled with fun!!!

Hugs and love,

P.S. Thank you to all who requested the link to my new blog. I've been overwhelmed with the wonderful comments and emails received as a result of the few posts made. Sadly, many can relate to the "hard" part of my story but here's to hoping there is an equal connection to the "happy" part!!! Again, if you are interested in the link, just email me ( I would love to have your feedback! xoxo L


  1. Yippie!!! Thank you very much! (And of course, I'll email ya after I "chat" with you here!

    We are a feast or famine kind of family as well. We just go our merry way, enjoying nothing to do (other than the day to day usuals) and then suddenly, our calendar will be completely filled and when we go back to nothing going on, we spend the first week recovering!! :> Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep use an often quoted Dori (Finding Nemo)! :>

    Congrats on your blog award!! I LOVE coming and visiting you here!! :> And I would have never guessed your hair is curly! My hair is uber curly. I could wash it, blow dry it for an hour, and then spend another hour with a straightening iron and it might die down enough to um...WAVY! And I just don't have that kind of time. So, I torture...or mean....get the most for my money when I get my hair cut as I have my hair stylist blow it out for me......hence the reason she always tells me to tell whoever is booking the appointment to block off at least an hour for the appt!

    LOVE your layout!! Its so happy, sunshiney, bright, cheerful, and with a cute photo to match! :>

    Hope you are having a fantastic week, Lisa! :>


  2. Thank you so much for the award. I will mention it on my blog after writting this few words! I love your LO! The stitching, the bright yellow. It's up lifting! Congrats on your award! Also congrats for the winner, Karen! Yay! I also like the 30 answers! Swore? I also swore today, I guess I have my days too!

  3. lol 30 things!!! yikes you took that to the maximum.. Love the layout and the machine stitching.. Thanks for the link to your newer blog.. loved it..
    Glad your social calendar is filling up with fun things to do and I am sure there will be lots of stories to go along with them

  4. Congats to Karen! I'm so very honored to pass this award on to you! I enjoyed reading more about you! Your layout is just fantastic! I adore the yellow and the floral boquet in the corner.
    Kim xXx

  5. I just love reading your posts - they are just so realistic and touching!!! Hang in there and slow down enuf to take a deep breath!!! This layout JUST ROCKS!!!!!

  6. Oh Lisa.....where do I begin....I know...did I tell you lately that I cherish our friendship....well I DO!!!!! You make me laugh....when I did not think it was possible at that make me smile reading your wonderful Blog.....I am so Happy that things are going well for you!!!

    Loved reading your list.....I did learn some new things about you....what is this favorite way!!!! :-)

    LOVE the LO and the stitching.....PERFECT!!!!! That picture is priceless!!!! You are one talented lady.....

    I will talk with you REAL soon....Have a great evening!!!! :-)

  7. Goodness you are busy... I need to get penciled in....For our girls weekend....LOL. Love your layout and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the rockin' blog award.....Hugs, Amy

  8. yeah to the winner! Love the colors in that layout and fun list!

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i love love love love that lo!!! gorgeous as always my dearest!!!!!! and love love love your list! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. I'm kind of jealous of your busy schedule Lisa. I so wish we could get together for the holidays! That I could fly away on an adventure! Someday!!! Love ya!

  11. Aww, great list. What a super cute layout. I haven't seen that one yet. Love it!! I love being busy around the holidays. It's exhausting but exhilarating all at the same time! ;)

  12. Lisa the layout is gorgeous!! Sometimes its good to be busy!! And this time of year can be overwhelming, hang in there girl!!

  13. Yay for all the FUN things you have coming up! Your girl's weekends sound GREAT! :-)

    ♥'d reading your list!

    ADORABLE LO... the stitched sun rays ROCK! :-)

    Have a GREAT weekend, Lisa!

  14. You make me smile Lisa! I love your attitude about life and your list is fabulous! Wonderful layout, the bright colors are perfect!

  15. Hi there girlie! Thanks so much for passing the award on to me :o) & boy do I ever have to work to get it! ha! I LOVED your 30 things, so fun! & your layout is fabulous! Is that machine stitching for reals??? Have I seen this from you before??? You did a great job! LOVE it! Take care of you! Later, Stacy

  16. Hey girl! Can you believe how fast time is going! We are already in the second week of November and it is a SHORT month. It will be Thanksgiving before we know it! YAH I love this time of year can you tell! I love your LO too it's adorable! Hope you have a great week:)

  17. As long as you are happy..."busy" is ok!!!
    Trust me on that!! Have a great Monday!!!

  18. Love your OTT list!

    Fab LO..gorgeous colours, fab fussy cutting & awesome stitching!!

    Enjoy the buzz of all that social activity!!

    Keep smiling! xx

  19. Hey Sweetie!! Glad life is bust...but fun!!!! Love your LO!! And congrats on your blog award :-) Hugs, char

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  21. Congrats on your blog award, I loved reading more about you!! I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were doing. Sounds like life has you running all over the place! I hope you get a chance to slow down a bit and enjoy the holiday preparations. I can't believe it's November!!

    And I love the layout!! Such fun bright colors!

  22. Lisa--lovin that bright fun layout! So pretty! Hope you enjoy all your fun upcoming activities--it does make you all wonky and tired to be that busy though, huh? LOL!


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