Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday is here...and almost over! And I feel like it is still Monday. Of course, this is usually a good problem to have. But given I have a butt-load of things needing attention before Friday...ummm, yeah...not so good. I have a friend coming from Texas so there is all the prep work that goes into hosting guests. Things like cleaning, grocery shopping, activity planning, etc. Good thing my once-a-month cleaning lady comes Friday. Yet that means I have to clean before she comes. Yes, I'm one of those people. I have to clean for the cleaning lady. :-0 Actually, I just make sure everything is in it's place so her job is easier. She is only here for a set number of hours and there is no point wasting her time picking up items when she could be doing the things I loathe. Things like cleaning the floors. Honestly, I don't mind any of the household chores. Give me toilets, showers, dusting, laundry, ironing, dishes...I don't mind those at all. I even find them fun...well, rewarding...ummm, OK, so I don't have the right word. lol! Let's just say I will do them with out growling or grumbling. But the floors??? We don't gee and haw...uhhh, that's country-speak for we don't get along. Lol! It takes over 2 hours to do the floors in my house...if done properly. And I could never half do them. So I gladly fork over my hard-earned money to have someone do them for me. Yep, I'm a bit spoiled.

I wanted to share a few layouts with you before the weekend. I fear I won't have the chance to post again before next week so I thought I would leave you with some of my latest. First is my These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things layout. Our challenge this time was to scrap our favorite decade. I seem to always have a hard time deciding on a favorite for each challenge but this one was easy. I love the 1950's. It reminds me of the simpler times of my childhood where the focus was on family and home. Entertainment was found in the front yard with a stick and a sock ball. Dinner was a family event. Although we lived a very simple existence, we never wanted for anything...we were oblivious to what more there was to want. I liken it to a Leave It To Beaver lifestyle. Sooooo, I centered my layout around...yep, you guessed it....Leave It To Beaver.

I hope you will play along with us. There is an awesome gift up for grabs. And you MUST check out the fantastic work from the other DT members as well as our guest member, Michelle. These girls totally rock!

I also thought I would share another Serendipity layout from this month's Just Enough Please kit. When I saw the little chipboard sticker that said "A Little Nutty", I knew exactly which pics I wanted to scrap. Keri and I are, at the very least, a little nutty. We are always taking crazy pictures. We take turns with a word and we quickly snap our reaction to the word. Words like "surprise", "stinky", "angry", "stupid"...get the idea? I have no idea what the words were for these photos but we were having fun.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and the upcoming weekend is fab-U-lous! I'll be back early next week with the remainder of my layouts from the Serendipity kit and all the details from my weekend.



  1. Hey Lisa- I love your 50s layout. I just put that paper on my wish list!!
    But I have to say...if it was the 50s and you were the stay at home wife/mom...then you'd be doing the floors girl!!! So be happy it's 2009 and you can have them done for you! Have a great weekend with your friend(s). Love ya!

  2. Your layouts are fabulous! I too love everything to do with mid-century!


  3. Hey girlfriend.....YAY for cleaning ladies!!!! I am so excited for you having some time to spend with your Friend from Texas.....ENJOY!!!!!

    I just Love the LO and I adore that Decade also!!! It was so much simpler!!!! You did a Fabulous job on it and the A Little cute!!! Well the pics are perfect and I love the colors and the clouds!!!!

    Have a great time doing all the fun things...when your visit is over...give me a holler..Miss you....Love you....{{{{{Hugs}}}}}

  4. lol lol lol....yep...we are kindred spirits!!! lol lol lol...I would clean for the cleaning lady too!!!! LOL!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the lo's...and ummmmmmmmmmmmmm I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your friends shirt! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I love the 50's LO! They were the good times. I am more of the 60's but they were close to the same. I also love the other LO! Hope you have a good time this week-end.

  6. I think most people clean before the cleaning lady comes! lol ...

    Love the scrap your favourite decade idea! Super-awesome layout to go with it, love the Cosmo embellie!!!!! :)

    And your other layout is super cute too - have a great weekend with your guest(s) ...

  7. Adorable LO's... especially the "nutty" one. I'm lovin' the photo taking technique. Will be trying that with my own mini me... :-)

    Enjoy your weekend. You're inspiring me to get a once-a-month cleaning lady. The floors do suck the big one... :-(

  8. grrrrr......wrote my comments, went back and enlarged a pic again and lost them all....booo hooooooooooo......

    Okay, lovely Lisa, heres to another attempt! :>

    Love your silly faces layout AND pictures! My girlfriends and I do the three monkeys (hear no, see no, speak no). There are four of us, so one to take the shot and then we mix it up so all of us get to play and have fun! :>

    Favorite decade.....hmmmmmmmmm.......not sure what my answer would be, but while I do love all the reasons you cited for the '50's, especially a time for family, all I can think about when it comes to that decade is the stereotypical 1950's housewife, which I am probably the antithesis of, even though I'm home with my kidlets. I try really hard to be a good Mama, but I know that I'm not overly domestic and nobody would mistake me for Martha Stewart! :>

    Have a fantastic weekend with your friend!! :>:>

  9. Love your layouts Lisa! the Leave it to Beaver one rocks! I still watch that show to this day! Have a wonderful weekend with your friend, I know you guys will have a blast!

  10. haha! So funny, I didn't think anyone else would understand "gee haul"! LOL! Love your LO's, and enjoyed checking in on your blog!

  11. Hi dear, I love the LO's very nice. I am check on you often and you always give me a smile. However, I can't leave comments as often as I like and I am not sure if it is my connection or Blogger. So Just know I am thinking of you and appreciate, adventures. Yes, adventures. =)

  12. I am so with you on the cleaning for the cleaning lady (if I had one!!).....If I could I would pay someone to do my ironing & wash all the paintwork down......maybe I should look into it! Or put the cash in my Chicago fund instead!!

    Love the TAAFOMFT LO...I love the idea of the 50's as portrayed in 'Grease' & 'Happy Days' but am thankful for todays mod cons!! I'm also loving everything about your 'Little Nutty' Lo...fab pics of you two & the colours you chose are just perfect.

    Have a fantastic weekend with your visitors from Texas! xoxox

  13. Oh, I hear ya, I so need a cleaning lady to come to my house. I just need to find one. How does one go about finding a reputable cleaning person? I've used a service before where 3 woman come in and do your house in an hour, but they didn't clean the way I clean...kwim? lol. I just adore your 50's layout. Love that innocent era, but don't think I could give up today's modern conveniences!

  14. You and your daughter always seem to have a wonderful time together being mom and daughter!! I love that layout and the photos of you both, looks like fun to just be silly!!! The 50s layout is was just about being a family and easier times and no video games and computers!! AAHH!! Have a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving if you arent on before then. Take care Lisa. :)

  15. Love your los. I hope you got everything done this week that you needed to. I thought this week went extremely fast, but I am very excited because now I have a WHOLE week off work and I am ready for it! No alarm clock for 9 days! Hope you have a great weekend:)

  16. I pick up before the cleaning lady comes too. I am not even remotely fond of housework. In fact, I pretty much hate it. That must be where my daughter gets it LOL

    I always enjoy the details of your layouts. TFS!

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

  17. Love the layouts!
    I'd clean before the cleaning lady came too. J

  18. Great pages here Missy Lisa. Love the pics and the story behind the second one.

  19. Oh Lisa you are so fun. Ive gone with my MIL to clean houses b4 (she owns a cleaning business) and you would not believe the mess some ppl will leave for the crew.


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