Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Holy Heck

Will someone teach me how to drink coffee....from a travel mug? For roughly a year I have been a coffee addict. Before that I couldn't stand the stuff. My co-worker, Cathy, is 100% to blame for my new obsession. She is the ultimate coffee-lover. Never will you see her without her mug of java. Never. In fact, we call it her bah-bah. Don't ask me why. Just seemed to fit. Anywho, she has a very discerning pallet and only drinks the finest hazelnut blend. Our workplace kitchen is directly across from my office. Each and every day the glorious aroma fills my office and assaults my senses, begging me to indulge. And I do. I consume a minimum of 2 cups a day. The only up side is that I have been cured of my addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper. Well, I haven't been cured of my addiction...I merely replaced the object of my affection. No longer do I fixate on consuming a large, ice-cold bottle of chemicals. I now drool over a heavenly, steaming concoction of coffee and cream. A little healthier option if you ask me.

When I first began to indulge, I drank from the styrofoam cups provided at the office. That only lasted a short while. First of all, they are too darn small. Secondly, the lightweight properties of these cups have no thermal benefits resulting in cold coffee in a hurry. So I went in search of the perfect travel mug. Not only would I be able to enjoy piping hot coffee at my desk, I could now brew a pot before leaving home and enjoy a mug on my daily commute.

Enter the perfect travel mug. Perfect for everyone except a lame-ass like me. While it fit every one of my requirements...large, thermal and fails miserably in a few critical areas. I suppose I should cut it some slack as it might actually be me that is failing.

Day one.

I awoke a bit early, eager to try out my new "toy". I quickly got ready for work, taking a little less time to apply my much-needed makeup. I even chose the no muss, no fuss pony-tail as I wanted plenty of time to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

I meticulously measured out the grounds, filled the reservoir of the coffee maker with water and stood anxiously waiting for the pot to fill. Do you know how freakin' long it takes a damn Mr. Coffee to brew? Drip.........drip..........drip. Holy Mother of *****! I guess I'm used to the mac-daddy Bunn variety at work that fills a pot in mere seconds. Okay, so I might be exaggerating just a bit but it is certainly speedier than my version at home. And yes, the coffee maker is programmable and yes, it does have a Pause 'n Serve feature, but we are talking about me here. You know as well as I do I never think far enough ahead to have programmed the darn thing the night before nor do I think rationally enough to use the features that cost me a few extra bucks. Lesson learned. Eventually, the cycle was complete and I could fill my freshly washed travel mug. With cup in hand, I set out to start my day. I felt like such a grown-up!

Once situated behind the wheel of my car, I followed my morning ritual of situating my belongings. First order of business, neatly stash a handful of work papers in my tote oh so perfectly placed in the passenger's seat, followed by my purse and lunch. All that remained in my grasp was my Zone bar breakfast, a banana to chase the bar and my piping hot mug of joe. I proceded to place my lovely new mug in the cup holder in order to chow down on the chocolate zone bar. Nothing better than chocolate in the a.m. Well, color me frustrated! It didn't fit! Not to be derailed in my attempts to be a real-life-coffee-drinkin' commuter, I precariously perched it in the holder in a manner that was somewhat reassuring that it would survive the ride. Sure enough, it did. However...

I was now cutting it close to being on-time (something that happens all too frequently) so I practiced my mad driving skills. You know, the kind where you zoom in and out of traffic all the while praying like hell you don't get caught. I whipped into my parking space rather proud that I would walk through the door of my office just in the nick of time. I grabbed my tote, my purse and my lunch, trying to toss both my purse and my VERY large tote over my shoulder. In so doing, I slightly bumped the gingerly planted mug. It tipped sideways and I found myself sitting in a sea of coffee. Being new to the whole concept behind the idea of "travel" mug, I had not fully snapped the lid shut. In my defense, I had tightly sealed it before leaving home. But I had to live up to my new cool, grown-up ways. Just in case anyone happened to be looking as I darted in and out of early morning travelers, I continually took sip after sip from my mug. One hand on the wheel. The other clamped around the mug. All the while knowing the image I was projecting...busy, important professional. A little too caught up in looking like a big shot, I forgot to close the cap when I finally placed it back in its resting spot. Again, lesson learned.

Beyond Day One

Since that day, I have learned to program my Mr. Coffee. Fresh java awaits me each and every day. (Disclaimer: While I did learn how to program my coffe pot, I have to confess I no longer brew my own coffee. Leah is our resident coffee meister and maker. All I must do is "pour"!) I also never put the cup down in the car without being assured it is sealed. Yet one lesson remains to be learned. Do NOT. I repeat do NOT, ask me how I do this. We are talking about me...Lisa...the klutz of all time. It would be a waste of your valuable time to try to solve this mystery. Not a day goes by that I do not end up sporting that lovely hazelnut aroma by way of a few coffee stains. Yes, my friends, somehow...some way...I spill coffee on myself. Either I drool, I don't swallow fast enough, I tilt the mug too far????? Who the hell knows! It may even have something to do with the fact I was born before the invention of sippy cups. Isn't a travel mug nothing more than a grown-up version of a sippy cup? Actually, I like that excuse. Completely removes all burden of blame from my already overly burdened little shoulders. But when you consider the fact 2 year olds can master the skills required to drink from the toddler version...... *sigh*...... Let's just say it isn't a flattering picture of me either way you paint it.


  1. this is my second post...let's try it again....

    You make me smile sweet friend!!! I have been in the very same place as you, and why do they not make the cup holders big enough to hold the TRAVEL Mugs!!!!

    Nothing worse than coffee spills all down the front of you!!! I did find a great one in Starbucks!!!! If that helps!!!

    Wishing you a great week and hope to speak with you soon!!! Love ya girlie!!!

  2. lol lol lol!!! u crack me up girl!!! U might have to go back to diet dr. pepper at this rate!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I'd say coffee is better than Diet Dr Pepper, even if you do have problems with the mug!

    Hope you have a great week, Lisa! :-)

  4. You are toooooo funny!!!!!!!!Starbucks has slimmer mugs that should work in the holders lol!!!!! How's the guy thing going?

  5. ROFL- Seriously, the ONLY cups that work for me are the ones from Starbucks. They are so worth the money, IMHO. Now, if they warp in your dishwasher, just go buy a new one because all bets are off then.

  6. Teehee, been there done that!! And still doing it!! I have lost every coffee "sippee" cup I have ever bought, so now I just take my regular cup with me, and try driving down a pot-holey, rock lane, holding your cup up and away from your body while holding the steering wheel with the other hand so the bumpiness doesn't spill it all over you!! Yep, I DO end up with a coffee stain here and there. But that was when I was working. I agree with Lisa S. the starbucks coffee mugs are THE BEST!!! You'll get the hang of it real soon and it'll be like you grew up doing it!! LOL!

  7. OMG you are too funny! Where have you been all these years- only NOW are u becoming addicted to java! Good Lord! Better late than never! Get the Starbucks cups- they're perfect- and get their lattes too! Addicted!
    happy easter girl, so good to hear from you! xoxO

  8. Lisa!! Your blog makes me CRACK UP every time I read it!!! I had to read this from beginning to end, every second of it was hilarious! I absolutely LOVE how explanatory to were! You put a huge smile on my face!! Keep the comedy coming lady!

    PS...I am a hard core tea drinker ;oP

  9. Thanks for my morning giggle Missy Lisa.

  10. From one coffee lover to another this is freakin' hilarious! Not much time on the computer lately but I'm so glad I decided to stop by. Thanks for the laugh Lisa :)

  11. ROTF you are just wayyyy too funny Lisa! I can't help you with the coffee issues, as I am still a Diet Dr. Pepper addict.

  12. you crack me up! :)

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving LOVE. i totally appreciate your kind words!

    addict, much? ;)

  13. That's a riot, babe. Seriously funny. A good cup of coffee is worth a few stains.

  14. I think your awesome. I too walk around with stains almost everyday.

    Baby #2 was very much unplanned but we couldn't be more excited. I have 15 weeks to go. Which is almost unbelievable.

  15. Lisa, thanks for the out loud laughter!!!! You KNOW I'm laughing WITH you, right?! I didn't start drinking coffee until about a year after I had my second kidlet......then I started calling out for help and coffee was placed in my hands. Actually, I thought it tasted like battery acid.....well, what I imagine battery acid would taste like! But, with a little milk (or my new fav...unsweetened vanilla almond milk), some liquid Stevia (if you have never tried it in liquid form, I HIGHLY recommend metallic aftertaste like with the powder!)...its delish....AND a lifesaver! :> And yes, I still spill when I get over zealous and rush to drink my delish energizer beverage from my tall pink travel coffe thermos!!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend coming to you! :>


  16. lol There is no perfect coffee travel mug, in the bazillion that I have bought, I find flaws with all. My solution, drink it faster!! And there will always be splashes and spills, just wear dark colors and enjoy your coffee aroma!

  17. This story cracks me up everytime I come to your blog!! LOVE your other blog too!!
    You are so sweet! I had a nice Easter, we worked on the house, next year we will be able to relax (as long there is no shooting range!) Hope your doing great and enjoying this beautiful weather!! Hugs, Annette

  18. Been there! I started drinking coffee about 6 months ago...I found my perfect coffee mug and had that "grown-up" moment as well. My first awesome mug sprung a leak. Sad day. The replacement is working out quite well, though. But my problem is on the days that I forgotten said perfect mug at work. My backup is a super ginormous big-chug mug. I pour it into a regular mug at stop lights. Not a great system, I know. :)

  19. love this... I'm a coffee girl too... totally loved this... it's me all over the place!! tfs!{[hugs}} Michelle


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