Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Oldie but a REAL Goodie

I've mentioned how much I've been working out lately. I've also mentioned how much fun I'm having. As I see it, when it stops being fun, Lisa stops doing it. So I work hard to make my hard work enjoyable. This week finds me wanting to mix things up a bit. I've been torturing myself (yeah, I consider torture fun) on the treadmill, pumping significant amounts of iron, spinning up a sweat, and punching my way through a few high energy kick-boxing, dance inspired videos. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite workout but if I was strong-armed into doing so, I would have to pick kick-boxing. If done properly, it has incredible cardio benefits and gives you abs to be envied. I would be stretching the truth more than a little to say I have developed envied abs, but the changes to my mid-section are more than noticeable. And I'm liking the results. I'm even considering the fact I might be able to trade in the muumuu for a bona-fide bikini this year when pool season rolls around.

The past few weeks I've focused on running. While running is great for the lungs and legs, your abs aren't exactly targeted. Last night as I was contemplating how I would spend my hour+ workout time, I stumbled across some old workout videos in my enormous video library. As a side note, I should share I am a workout video junkie. If they made it, I think I've owned it. From Richard Simmons Sweatin' To The Oldies (*cringe* and *double cringe*) to Jane Fonda's leg-warmer required videos, to the latest Beach Body Power 90 craze. I have them all and they are neatly lining the shelves of a storage unit in my mini workout room at home. It was here that I found my new source of fun.

Who out there remembers this?:

That's right, baby! Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo! Back in the day when this was the latest and greatest, I struggled to get through the basic video. I always thought I was in decent shape and could prove it by doing any video thrown at me. But this one was my Achilles heel. It kicked my butt every single time! I finally moved onto the next craze and gave up. Mr. Blanks had gotten the best of me.

When I came upon these videos last night, I was feeling rather strong and adventurous. Having forgotten just how bad of an ass-kickin' I got from the basic level, I decided to head straight for the advanced version. I slipped the video out of it's box and fired up the VCR. Yes, I still own one. For all you young readers, a VCR is the predecessor to the DVD player. We dinosaurs own dinosaur equipment.

It started out well, but half way through I began to have flash-backs of my former attempts to hang with the big boy. My cocky little self had been certain I could master the Tae-Bo king's advanced routine. I even wondered if I might be wasting my time for fear it wouldn't be challenging enough. Bah! Did I ever get knocked down a notch or two! It was a sweat session unlike any I've ever experienced. With each punch I threw and each kick I kicked, sweat was slung across the room. Kinda gross to be telling you this, but I know you guys want all the gory little details. LOL! I suppose my recent efforts have paid off. I was able to complete the workout. It wasn't easy but I did it.

Today? Well, today, I am feelin' it. My bum is seriously talking to this ol' girl tellin' me I've tapped long dormant muscles that really didn't want to be awakened. And each time I have to go tinkle, my cheeks let out a nice little scream. Sore buns and porcelain don't exactly get along. I must say, it feels so good to hurt so bad! I am such a freak! I think I will continue to go retro with my workouts. Maybe tonight I will pull my hair back with a scrunchy, add a head band and pop Jane Fonda into the VCR. I would don my leotard, leg warmers and tights but I was smart enough to dispose of those several years ago. Just the other day I came across an old photo of me in such a get-up.

I laughed until I cried.

And then I burned it!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Peace out! -L

P.S. For those who are wondering about my date...it went really well. He seems to be a nice guy and a cute one to boot. Is he Prince Charming? It's too soon to tell, but I'm not ready to toss him back into the frog pond just yet! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh you make me laugh...I wish I knew where that video was...I think I burned it!!!! So the kick boxing works on the abs...now does it she ponders....hmmmm..now I am intrigued...what do you work out to with the kick boxing

    So glad the bum is hurting...that means it is working!!!!!

    So glad to hear that the date went well...I was wondering how things turned out!!!

    You go girl, and I am sorry to say I will not be able to visit...unless you promise to start eating tons of sweets before my arrival!!! :-)

    Love ya sweet friend and have a great week!!!

  2. You do make me laugh!! I also remember those aerobic classes taken in lycra & legwarmers! But I have to say you have more zeal for excercise than I do...as hard as I try & as good as I feel afterwards...I can still so easily find a reason to get out of going to gym, class, pool etc etc...so much kudos to you!! Hope your muscles stop screaming soon...I have a vision of you lowering yourself gently on to the loo!!! LOL!!!

    Glad to hear the date went well..enjoy!!

  3. You had me laughing, sweat all over the place.
    I didn't know you had a date. Good for you!
    Have a great week Lisa! Hugs!

  4. So, I'm a dinosaur, eh?? Well, this dinosaur just got carded last night, thank you very much!! And yes, to give proof of my dino card, I do indeed own a VCR that is even hooked up to a tv!! :> lol

    YOU crack me up, woman!! :> I remember that Billy Blanks.....I used to do his ~short~ routine...oh, um, about fifteen years ago! Now??? I probably couldn't get through the first minute of it! When you said you are going to go retro for your workouts, I said aloud (my wee girl is standing next to me) that you & Jane Fonda are likely to be friends next.........and then I read the rest of the paragraph.........and then I laughed OUT LOUD!!! Thanks!! :>

    Glad you don't have to toss your date into the frog pond! Best of luck! :>

    Hope you are having a fantastic day, Lisa!!


  5. LOL, I just love the way you write Lisa! I have that video too by the way! My old butt really needs to find it!

  6. Oh, I love Billy Tae Bo!!!
    My mom and I used to do that when they first came out. I am glad that you had a good date..
    You should have fun...do what YOU want

  7. hehehehehehe...I remember those videos...and YAY that the date went good! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Oh that good old Tae Bo!!!
    It brings me back to the day I hit myself on the nose while doing that fist roll or what ever you call it...and I never worked out again :D :D :D
    So glad to hear that your date went good : )

  9. Such a funny story - I laughed so much (your poor butt muscles). xx

  10. I was wondering....about the date :-) Keep me posted lol!!! You workout tires me out just reading about it! If I did what you do I wouldnt just be sore...I'd be on a streacher heading for the hospital lol!!!!

  11. You go girl!!! I want your secret to staying soooo motivated!! I'm having a hard time getting downstairs and unfolding the treadmill again! And I am paying for it big time!! I need a good start and a way to stick with it. Hopefully reading your wonderful success stories will get me there!! OOO, I own those Billy Blanks on dvd, they are killers!!

  12. What a great post... I love it... I've been trying to get into exercising again... I use to love it... now all I think of is when will it be over... I have all those tapes too... will have to pull them out and see if there's something to inspire me to enjoy it again... as for Billy... did it once and won't ever do it again... too much for me... the your description of the buns and porcelain pretty much sums up why I won't attempt it again... I remember that all to well... it's a killer... ugh!!! And the date??? It's hard finding Mr.PrinceCharming... who's perfect JUST FOR YOU... but he's out there... I know it took me 43 years to find mine... all I can say is have fun... you'll know if it's right...

    Have a lovely weekend!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  13. HA!!! I do remember the butt kickin' Billy Blanks but I will not be subjecting my rear end to that anytime soon. However you have reminded me of the Carmen Electra Stripper videos from a few years ago. Hmm....do I admit I have them? Crap, I just did.

  14. Okay, so I know I haven't been around much lately, but I did think I knew a lot about you by now ... but I had no idea you were a work-out fanatic!!!! I so admire people who have the will to work out, I still don't know if I'm just weak in character or just simply lazy, but I never seem to be able to keep something like that up. In the past I have started working out a few times, but always bailing out after a few times as well. Sorry to say it shows too ... Ah well, there's always tomorrow (I'll bet you that will be on my grave stone LOL).
    Off to see what else I've missed Lisa. I'm having some more extra time these day, so be ready for one of my monster emails one of these days ...
    Love xxx Peggy


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