Wednesday, April 14, 2010


...I was wondering. Do you think a DA and jury of my peers would show mercy and reduce my sentence should I "off" my boss? I'm thinking mercy would be in order as it would certainly be a "mercy" killing. The kind of mercy where everyone who knows Mr. Boss Man goes, "Oh Mercy Me! Someone should have done that YEARS ago!"

In all seriousness, I truly love the guy. But today, let's just say I don't like him so much. He's one of those people (see THIS post) who needs to contradict your every word. Me wrong. Him right. No matter the subject. Even if I regurgitate his words verbatim, I'm told I'm wrong. Wouldn't be a problem except I've been creating loan restructuring agreements per his specifications the past few days. I'm beginning to develop bald spots where I'm pulling my hair out... slowly... painfully... while growling and calling him not-so-nice names under my breath. The final straw came when I typed his hand written notes EXACTLY as he wrote them and was told "Huh-ney! You just don't have a clue, now do you?"

Hmmm, wonder if he has a clue of the hidden dangers of telling a stubborn, over-achieving, hot-tempered, perfectionist she doesn't have a clue? I'm just sayin'...


  1. I know what you mean! Been there.I don't work there anymore and he has retired at an early age. Besides being stuburn, he was realy nice.Hope tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. Oh you....don't pull that beautiful hair out...go have a DRINK!!!! You deserve one!!!

    Love ya!!!!

  3. I agree with Jocelyn!!! I feel the same about mine!

  4. Oh Lisa! Do NOT pull out your hair...then he'll have something to make fun of you for ;oP

    JUST KIDDING!! But seriously, he's a he's just doing that "I'm smarter than any woman" guy thing! Shake it off, have a drink, and remember how smart you really how CLUELESS he actually is :)


  5. Okay, Lisa, I think I'm with Jocelyn, 'cause I so hear a cocktail calling your name!!! And maybe sport a new hairstyle via a sassy wig...then all's good if you pull on that. :> Quite honnestly.....I'd probably have an issue with the 'Huh-ney' (that's most likely due to living in politically correct land for so long).........then again, I don't think anyone would want to cross me if I were told I didn't have a clue. Thank goodness you have a fantastic sense of humor....and your blog!!! Now, where's your cocktail?!?!! :>:>


  6. WOW...not a clue huh?! Who says that to ppl. I actually had someone tell me something similar to that when I started my job but it was an IT guy who I was told to call because he knew the program I was working on that was giving me trouble. I was new, fresh out of college, first major job. And he made me cry with the words he said to me. I thought I was going to get fired from my boss since the IT guy was telling me I didnt know what I was doing! So i hid my tears from everyone else and the next day had the same problems with the program.

    Boss told me to call said IT guy again! I said, "Um I dont think thats such a good idea" I told him what the guy said to me and my boss called him up and reamed him a new a**!!! Then, guess what it turned out there was a clitched with the program and thats why I kept having the same problem!!! WASNT ME!! Said IT guy never spoke to me that way again! :)

    Hope your boss gets a clue! And that you have a better day.

  7. LOL!!! U crack me UP!!! If he is always right....try having an indepth convo about 28 day cycles...and then see if HE knows it ALL!! LOL LOL LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. OMG@!!!! I had a boss just like that once... UGH... I say don't pull your hair out, have a little umbrella drink... the world will be ok then.

  9. It must be an international thing! Back in the day I had a boss who used to be such a chauvenist & in meetings I would suggest something & get no response & then a few seconds later he would suggest exactly the same thing & the whole board room would be filled with a chorus of 'Great Idea' from my male colleagues. Luckily Motherhood rescued me from the possibilty of a life sentance for murder!!

    Your boss sounds as if he's stuck in a time warp & I cannot imagine being able to contain my temper if I was spoken to in that manner!!! But...don't give him the satisfaction of knowing he's getting to you...can't you slip some laxative in his tea or something?!!! :)

  10. I feel for ya girl!! Starting a new job on Monday, sure hope I don't run into a boss like that. For the most part, I have always had great bosses. sounds like he needs an a chip knocked off his shoulder. Hang in there!!


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