Thursday, September 15, 2011

Faith Defined

Faith can be a difficult thing to define. Then again, it can be quite simple. In a nutshell, faith is nothing more than a belief in something. Yet for me, it goes far beyond that. Faith is what gets me through each day. It is the guiding light that fills all the dark times. It provides the power that propels me forward when I feel like giving up. Without faith, I would be nothing.

Sometimes I get my inspiration for posts from the most unexpected places. The catalyst for this one came from an episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker". Okay. Okay. So I just admitted to watching some skanky TV. But believe it or not, a very powerful statement came from last week's marathon. (Ahem...I watched 3 episodes ...back to back...followed by an episode of "Dance Moms". .. and I would have watched "Russian Dolls"... but I had to work the next day and it was getting late. No need to judge me over my viewing choices...I already judge myself harshly enough...umkay?)

One of the millionaires was actually a nice guy. Unlike the other sex-crazed, douche bag featured, this guy seemed to have his shizz together. When Patti was quizzing him with regard to his preferences, he divulged past hurts. We could see ...and feel...the wounds of his broken heart. It was a totally "awww" moment. A rather unpredictable "sweetness" for a show that can most often crude.

Then it happened. That knock-me-off-my-seat moment when a statement was made that caused a million light bulbs to go off in my head at once. Thank goodness for Ti-Vo as I had to replay the sentiment over and over lest I heard wrong. It was "Millionaire Matchmaker". No way in the world something this profound could be found amongst the smut. Yet there it was. An "aha" moment wrapped up in a neat little trash-TV package. This is the thought shared by the wounded, wealthy man.

"Don't pray for one to love. Pray to be ready for them when they come."

Now I'm not saying the likes of Patti Stanger is out there peddling faith wielding promos with her prime-time spot but I found this to be pretty inspiring. It is in keeping with the way my prayers have been going of late. Yes, people, even repulsive-but-sucks-you-in-anyway reality TV can offer a pearl of wisdom every now and again.

You see, a few weeks ago, I felt like my prayers were on auto-pilot. A feeling I often get. I seemed to be asking for the same things over and over again. I was getting tired of hearing myself so I knew God couldn't help but be bored to tears. However, nothing had changed. My requests were the same. Then one day as I began my litany of petitions, a thought hit me... right between the eyes. God heard me the first time I made my requests. And the second. And the third. And so on. And so on. What if I just accepted that He would answer my prayers in the way He sees fit... which is what I want anyway... and simply thank Him for what He is going to do?

In advance.

Because I believe in answered prayer and stuff like that.

You know...kinda like putting my faith to the test.

Scripture states the only way to make God happy is to have faith in Him. To trust Him. To seek Him. To believe He will never forsake those who seek Him. Well...not to sound all pious and such ...but I felt I had the "seeking" part down. What was missing was the faith. The belief that He will bring good things. That even in my darkest days when no answers are to be found, He is there offering hope that only comes from Him. He can and will bring me peace. People, I should know this! I've lived it this past year. Yet, there I was, not taking that additional "leap of faith".

Now much of my prayer time is praise time. And my days are much brighter as a result. I still have requests and I continue to seek Him in all things. But those circumstances that require time and patience are handled differently. I lay them out and let them go. Then I transition to a state of gratitude. Do I know how God will answer my prayers? Not at all. Do I believe He will? You bet. Just like the statement from the millionaire of last week's viewing pleasure, I'm no longer focused on asking for what I want. I now yearn to have a heart that is prepared to receive what is to come. For I know He has plans for me.

So I ask to be ready.

I thank Him in advance.

And life couldn't be better.

So tell me...what do you do to get out of a prayerful rut? Do you find it easy or difficult to believe God hears you?


  1. Love this Lisa! :):):):):) And I find it easy to believe... awesome post my friend! :):):):):):):):):)

  2. So glad to have you back in the blogging world Lisa and happy to hear you are doing so well. I was sitting here in my craft room and had the sudden desire to visit your blog. So glad I did as I've been in a rut myself and needed a reminder of what's important, thank you!


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