Monday, September 12, 2011

A Resurrection

Hello, dear blog friends! I'm back and oh how I've missed you! Life is finally returning to a somewhat normal state...depending on how you define I felt it high time I jump back on the blogging bus.

As you would assume, so much has happened during my time of silence. Much of it would be deemed blog worthy and then some of it not so much. For those who have been long time blog friends, you know I rarely label anything off limits when it comes to sharing here. Let's face it, a girl who writes about her fat feet, over-grown breasts, a nightmarish exam of her lady parts and random marathon pee sessions...well...I guess you could say there ain't much left to deem "private". But the journey I've been on has left me in a foreign land. One where I'm not sure of my feelings let alone understanding how to share them. One where fear, pain, hope and overwhelming gratitude reside side by side. I've been dwelling in a land of rediscovery... running in circles trying to settle into this "new world". I would be lying if I said the transition has been easy. But I can promise it has been worth the struggles.

The original purpose of this blog was to simply write about the changes brought about by children fleeing the nest and learning to navigate those changes as a single girl. That time of "life change" is over. Another curve ball called cancer was thrown my way. As the "c" devil came crashing in everything else seemed less important. It felt as if my old life was dead. So I buried it. Along with this blog. has been resurrected. I'm on the other side. Living in a new world. And I want to share. So I'm resurrecting this spot in cyber space. I'm back with new stories. New insight. New perspectives. I hope you all will follow along as there is nothing to make a "new land" feel more like home than visits from old friends.

Happy Monday to you! Hope to see ya around!


  1. I am so very very very glad you are back sharing! I can't wait to read the new stories !I will surely be following. Hugsxx

  2. Yay...doing the happy dance to see you back again!! Looking forward to all the new stories you have to share & enjoying your 'penmanship' skills once more! {{Hugs}} :)

  3. Welcome back, Lisa!! We've missed you, but obviously understand that life had you in other directions. I'm sure you have lots of tales to share with us and I'm happy to come by! :>

  4. I read this post and I hear hope! Renewed faith and excitement! You are amazing!

  5. Welcome back my love! I have missed you! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. well hello beautiful! I have missed you too! I can't wait for this blog to have some clever stories and fun times shared. So glad you are blogging again. I really have missed you!


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