Monday, June 25, 2012

She's A Star

Last summer Keri found herself knee deep in Math courses at UGA. Super high level Math courses.

Math courses that would give me nightmares.

And I'm pretty good at numbers.

But that is beside the point. The summer session was overwhelming to the point of becoming life consuming. Keri is an excellent, focused student so she weathered it well but it still left a mark. One she will always carry with her.

During the first days of classes, one professor issued instructions for a project. He emphasized his high expectations, even apologizing to those who had to present their projects first as they wouldn't have the benefit of extra time to prepare. Wouldn't you know, Keri not only had to present her's on the first day of presentations, she was chosen as the first presenter.

The pressure was on.

With only a few days to prepare, she put her creative thinking cap on and came up with this video. She wanted to find a way to share her knowledge of a famous Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. The end result was this amazing video. It made me laugh yet made me proud. I've wanted to share since last year. As a way of celebrating her graduation, I thought it high time I let you in on my girl's off-the-wall approach to learning.

Here is the link should the embedded video not work.

If ever there was a question as to whether or not we are related, this video proves the mother/daughter connection. We both like to be unique. We both take chances....even if it means we don't always seem "normal".

By the way, her video was a memorable mega-hit! Not only did she receive a perfect score and high praise, her professor used it at a conference as an example of creative teaching methods. Pretty cool...don't ya think?


  1. That's AWESOME!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!! And YAY for the high marks!!!

  2. Just shows what thinking laterally can do! love it...showed my 'newly qualified teacher' hubby & he was most impressed! TFS...she really is a star! :D

  3. Loved it! "Normal" is boring!

  4. i am extra impressed that you published this at 7am:)


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