Friday, June 29, 2012

Ummm...Yeah...Like, What's Up?

Welcome to my new, old home place. I did a little remodeling around here. I've been having way too many issues getting my new WordPress site up and running. Actually, there are only a few issues. The problem is, I haven't taken the time to research a solution. My time spent Googling (did "Google" just become a verb???) for a resolution has left me scratching my head and throwing my hands up in the air. Rather than waste any more time running in circles, I decided to purge the prattle in my head here at my old residence and I eased the itch for something new with a quick design redo.

Truth be told, Friday afternoons are THE worst for me at work. By 3:00 pm, my head has already left for the weekend. I usually leave mundane chores like sorting and filing for the final 2 hours of my work week.

This week?

I decided playing around on Blogger would be way more fun.

Hope you all like the new look. Couldn't help but include a sunrise in my header. Nothing better to symbolize the awesome potential a new day brings...

Wishing you a most wonderful weekend!!!

Be back soon! - Lisa


  1. Loving the new has a definite magazine cover feel to it...Ive always said you should have a magazine column, maybe this a step in the right direction!!! ;D


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