Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today I crown myself the Queen of CYA...

Not to be confused with the CIA.

Although being connected to the CIA would add spice to my life.


Ah, but I am merely chief matriarch of the CYA club.

You know...

That art form otherwise known as Covering Your Ass.

I earned the title totally out of necessity...

Because I am the only woman working with a few super huge male egos.

The kind of men that can do no wrong...

And ALWAYS blame all wrong doings on the token girl.

In other words...

Everything that goes wrong is my fault.

Everything that goes right is attributed to their savvy skills.

On second thought, I am more like the Queen of CMA...

I only cover my OWN ass.

Those know-it-all men's asses are no concern of mine.



  1. Being a man myself, (and I can tell by the look in your words this may not be the best time to admit that), I'd like to apologize for men's asses everywhere.
    ...except for where you work of course, those poor bast**ds are on there own...

    A fan...(and I take FULL responsibility for any mis-spellings in my comment).

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks but no worries. This was just my way of finding humor in an annoying situation. Hope you are well and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Julie! Hope you have a blessed day with your family!


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