Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Day Journey Toward Thankfulness

Well hello there. Seems November has hit me out of nowhere and I now find myself 14 days into a month delegated to giving thanks. Facebook status mayhem has been in full swing since November 1st with daily posts from friends and family sharing the things that make their lives sweeter.

Since it is more than obvious I can't post consistently here on the old blog, I figured there wouldn't be much point in trying to do a daily "thankful" Facebook post. I looked into my crystal ball and saw an epic fail staring back at me, all the while taunting me with a gut busting guffaw. Yet I refuse to be one who misses an opportunity to show gratitude for the abundant blessings that flood my life.



I am jumping in mid-month with my list of 30 things for which I'm grateful. It makes for a ridiculously lengthy post but it also makes my life easier by allowing me to corral all things awesome into one spot. Since it is my blog, I chose the easy-for-me route.

Many things on my list are the obvious things everyone holds near and dear. But that doesn't make them less important. I should...and often do... acknowledge my gratitude for these things daily. Not just once a year. The other things? Well...they are simply things that make me smile.

1. FAITH. This word is the most powerful word in my vocabulary. Unable to pinpoint from whence it comes, it continues to be an ever present source of strength. I consider it a choice of sorts. A desire to believe my God is in control. Rather than doubt in times of trial, my faith brings me hope. What bigger blessing can there be?

2. FAMILY.  I am fortunate to live in close proximity to my family members. We stay in constant contact yet we all live independent lives. My family is not without our crazy and sometimes scary skeletons...all of which we work to keep chained inside the "closet"... yet we share a bond that few are fortunate enough to experience. We know each others deepest, darkest secrets but choose to love each other in spite of them. Our loyalty runs deep. There is great comfort in knowing you have a clan of people who have your back at all times.

3. CHILDREN. Sure, my son and daughter are technically family. But they deserve a spot all their own on my gratitude list. These two are the most precious people to ever enter my world. As parents we don't always like our children and it is a certainty that if we are doing our jobs they won't always like us. But the love factor is always in play. And I love my boy and girl more than life itself! They have brought me sleepless nights, endless smiles, gray hairs, pride filled moments, frustration I never knew existed and joy that makes my heart burst.

4. FRIENDS. Girl friends. Guy friends. Friends who are family. Friends who are near. Friends who are far. Friends make my world go round.

5. HEALTH. I never truly appreciated what it meant to be a generally healthy person until I realized I wasn't. Trust me, I won't take my well being for granted again.

6. WORK. I growl and grumble about the annoyances my 9 to 5 brings but I cannot lie. I like what I do and I love the guys I work with. Being the only girl in the joint makes me a good way.

7. My HOME. Not my house. My home. It is my sanctuary, my respite, my haven.

8. TRANSPORTATION. Dependable. Safe. A pretty cool (even if I do say so) means of getting where I'm going.

9. FOOD. Good, clean, healthy, food. And the occasional hot dog, slice of pizza or slice of pie that makes its way past my lips and onto my hips.

10. WATER. Cool, delicious water for drinking. Heated, relaxing water for bathing. Ahhh!

11. NEIGHBORS. Where I come from, neighbors are as good as family.

12. EXERCISE. For me...exercise works out the kinks and all my aggression. What? Can't a girl admit to being a little hostile from time to time?

13. CHOCOLATE. I suppose I should have listed 12 and 13 in reverse order seeing as how I need number 12 to offset number 13's ability to make my ass grow.

14. PICTURES. While my memories live in my heart, pictures bring them to mind. Which leads to being thankful for...

15. My CAMERA. I may not understand the technical side of photography but I'm lucky enough to own a camera that has some bells and whistles that will allow me to day...when I slow down...yes...that day. In the meantime, I will use my big girl camera on auto, or semi-auto (not the proper term but you know what I mean) to capture the memories. I also have an easy to use point-and-shoot that was always in my purse but it went AWOL during my move. Until it decides to show itself, the camera on my phone is a good stand-in.

16. INSURANCE. Many do not have it. I have certainly needed it. Most thankful for it.

17. These North Carolina MOUNTAINS. No matter where I travel, the second these majestic mountains come into view, I know I'm home.

17. SUNSHINE...on my shoulders, makes me happy.

18. RAIN. Yes, I did just type rain.

19. MUSIC. I can't remember artists' names or song titles and I totally butcher the lyrics of every song I try to sing. And let's not EVEN go near the fact I can't sing for shit. But music is powerful. It reaches deep into my soul and embraces every emotion I've ever felt. It can make me laugh and/or cry. It has soothed me as I've stumbled through heartbreak hell and given me strength to motor on when I didn't really want to. It's amazing what music can do!

20. My IPOD and PANDORA. Yes, with item #20 on my list you get 2 for the price of 1. Sue me. But I must mention the marvels of modern technology that allow me to find/take music with me where ever I go. Speaking of which, I must also express my thankfulness for...

21. TECHNOLOGY. Some may consider me a slave to it. Others may go so far as to slap me with the label of an addictive personality....which could possibly be true.  Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the heavy hitters in my online obsession. And let us not forget what a time suck Google can be. Ummm...yes...I think I have a problem. But I don't want to admit it....although I just did. For now, I will live in the land of denial. Amazon, anyone?

22. My fat ASS. I'm always on a mission to rid myself of this load of lard otherwise known as my tushy, but if I'm truly honest, I must admit it is a symbol of something a twisted sort of way. It proves I'm lucky enough to indulge...on more than one occasion. I never have to worry about where my next meal will come from. While I skirt the edges of gluttony, many across the world are starving. I'm embarrassed to admit to this truth and more than aware I should count my blessings rather than complain when I have it so good. A fat ass equals a bountiful table.

23. Good HAIR. Don't think I'm bragging by flaunting the fact I have good hair.. I'm as far from conceited as one can get. Besides, most of the credit goes to my hairdresser who just so happens to be my sister. But there is nothing like running around for months on end as a baldy to make you appreciate a full head of hair, be it gray, colored or somewhere in between. While I'm at it, I should also pay homage to the chore of shaving. Never thought I would be thankful for leg stubble but I suppose that "cold day in hell" came the day chemo claimed every hair on my body.

24. SUSHI. I'm realizing much on my list revolves around food. I can't help it. It's almost lunch time and my stomach is growling. As of 4 short years ago, I called sushi, Shoo-shi. I hated it. Even though I had never tried it. The idea of raw fish triggered my gag reflex and made me want to hurl. is my all time favorite food. Go figure.

25. FREEDOM...a blessing with a high price paid by others. I'm humbled and beyond grateful for the lives sacrificed to provide, protect and defend my privilege to live freely.

26. FAIRY TALES. Yes, I still believe in them although I've learned to temper them with a hefty dose of reality. I know my White Knight exists and he will eventually find his way to me...even if he comes cloaked in rusted armor, riding in on a limping old nag. He will be mine. And I will be his. And we shall live happily ever after.

27. INDEPENDENCE. I'm really good at being independent. I don't need someone to take care of me. Being single for so long makes me ever so glad I'm a git-er-done kind of girl.

28. LAUGHTER. I will never, ever, ever, never get how anyone can get through any day without a good laugh or two. Not judging. Just wondering...possibly in a judgmental sort of way.

29. COFFEE. Another admitted addiction. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be worried about myself....

30. My PAST. It isn't pretty. There are gaping holes where hurts have left their mark. Scars and insecurities exist. But bucket loads of learning has come from where I've been.

I'm well aware my list is....shall we say... unusual? I'm also aware I stand to be judged for some of the items I've listed. This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is merely some of the really big things that matter along with some of the smaller things that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. It is meant to show I'm a silly girl at times. One who loves the nothingness that makes up her world but also one who never loses sight of what truly matters.

So how about you help a girl out and keep me from feeling totally lame (good luck with THAT one). Share a random something that you are grateful for today. The more ridiculous the better. In fact, I challenge you to trump my thankfulness for my fat arse!

P.S. Throughout this post I've linked up stories I've shared to show just how much these "things" play a role in my life. Once upon a time many proved to be blog worthy. If you think you can handle an extra dose of "me", click on through and hopefully enjoy. Until next time... -L


  1. Numbers 22 and 24, does it get any better than those...?

    Ancora una volta, ben fatto

    Un ventilatore

    1. Number 24...without question. Number 22? Depends on whether you are referring to MY hind quarters or over-sized posteriors in general. Either way, thanks for your comment. :-)

  2. There aren't too many that wouldn't be on my list. Maybe in a different order. love reading your blog

    1. I suppose I should have mentioned these are in no certain order. prioritize my list would be SO hard. Thanks for taking the time to read and know I am truly grateful to be able to call you friend!

  3. Lisa,
    1 thru 10 I am right there with ya, Although you state is so much more elequently. I start to go off course with number 12.. I think your number 22 is definetly a symbol of something Good!! :)

    The top 3 for me are 1)Faith - Without that as are rock everything else cracks. 2)Family - They are the driving inspiration for me, and am grateful every day that they are apart of my life. and 3) Friends - The give me support thru my daily life, and help keep a smile on my face. My friends allow me to be myself and share a laugh (Be it at me or with me!). I am also so very thankful that I can consider you in my category 3!

    If I could find the right horse and perfect outfit I would be glad to help out with #26. You know I love to dress up! LOL


    1. Oh my! Dear TP...yes, you do give new meaning to the term "dress up"! LOL! Ever so glad we are friends! Love you!

  4. Wonderful Blog today....loved all the items listed!!!! I agree with them all except for sushi....still cannot get addicted to raw fish!!! Love ya girlie!!! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. No worries about the sushi, dear lady. I eat enough of that for the both of us. LOL! Also wishing you a Thanksgiving full of food, fun, laughter and all things wonderful! Love you much!!!

  5. I love it Lisa!! And I think it is the first post to your blog that only made me laugh and smile! ( no tears) and that is a good thing!! :-)

  6. I love, love, love, love this post and your gratitude list. It humbles me to hear your words and see your heart shown here ... Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lisa!!

  7. Loved the list. Seriously doubt the fat ass part though. And let's just say, I'd be a LOT hostile if it weren't for exercise & chocolate! Well... and wine too. LOL


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