Monday, February 4, 2013

Sights and Sounds From My Morning Commute

Most of the time my life is so crazy I never know what's going to happen at any given moment. But a few constants can be found if I look hard enough. While driving to work last week, I realized my morning commute is more or less the same each and every work day. Here is a peek into what can be seen and heard along the way.

Songs blaring from the radio

My way off-tune sing-along to said songs complete with botched lyrics.

Rear view mirror glances to inspect morning makeup application.

Side ways glances to see who has witnessed makeup touch-ups.

Seated dance moves and head bobs...occasionally to the actual beat of a song.

Additional glances to see who might be watching.

Shoulder shrug stating "Who cares?"

Phone chats with sister, mother and/or friend.

Banana peel or zone bar wrapper in cup holder.

Water bottle sticking out of my purse.

Three minute search for lip gloss.

Stop lights used for checking email.

Verbalized mental check lists.

Beautiful mountains.

Heavy traffic.

Crazy drivers.

Abruptly lit tail lights from abruptly stopped (for no apparent reason) vehicles.

Curse words shouted by me to these Sudden Stop wackos.

Pleasantries spoken by me to me.

Criticisms muttered by me to me.

Affirmations and rationalizations issued from me to me.

Spoken prayers.

Clock showing I'm late...



  1. I can relate to so much of this 'in car' activity...but please Lisa...don't use the phone while driving! So dangerous...unless you're hands free of course!! :D

    1. No worries Sandi. I only check my phone while sitting at stop lights. I do have a voice to text feature I've used from time to time. But it must not be equipped to translate "mountain girl" language. Either I need a new and improved phone or I need to learn to speak Spanish. Ha!


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