Monday, December 10, 2012

Still Chasing The Dream

Once upon a time I wrote a post entitled "I Dreamed A Dream" where I wrote about my lifelong dream of becoming a photographer. Not a for-hire picture taker. Simply a photographer who takes pictures with heart.

To quote myself, "I want to be a photographer that captures life for myself and for those I know and love. I want the skill required to stop time with my photos and document emotions...relationships...feelings. I desire to create photographs with meaning...I want to snap photos that have people saying, 'awww'. Even if it is only those directly connected to the subject."

I'm not looking for a new career nor do I want to fill my downtime with photo shoots. But I've always had a fascination with photography, especially when it results in captured memories of loved ones.

This weekend I was given another opportunity to chase my dream. With camera in hand and little to no more camera knowledge than I previously possessed (which equals one degree above zero), I traveled to a remote farm to take photos of two young families.

Prior to our meeting yesterday, I had not spent time with them. I only know them through a family member. However, I know their stories. Stories of hope. Stories of heartbreak. Stories of love and determination. Sweet stories. Love stories. Stories to never forget.

Here are but a random few shots I got. I'm not even sure these are my favorites. We were having so much fun, I took well over 800 photos. Even after an initial purging process, I still have 798 photos to sort through. When you see how adorable these little ones are, you can see how tough it will be to weed through the rest.

Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday!

Until next time...


P.S. A wicked little demon that lives in my head is doing a good job of picking these images apart. The little shit is a I've tried to permanently evict from the premises but he "ain't" budging. To shut the sucker up, I'm posting my comments to him here for all the world to see..."Listen up! I KNOW these pictures aren't technically perfect! But I don't care! They are exactly what I wanted in terms of composition. So take that you sadistic bastard! Now go hide in some remote corner in my mind until I tackle my next project at which time I'm all too sure you will be back to harass the hell out of me." {insert me giving him the finger}

P.P.S. Abundant apologies for all the cursing. I can't seem to help myself....


  1. Lisa,
    I am here to tell you that if these pictures show that you have captured your dream.. They are great photographs! Just as you display beauty from infront of the camera, you have equally captured beuty from behind the camera!! You should be very proud of these photos! Great Job!!

    JZ (TP)

    P.S - Just let me know if you need any help kicking the little shit in your head that is the perfectionist! You need to tell make sure he knows that these pictures are aweome, and you can find hundreds of people who will put that shit in his Place!!!!

    1. Thanks are always one to support me no matter what. Your encouraging words have done a number on the "little shit". He shakes with fear when he sees your name! Love ya bunches!

  2. “The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate.”

    ~Agnes De Mille

    ...I feel ya.

    A Fan

    1. Being the creative sort, I'm sure you do...

  3. Great job Lisa!

  4. Ok.....I have some little ones that would love to be your wedding pictures are proof you do amazing ya...Daniella

    1. Hey girlfriend! You name the time and place and I will be there. I would LOVE to snap pics of your wee ones! It has been way too long! Time to get together and catch up! Love you back!!!

  5. Absolutely breathtaking!! What a wonderful job you did! Something I wish I could do as well, but have't taken that plunge yet! Keep it up, you're a natural! Good to "see" you again, I've been lurking and very busy, but just had to let you know how wonderful these are. Miss you!!

  6. You tell that little demon to take a hike!! This is a wonderful collection of 'honest' photo's...not staged, edited ideals...I know your subjects must be thrilled with what you've taken here, even if your little demon tries to tell you otherwise! Keep chasing that dream!! {{Hugs}} :D xx

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