Monday, February 2, 2009

He is so worth it!!!

Take a look at my guy and tell me if it wouldn't be worth it to you. These days I feel as if I never have time for anything. I begin my "daily grind" at 5:30 am, getting up to workout before leaving for the office. After spending the day crunching numbers, shuffling papers and trying to keep my boss happy, I come home, shuffle more papers, crunch more numbers, do laundry, occasionally cook dinner, crash and start all over again. Nothing unusual there...that's the story of most folks. Living the life of a wage earner through the week and then using the weekend to catch up on household chores, rest, socialize and otherwise restore some form of individuality to a work-worn soul.

Being in a long distance relationship changes all that. First comes the loss of time commuting. For me, that means I lose 6 waking hours every weekend to the interstate...3 hours each way. Surprisingly we have been doing this for over 2 years and we have spent very few weekends apart. I was shocked to realize that added up to over 700 hours driving time. There have been times when I go to Atlanta more often and other times Keith does more of the traveling. Then there are those times we go back and forth several times within a few days. All in all I guess it balances out to be fairly equal. Either way, that is a heck of alot of time behind the wheel.

The time together is incredible. We have the best time regardless of what we do. But the fact remains that someone is in "travel" from a suitcase and never being home. Right now, due to circumstances involving Morgan, I am doing most of the commuting. No complaints, just tired. This is when I get overly anxious for things to be be able to get married and get on with our life together. Being a family on the weekends then returning to solo-living through the week is challenging.

But this I know...God is in control. God has a plan. And God gave me this wonderful, loving, caring hunk of a man to make it worth the wait! So I'm here for the long haul...pun intended...because he is so worth it!!!


  1. What a cute couple!!! You are so right! God is in control! God does have a plan! Saying a prayer for you even now!!! Have a great day!!

  2. So glad that you stopped by my BLOG!!! What a cute couple and yes, I would be traveling to see him also!!!! Let's keep in touch!

  3. sounds like it's all worth it! you two make a gorgeous couple!


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