Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Challenge With Kim & An Award

Today is the day! Kim and I have finished our challenges for this month and I wanted to share. As a little reminder, we decided a few months ago to become challenge buddies in order to encourage each other to scrap more and in ways we may not have considered. We have been taking turns choosing the challenges and this time it was my turn. Here is the challenge I came up with:

Create a layout of your choice using a minimum of 3 patterned papers. Also include at least one handmade embellishment and incorporate some "cut work" into the layout. You have until the 15th of September to complete the layout.

I want to share Kim's layout first. Her layout is gorgeous.

I totally must try her hand-made embellishment. The purple hearts are hand-made...she used wet toilet paper over a stamp, let it dry and added glimmer mist. Is that not THE coolest idea! She hand cut the flower and actually used five patterned papers instead of three. I was so impressed with this one!

Now for mine. I took a completely different approach. While Kim's is elegant and beautiful, I went for a fun, cute approach.

I came across this photo of Taylor from many years ago. I couldn't believe I hadn't scrapped it yet.

My kiddos have always been extremely active...AND extremely accident prone. As you can see, Taylor is sporting a cast in this photo. Sadly enough, I can't remember why...there could have been a multitude of reasons as he had several casts over the years. Anyway, I have no idea what possessed him to cover himself in band-aids...who can ever guess why kids do the things they do...but this is how I found him one afternoon. He stayed like this for hours. LOL! The journaling reads: "funny how a cast can bring about the need to bandage EVERYTHING!"

Like Kim, I used 5 patterned papers. (Great minds must truly think alike. Ha!) I cut out the little dinosaurs/monsters and my accordion embellishment accounts for the hand-made item.

I look so forward to my challenges with Kim. No pressure...just pure scrapping fun. Can't wait to see what she has for us this month!!!

Before I go, I want to mention a lovely little award I received from a new blog pal, Brenda. I am not only honored, but humbled that she would think of me.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and here's hoping your Monday is a good one!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE both LO's!!!!! The colors JUST ROCK!!!!!!!!! Hope U feel better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Loving that layout, too bad you can't remember what happened to your son. How cool is it to have a friend to give you that creative push.
    Here to a wonderful week my firend!
    (((((BIG hugs)))))

  3. Adorable LO & I ♥ the handmade accordian/star! Isn't it funny how kids think that Band-aids help everything?! I'm always telling Bryn that a Band-aid will only help if there's actually BLOOD! lol! :-)

    Hope the back is feeling better after your crazy weekend! :-)

    Hugs ♥...

  4. Both LO's are gorgeous Lisa! I like the fun approach you took, no other way to go with a pic like that huh!
    xxx Peggy

  5. Beautiful layouts, great colors and I love the challenge of making handmade embellishments! Hope you had a great weekend are are enjoying this cooler weather.

  6. Both layouts are beautiful and that toilet paper idea is a good one! I'll have to try that! I love your fun monster-y layout! How fun to have a scrapping buddy!

  7. Great layouts- fun and clever ideas.

  8. That is a really fun layout! What a great idea to have a challenge buddy!

  9. Both of the layouts are great. How fun is that picture of Taylor. It made me giggle!


  10. I love that you scrapped this picture not even remembering the complete story. So fun! I have some pictures from college I should do that with but do I really want to go back that far?

  11. What is it with kids & Band-aids?!?
    We go through them like crazy in my house!

    A challenge buddy- what a great idea!


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