Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning to Love Myself...and a Give-away!

I have labeled 2009 the year of acceptance. Too many years have been wasted beating myself up over the most ridiculous things. Things like eating too many cookies, not exercising enough, watching too much mindless TV, lazing around when I should be cleaning the house, etc. Near the end of 2008 I had an epiphany. I came to the realization that no one is the boss of me. Who's to say 15 double-stuffed oreos are worse than 10. (The fact that I should not eat them in the first place is not up for discussion today. Like I said, no one is the boss of me.) I mean, come on. If you are going to eat them, enjoy them. Besides, total fat grams for 15 cookies is only slightly higher than 10 cookies. Why constantly walk around running mental math equations calculating total number of fat grams, weight watcher points and total calorie count. Yes my friends, I am a master of all three. I can't remember phone numbers, my mother's age or my children's social security numbers, yet I can give you the nutritional information...or lack there of...of most edible items. Geez, I can possibly even give them to you for several inedible items. I've been known to wake from a deep sleep recounting what I ate the day before, doing mathematical gymnastics to see if I fell within my daily calorie alotment. But I digress. The point here is that it is high time I learn to accept that I am human. That I am flawed. That I have strengths and I have weaknesses - just like every other human being. That I will never be a size 4 and that is OK. So I am taking a good hard look at those things which I have never really liked about myself and finding ways them.

Today I've decided to work on embracing the most random of things. My focus is in the area of vanity. Of course there are far more important and meaningful areas on which to focus, but this is where I choose to dwell. Again, no one is the boss of me. It is a particular body part that haunts me. No, it is not my ever-growing, gonna-be-bigger-than-the-broad-side-of-a-barn-if-I-keep-it-up backside. Truthfully, this girl has some junk in her trunk! Funny as it may seem, I'm over worrying about my tush. It is what it is. But there is one part of my anatomy that I cannot come to terms with. The secret anatomical bugger is...(drum roll please) feet! I have been blessed, or cursed, depending on how you choose to frame it, with "Fred Flintstone" feet! Laugh if you must, but for years I would concoct schemes to avoid showing my feet. The one and only time I wore sandals to high school, let's just say it's a wonder I didn't break my toes trying to curl them under so no one would see. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable walking! Sheesh! And despite my efforts to hide my ginormous toes, leave it to a smart-mouthed upper classman, who shall remain nameless (only because I can't remember his name) cracked a joke about them and proceeded to point them out to anyone and everyone who would dare take a gander. Sad, isn't it? *sigh*

But those days are over. It is time to embrace my lovely, little...uh, I mean big...piggies! I thought and thought about the best way to do this and I came up with a plan that I think will work. I am going to post a photo here on the ol' blog . Yes siree, I am going to throw them out there for all the world to see. And if I get a few snickers, so be it. Wonderful thing about communicating via the net...I don't have to hear the giggles. I can pretend that everyone is smiling and saying "Oh, they aren't that bad"...yeah, right!!!

So without further stalling on my part, I present to you the infamous "Fred Flintstone" feet!

May they continue to carry me through all that life has for me and from this day forth I pledge to love them for what they are...a super-strong, wide foundation for that super-wide, not-so-strong butt of mine!!!

And now for the give-away! I have an extra Key To My Heart kit from Close To My Heart that I would love to pass on to someone very special. The stamp set is one of my favorites. Sorry for the bad photo. I had to shoot at night with limited light. Even my new-fangled baby was struggling with this one.

In honor of this "loving thyself" attitude, I challenge you to leave me a comment letting me know what you have had to learn to accept about yourself. Don't be shy...ain't no one gonna long as no one shares with that loud-mouthed upper classman! You have until Sunday night at midnight to participate. Hope someone is able to top my fat feet...but I'm not holding my breath! And if you are one of those perfect people who has nothing wrong with you, please just make something up so the rest of us will feel better. OK?

Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!

***I have received a few emails letting me know that blogger is up to its old tricks and you may not be able to post a comment. If it won't allow you to leave a comment and you would like to participate in the give-away, please send me an email. Sorry for the inconvenience!***


  1. Lisa, I am so happy that I have found you!!! I just love your story telling and I just cracked up at the Fred Flinstone feet!!! You know what I always had a thing about my feet too. I have long skinny feet and I hate how my big toes look!!! Now I struggle with the LIP!! I had a oral surgeon make a mistake taking out a pin sized salivary gland and then had some more problems with scar tissue. I went to see a top Head and Neck doctor, who literally took half of my lip off, for what I will never know. I just had reconstruction done on it, but I must confess, it is ugly!!! I truly had the best lips! I had lips that women paid for and now the right side of my lower lip is just awful!!!! I see it and my family is supportive, but I tend to feel awkward in public. Since the surgery they have done more damage and it looks like I have a really fat lip!!! SOOOOO, this is the one of the many areas, that I feel self conscious about, but hey, what's a girl to do!!! I love the french manicure on the toes and hey, they really are NOT THAT BAD!!! You silly girl!!!! Have fun this weekend, I will praying that all goes well!!!

  2. Too funny! I would have to say I hate my fee also!

  3. lol at your story Lisa. I loved reading it. I would have to say I hate my feet as well. So love your manicure. My toe nails are so not that nice. Hey I may even be game enough and take a photo, putting it out there as well.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and your lovely comment. I'll be sure to pop back in again too.

  4. Lisa, please don't include me in the RAK, but I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your humor and your honesty on your blog. And go you with showing off your feet - I hope that felt liberating!! (and maybe that jerk from school is reading ;-)

  5. Oh Lisa, so funny..and really, your feet don't look bad to me...seriously..and Yes, I am an obsessor (spelling?) too and I've learned to let some things go..However,I've always been self conscious about my legs..I'm way self conscious about the cellulite on my legs/butt..I have it even when I'm down to a size 2/4 (and I am in no way that size right now)'s hereditary too, so no getting around it..and there will be no picture shared of that...I'm trying to get over it and trying to get my legs in the best shape they can be in, but I think I will always worry about that...

  6. Hi Lisa, firstly I popped in to say thanks for visiting my blog and oh-my, what a story, you made me laugh - ALOT!!!!

    and personally your feet are no larger than lots I've seen - LOL.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by "My Place". I love your new take on things. I've also made it a goal for 2009 to stop sweating the little things. I'd have to say that this year, I am learning to accept "me" even with all of the little imperfections. I figure, God made me in His image right?? :)

  8. Lisa, I think we are on the same journey this year...I, however, like my feet...but I have decided to "live my life" and to stop obsessing the little POINTS, and CALORIES and GRAMS...that will make me much skootch your tush and pass me the oreos please!

  9. I hate my teeth the most. I have this little black spot on my front tooth and I hate it. Im learning to let it go though, as I cant change it without replacing it with a fake one.

    I also hate my baby fat. I cant figure out how to drop it.

  10. I am disliking how my body is changing with age! My skin is much drier and losing that weight is much more difficult. Thank you for keeping me positive and I will join you in that oreo snack!!

  11. Lisa - your post is great!! You really made me smile and laugh! I needed this!

    Your feet are not bad and I am not just saying that! You are a funny girl to post that photo!!

    I have really gained alot of weight this past year - had some major surgery last summer and could do almost mothing for 3 months and being in my 40's - I gained and am having a heck of time losing it! I need too, but I also need to learn to love and accept myself....of course, I am working on the weight.....slowly, but surely it needs to come off.

    Take Care girl and wear those sandals proudly - you've got one awesome french pedicure!! ;-)

  12. I like your feet! And great pedicure! I fear Im doomed to have the wide hips that is infamous with the women in my family. It started when I hit 30, 4 years later it isnt getting any better! The camera I ordered is a Nikon D80! Im so excited! What did you get?


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