Friday, July 6, 2012

Fire In The Sky

Every sunrise ushers in a new day.

A day of abundant hopes, dreams and possibilities.

And every day's end brings a sunset...

A setting sun as unique as the day it is married to.

Some sunsets spread out in painted rays of orange and red...bold colors of vibrancy and warmth.

Others softly meld into the mountains. Quietly fading. Leaving no particular mark to signify days end other than the inky darkness brought by night.

Still others leave a skyline made jagged by the lofty landscape as it is enveloped by a sea of deep, dark blue... giving way to purple... easing into a vastness of pink. Creating a feeling of peace and serenity.

All are beautiful. All are unique.

However, every once and again, a setting sun will catch me by surprise.

Literally take my breath away.

Giving birth to a sunset so magnificent I can't help but stop and stare.

Photo taken with my phone. Oh how I wish I had had my camera.

It is this kind of sunset that fills the sky with fiery flames as the sun crashes into the horizon. Making a statement. Refusing to go quietly into the night.

As I watch with utter awe, I feel a stirring in my soul.

Just as the sun explodes in glorious color at day's end, I recount my moments and wonder.

Can I create a life that splendid?

In my own way, I want to live like the sun.

With a fiery spirit.

With a desire to make a difference.

To make a statement...

To spread warmth...

To leave a mark.

I want to create my own fire in the sky.

Tell me. Does the beauty of a setting sun speak to your spirit?


  1. I often find myself chasing the sunset on my drive home from work, trying hard to get home & grab my camera before the sun sinks completely below the horizon. Other times I can be seen hanging out of a bedroom window to catch the best angle....but no matter how many images I have captured in my digital hard drive, nothing beats just standing there enraptured by the glory of the perfect sunset! I love your post today Lisa & I'm sure you have already achieved all of the items on your checklist!! :D

  2. Beautiful photo and beautiful post Lisa!!

  3. What a wonderful post. And such a wonderful way to look at life. I would love to live like the sun.. I just love to go to the ocean and watch the sun sink down in the horizon. I always stop what ever I am doing just to take in its beauty..


  4. WOW what a fantastic sunset!! We very rarely get these but LOVE it when they grace my skies! Hope all is well Hugs, Char


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