Monday, August 6, 2012

A Day To Remember

Calendars are marked with days of importance. Some are annual celebrations. Some mark goals we are striving for. Some are big. Some are small. Some we remember. Some we do not.


Two years ago, I added another Day To Remember to my list. August 12, 2010. It was a Thursday. At approximately 6:00 pm that day-never-to-be-forgotten, I was told my life would drastically change.

That was the day cancer became part of my reality.

That day was the beginning of a journey that taught me how fragile life really is.

That was the day I learned how tough I really am.

That was the day I realized I'm actually not tough at all.

That was the day I learned how to truly let go and let God.

That was the day I was forced to say goodbye to the me I had always known only to become a better me.

I wrote specifics of that night HERE. So much has changed since that post. I wish with everything in me cancer had never come calling. But had it not, I would have missed the chance to grow. To learn. To be more.

Rather than dread the 2 year anniversary that is rapidly approaching, I want to celebrate. Life is good. It isn't the same and never will be again. But it is really, really good!

Won't you join me as I raise my glass to this journey called Life. With all its ups and downs, it is still a heck of a fun ride!!!

Cheers, my friends!


  1. That was the day that you thought you were not tough, and with good reason!! But when it came down to it, you showed all of us just how tough you really are! You showed so much strength and determination. I can not believe it has been two years already, but so glad that it has only gotten better with everyday that goes by!! Cheeers!!

    1. As I've said before but will never tire of saying, you were a great source of comfort and peace. You were always there with a kind and supportive words and I always felt your prayers and good thoughts. Thanks for being such an amazing friend!

    2. You are so very welcome!! Even though Thanks are not required, because really, what are friends for? I am the one that feels so blessed to be your friend!!! :)

  2. I remember that day very well. The strength that you showed everyone from that day forward should be inspiring to all! I raise my glass to you, thank you for the inspiration.
    May this day be a reminder to you of how Good God is. May it also remind you, how much strength you have in you, and with both those things going for you, anything is Possible!!

    JZ "TP"

    1. Dearest JZ, How in the world can I ever find words to say thank you for all you have done for me, been to me these past 2 years. Every milestone I faced, every hurdle I had to get over, you seemed to always be there sending a card or message. Always at the perfect time. I've even said you remembered my treatment schedule better than I did. LOL! You are truly one of life's biggest blessings to me! Love you!!!! P.S. But whatever you do, no more TP incidences. OK? :-)

  3. Replies
    1. While we have never met, I consider you a most awesome friend! Thanks for your support in all I've done, especially when fighting the "c" beast. Love you!

  4. Of the many things that you've written and I have had the privilege to share, this may be my favorite. Thank you!

  5. Oh how that day still stands out in my mind...Joe and I were driving to the Ravens PreSeason game and my phone rang....I can still remember the fog that set in after our conversation....You are amazing....a strong and loving friend....keep up the spirit!!!! Love you sweet girl!!!


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