Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feeling Stupid...Revisited

Does anyone remember THIS post from several months back? The one where I shared how I often do things that make me feel really, really stupid? If you need a reminder, click HERE. Otherwise, please continue reading.

What I'm about to share takes feeling stupid to a whole new level.

While I can't promise you will laugh, I can guarantee you will walk away feeling you TOTALLY have your shiz together. Something about realizing the weaknesses of others gives us a much needed boost. If nothing else, it draws attention to the fact we all have our issues.

Too bad for me though.

This morning I think I hit the bottom of the I-can't-believe-I-did-that barrel. That place where no one else dares to go.

I present to you Stupid Moment #2:

I consider myself reasonably smart. Actually, if I'm completely honest, I consider myself on the strong side of intelligent. Mostly because I'm willing to work my butt off to learn most anything. I'm not afraid to give it my all and it usually pays off.


I'm beginning to really wonder about myself.


This morning I was doing my usual. Rushing around, trying to get out the door on time. Something that never seems to happen. Could be attributed to the fact I have a love affair going on with the snooze button. But that is all beside the point.

To give myself a little credit, I must share I am very organized. By necessity. My purse was by the door. Beside it sat my gym bag. A note was perched on top of my bag reminding me to grab my lunch from the fridge. All of this is done the night before any normal work day to ensure I get out the door with all the necessary stuff.

What was missing from last night's ritual was the selecting of my work clothes. I was simply too tired last night to care. I assumed I could throw any old thing on and go.

What a mistake.

I made it through the getting dressed part with relative ease. I did a mental recounting of what I had worn the previous days this week to make sure I didn't do a repeat. I threw my hair in a ponytail and double checked to make sure I had on matching ear rings. (Yeah buddy, I've been known to wear a mismatched set. Shoes too. But that's another story for another day.)

I downed a protein shake, guzzled a gallon (total exaggeration) of water and took my daily vitamins & cancer-ain't-coming-back pill. But something felt "off". I kept mentally retracing my steps but couldn't put my finger on the problem. All seemed to be as it should be.

It wasn't until I climbed in the car that I had that aha moment.

All it took was to feel the grit on my car mat to realize I had forgotten my shoes!!!

Feel better about yourself now?

If not, you should.


P.S. This is a two-for-one post. Last week I was doing much the same as described above. As I was racing down the highway toward my office a horrific thought came to mind. In my panicked state, I slapped my chest as a means of knocking some oxygen back into my lungs. And that was all it took to ease my mind. You see, my fear was that I had forgotten my rubber boob! Not sure how I would have gotten around that one. Thank goodness I didn't have to find out.


  1. HA!! I have done that before! LOL!! :)

    1. Which part Julie...forgot your shoes or your rubber boob? LOL! (Sorry but I couldn't help myself!) :-)


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