Monday, August 13, 2012

Go Google Yourself


Google. The end all/be all source of information.

At least in my world.

I Google anything and everything.

With the proper search words, this online reference mega meister can solve just about any problem and answer nearly every question known to man.

You can find your long lost friends, get the scoop on the celebrity of your choosing, learn how to disassemble/reassemble any multi-part object, locate THE perfect shoes for THE perfect outfit, create the house of your dreams, gather information for your kid's research project and even diagnose what ails you.

All this and more can be found when utilizing Google.

It has even saved my butt at work several times. Certain rarely used formulas and calculations can easily be forgotten. Never fear. Google to the rescue. Within seconds, I have the answers I need, my boss is happy and I appear to be the best employee EVER.

Being the Google lover that I am,  it stands to reason I would Google myself. Anyone else ever done that? If not, you should consider it. What an eye opening experience! I never knew there were so many Lisa Howards in this world. Yeah, I know Lisa is a ridiculously common name. But Lisa Howard? Who woulda thunk it!

Of course, it should be no surprise to me. Years ago, after my divorce, I needed to create an individual email account. One that didn't include any reference to my ex-husband.

I started with "Lhoward".


I then tried Lhoward1.

Also taken.

As was Lhoward2, Lhoward3...all the way up to Lhoward12!

So I went with something totally off the wall. Lhowards4n. Stands for Lisa Howard single 4 now. I figured it was catchy enough to help friends and family remember it. When I was engaged to "K", he wondered why I didn't change my email address. I certainly was no longer single. But I assured him all was well. I just altered one of the words making it perfectly legit. It then stood for Lisa Howard spoken 4 now. Don't you just love how it fits my ever changing love life? If only I could keep up as well. Ha!

Back to how I "found" myself.

I've mentioned how many share my name. Some of these L.H. initialed people are B-list celebrities. Far more important than I...meaning they ranked much higher in the search engine and showed on pages 1 through...ummm....25??? I was having a hard time finding Me.

I decided to narrow my search to Lisa Howard Asheville, NC. I how many  Lisa Howards can there be in Asheville? My efforts paid off. All things related to me filled the screen.

With THIS one exception.

Looks like there is at least one other chick sporting my name in this here town.

All I can say is...

That ain't me!

One can only speculate this is exactly how rumors get started. Without clicking the link, it appears I have recently done some time for something I would never do. Crazy, huh?

So tell me, do you find anything of particular interest when you Google yourself? If so, I would love to hear about it.


  1. I think I have like 47 pages of Google dedicated to me... lol!!!! Since I am the only Julie Tucker-Wolek in the entire universe!! HAHAHA!!! Helps when you have a hyphenated name :) JULIE TUCKER on the other hand is a casting director for Law & Order SVU --- so she dominates that Google search ;)

    If you click on images of Julie Tucker-Wolek -- you will find YOUR photo (Yes, you Lisa!! lol!!) from when you were on Fave Things with me!! Too funny!!!

    Google is my best friend. Amen :)

  2. Lisa! I am so glad you stopped by my blog the other sure has been a while and I am so glad you are back in the blogging world. I have been busy busy for the past few weeks and I think I am sitting on the couch for the first time in two weeks!! I am pretty excited about it. There isn't much when you google me. I like it that way being a teacher in all:) Hope you are doing glad to hear from you sweet friend!

  3. Hahaha, your posts always make me smile Lisa. Yes Lisa is way too common and there are a lot of Lisa Dorseys too. :)

  4. Believe it or not I have never Googled myself...although it is my search engine of choice!! I will have to now though!! I'll get back to you if I find anything of interest!! ;D

  5. You may not remember me, but I had a blog way back when called "Scrapper Mom" and you were one of the blogs I visited regularly back then. I decided to look you up now that I have revived my blog (on wordpress, since google decided to delete my ENTIRE ACCOUNT..ugh). Anyway, glad to have found your blog again.

    I didn't google myself, but I did look through my referral sites one day (to see where traffic is coming from when it comes to my blog), and stumbled across some very unkind comments :( But, that's part of it I guess.


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