Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Then...Now...And A New Beginning


I have lots to share today. To start things off, I want to share the layouts I completed for a few online challenges. So many of you have inspired me with your submissions to these challenge blogs. Scrapping the Music. One Little Word. Ad This. So Sketchy. These are a few that keep leaping out from your blog posts. Lately, a few have really spoken to me, Scrapping the Music in particular. I've visited the site often and printed the lyrics for my inspiration files to be used at a later date. But this past week's song lyrics to "Secret Valentine" grabbed me. I knew immediately what I wanted to create.

The words "When guilt fills your head, brush off, rise up..." spoke to me on every level. So often guilt has played a major role in my life. And I've worked hard over the years to box it up and put it in its place. I found it only fitting that I create a page using these words. While it is no masterpiece, it is a powerful reminder to me to continue to not let guilt get in the way of what I want to accomplish.

Another challenge that had significant meaning to me was the One Little Word challenge. They are celebrating their second birthday and have chosen the word "two" this time around. Again, I immediately had an idea come to mind. To be honest here, this is a new experience for me....this instant creative vision. At first, I found it a bit scary. Kind of like living in the dark all your life and suddenly being exposed to the light. lol! Picture a caricature of me with a light bulb going off over my head and you will know what I'm talking about.

The word/number "2" conjures up images of the early days with Keith...the days when it felt like just the two of us. But very early in our relationship life threw us a curve ball and the time-for-two became a rare commodity. I had to document my feelings for those special times when it can be "Just the 2 of us".


I have been tagged! Scrapping Supergirl, Jill, tagged me recently and requested a peek at my first layout. My, oh my, was this a blast from the past! I started scrapping over 10 years ago with Creative Memories. Can anyone say stickers, stickers and more stickers? I'm not sure this is THE first page, but it certainly one of the first. It is the left hand side of a two page spread.

I wanted to include a few more early pages as I couldn't help but notice a few of the "techniques" I used. This was my first attempt at breaking free from the CM style. I remember being so proud of these pages. Look at all the stitching on this one.

Not totally away from the CM era, but starting to see the dawning of a new day. lol!

Can you believe I was doodling borders waaaaayyy before it was all the rage! lol!

I had so much fun flipping through my old albums, vowing with each turn of the page to re-scrap these photos. But you know what, I don't think I will. I am certain I will re-do a few of my most favorite ones, but I think it is so important to look back and see how I've evolved.

A New Beginning

Time to discuss my 30 day wellness challenge. It is definitely time for a new beginning. Time to let go of some baggage and create a new way of living. This is not just a diet/fitness challenge. This is a brand-new life challenge. A way of spreading "wellness" to every area of my life. While a big part will focus on the physical changes I want to make, I plan to devote time to developing a healthy spiritual and emotional life. I've spent this week reflecting and planning, making mental notes of where I am currently. I've taken stock of what comprises my day...what I eat, when I eat it...why I eat it. I've also looked at how I spend my time. What do I accomplish with my time and is it useful...beneficial. Now that I've done this, I want to spend the next few days pinpointing a few changes I can make the first week. And come Monday morning, I will begin to incorporate those changes into my everyday life.

So how about it? Anyone what to join me? I think if we all work together, we can accomplish some great things! My first challenge to you is to spend the next few days thinking about what you want to change. Then I feel it is really important to look at what you are currently doing. Ask yourself what is keeping you from making those changes. It's like those maps on the large directories in the mall. The ones that denote "You Are Here" with a star. They have to show your starting point as a reference. If we don't know where we are starting, how can we know how to get where we are going? One more thing. Be sure to be realistic in the changes you want to make. I am soooo bad about setting grandiose goals only to be sorely disappointed when I fail to meet them. This time around, I'm throwing out the impossible and grabbing onto the possible.

Lastly, this next 30 days is about making positive changes...emphasis on positive. No more dwelling on the negative. I want to focus on the good stuff!


  1. What a great post and look at how your scrapping has evolved! More importantly, I am so in love with that doodled border!!! lol And don't you love it when the vision is just there and it clicks?! Awesome! And can I just tell you: you are so beautiful!

  2. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS pages!!! Even your "beginner" ones!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your use of color...and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY that U played along with Scrapping the Music!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) And totally LOVING your 30 day wellness!!!! COMPLETELY INSPIRING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. ♥ all the LO's.... even the old CM pages! Hee! I've been scrapping & taking photos almost my whole life, but became officially addicted when I attended my 1st CM party about 11 years ago. And my pages look pretty much the same! There's no way I'm re-doing all those old pages either. My style has changed over the years (thank GOODNESS!) & I'll let that be reflective in ALL the books... there's way too many to count! Quite honestly, it's about the journaling & the photos anyway, not all the other "stuff" on the page.... so cute or not, they're all still telling the story! :-)

    Lovin' your 30-day wellness challenge... GREAT idea! :-)

  4. I just love to read your daily thoughts! Your layout is well as you are!
    So funny to see the progression in our layouts isn't it?
    I'm so there with the wellness challenge! I am working on getting back to exercising....I stopped exercising after my hysterectomy last year and OMG I can so feel the difference and have gained some weight I need to start walking again in the evening and working out in the morning.

  5. I love your pages, and I'm so glad that you found me and I found you :)

  6. SO I dont have a clue what CM style is? I will have to research that one. I totally agree with not redoing the older pages that make you laugh. I plan to redo a few of Josh army pages but thats it. I like seeing my Glad you shared them with us.

  7. Those first pages are so cute and yes look at you doodling before it was a big thing!!!! Thanks you for posting your recent LO's....they are rocking chickie and I LOVE THEM!!!! I am so in with the 30 day challenge!!!! Today I will take some time to reflect!!!!! Wishing you a Terrific Thursday!

  8. I enjoy reading your post. I've been on a change wheel for about a year now. I've change my food, quit the job because of my health (over stressed) back in 2007. Now I have time to question myself on a daily bases, I ask on a daily bases: What is it I need to know today?
    If I pay attention, somedays I see, hear the message. I also read a few books since 2007. I read: Simple Abondance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach and You heal your life, by Louise L.Hay. It has helped me alot. It also inspired me for creating my blog which is my passion. Everyday is a new beginning in a way. Your post has made positive changes for many people and also for you! I wish you a wonderful day!

  9. So it was YOU who started the doodling trend! Who knew? ;)
    I relate to your guilt issues. It's tough to overcome but I am trying everyday.
    I love the journaling on your "TWO" layout, very heartfelt and genuine.
    Have a great day, Lisa!

  10. You are so well written! The layouts look great! Even the older ones!

    I'm trying to eat better, less junk, more veggies and water. It's been a rough 2 hours but I have hope, and think I can make it to 4 hours!

  11. i love the new pages, but the old ones are DIVINE.. girl you had it going on....

  12. I love the LOs!!! Scrapping using music lyrics is so smart...I love it!! I am also on the track to a healthier me! I would love to join you in your endeavor. :)

  13. Your Layouts ROCK!! Love them!! And your old ones are so cute!! I need to take a look back at my old ones... although I'm not sure I'm brave enough to share them, LOL!!
    Take care!!

  14. Great LO'S Girl!! And you asked me what I do with my cards....They are in a box....and I send some to friends and that's about it! your twooooo nice Lisa!!!!

  15. Oooh, i love the wellness challenge!! I'm trying to do something similar right now, so we'll have to encourage each other :-) Totally love your layouts, and it is so fun to see your old layouts, too! It's so fun to see how far we've come, isn't it?

  16. Gosh, I love coming here--you are so inspiring with your honesty and openness! Lovin the new layouts you made and got a kick out of the older ones--been there, done that! I am in on your wellness kick--I have been working out again for a few weeks and feel great!

  17. Absolutely awesome layouts my friend!!!! You know I am right there with you on the 30 wellness challenge. I am wanting to get rid of these blues that I have been feeling. Excercise, eating right, and studying the Word will help I know!! Thanks for your inspiration my friend!!!

  18. Hi Lisa! First off, thanks for the kinds word you left me. I had to laugh out are doing a wellness challenge and I am eating chocolate. Something is wrong with this picture. Are you following a specific challenge??? Sounds like something I need to do. I really need to kick myself into gear.

    I love your rise up layout, the cluster of embellishment is so cute. And I've been seeing a few people post their first layouts on their blogs. Isn't it fun to go back and look at what we use to do , the products have changed so much, and then to see your style emerge. I love the hobby!!

    Have a great day!!

  19. you know i am on this with you! i love looking a the older layouts, you had some style, girl!

  20. Love your challenge layouts, Lisa - STM is one of my favorite inspirations, too! And how fun to see your first layouts - you've come a long way! Great idea about rescrapping some of the pictures.

    You sound so inspired by your 30 day challenge! Good luck on your postitive changes! :)

  21. What beautiful layouts!! I will have to go back to some of those blogs and try out the challenges. I have so much to catch up on lately!
    Oops, I got tagged too! and forgot about it! I will look up my old albums and get a few pics on my blog this weekend. And Kristii, if you read this, I'm so sorry I totally forgot!!! I'll hop to it!
    Lisa, have a great weekend and keep scrappin, I love seeing everyones inspirations!!

  22. ooooh, very impressed with your doodle borders girlie!
    I love your layouts, then and now. Yep, I know that guilt thing too!!! You're inspiring me to get it on paper. Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Hey girl! You were into the stitching AND the doodling!! You coulda made it big girl! lol

    I'm in for your positive change - that sounds wonderful. I've had some negative energy around lately! :)

    Great new layouts (and old ones!). Thanks for playing along!

  24. Love your layouts Lisa!!! and I see you had the CM sticker sneeze too! :-) I love how you gracefully moved away from that form and doodled your new journey. Thanks for posting, I feel in good company that we started from the same mold.. :-) I love your commitment to wellness, and along with you I am right there not worrying about what I can't change and concetrating on what I can! Have a great weekend friend.

  25. Thanks for such an inspiring post! I am so needing to make some POSITIVE changes in my life...especially in the area of well-being and health! I gotta do this! So as time will allow over the weekend, I will think about what needs to change, has to change! Have a great weekend! Oh yeah, I totally have "first" layouts that look a lot like yours! LOL!!!

  26. I also wanted to mention that the Ad This site doesnt send out your "won" prizes. Myself and a friend of mine never recieve our said prizes.

  27. I love your beginner pages, they look just like mine! Creative Memories with photos cut into cute shapes. But I still love them because of the memories they hold. And I love all your recent layouts, that first one of you is wonderful!!

    Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog, you are a doll!!! xoxoxo-

  28. Such beautiful LO's Lisa!!! And look at those first ones, they are adorable! I agree with you, you should keep them, they way they were scrapped are as much a memory as the pictures themselves!
    xxx Peggy


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