Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They're Ba-a-ack!

This weekend these two moved back home...Keri for the summer...Taylor for good. Yes, I am the very proud mother of a college graduate! Taylor completed his degree in electrical computer engineering, with honors! Can you tell my chest is puffing up with pride? Now that he's home, I just hope I can break those college hygiene habits and re-introduce him to a razor! lol!

A few months ago I wrote a post about the Pros & Cons of Solitude, a look at the early stages of empty-nest-syndrome. Everything I wrote about loneliness? Fuh gidda bout it! These two have totally and completely reclaimed the house. Craziness and chaos has followed them home! Here's a little peek into what it looks like when someone returns home after a 4 year absence.

This is just a view of Taylor's bed! He has also overtaken the floor in his room, his desk and the hallway. Not to mention the filled-to-the-brim storage unit he is borrowing from his dad! We have 2 full size refrigerators, 2 sofas, a gas grill, a lawn mower, a bar and ping-pong table (which Taylor built), a lofted bed unit, as well as tools, more computer equipment than you can imagine and general "stuff". This kid isn't exactly a pack rat, but he does have a creative and inventive mind. To utilize his talents requires "stuff".

Tay spent most of the afternoon trying to dig through the pile on his bed. Despite his valiant efforts, I think he will be sleeping on an air mattress tonight! lol!

This little chickie also moved back home this weekend. While Taylor had 4 years of accumulated belongings, 3 of which were in a house where he had room to expand, Keri only had to return with what a small dorm room would hold. You would think her's would be the lesser lot. Think again! Behold the madness that is her room.

Keri has an additional study room that adjoins her bedroom. The piles have even spilled over into it.

These pictures are only a small glimpse of the clutter. And for a highly anal, gotta-have-order, person like me....let's just say I have overworked my talk-myself-through-the-panic-state skills. Hopefully, we will find a place for all this because I live by the everything-in-its-place motto. But if we don't, you won't really hear me complaining because it is so good to have them home!


  1. Maybe you could have a garage sale. As for the clutter, breath in & out. One day at a time. Like you said: it is good to have them home!
    Have a nice day all!

  2. OH LISA......take a very deep breath!!!! I had to giggle this morning because I so know where you are coming from!!!!! They will get to it....and maybe Mom may just have to step in and help a little!!!!! The benefit to this mess....you have your loved ones back with you!!!!! No more rambling around an empty house.:) Love you!!!!!!! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Congrat's Mumma on having a graduate!! You deserve to be proud!!
    The mess... wow, I couldn't imagine! I'm panicing for you! LOL! Hopefully it'll clean it's self up sooner than later!
    Enjoy having your babies home!!

  4. Sometimes messiness ='s happiness!!!!! Glad they are HOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Wow that looks like my house sometimes and I just have Toot! lol Have fun with your now full nest!

  6. Lisa, as you enjoy your nest being full. BREATHE!!!! lol just keep remembering what it was like while they were gone. I also am An everything in its place person, so I truly understand. Congrats on your Sons completion! You have every right to be puffed up with pride. muaaaaaaah!

  7. this post looks like a layout waiting to happen. cute. enjoy the full house :)

  8. Wow...congrats to him graduating with honors and how fortunate he is to have such a proud momma!

    And, oh my word at the mess! lol...that is definitely some major chaos...I remember those days though...your Taylor is better than me, I would probably have just swept it all in the floor so I could sleep in my bed! lol.

  9. Oh what a wonderful Mother's Day present Lisa! So glad your sweeties are home, mess and all! Enjoy your time with them.

  10. OMG Lisa!!! I can so identify with all aspects!!

    But how proud you must be of Taylor & his achievements - & how lovely to have your brood home to roost!

    A poem I have had on my wall since Alex was born :

    I hope that my children look back on today
    & remember a Mother who had time to play
    Children grow up while you're not looking
    there's years ahead for cleaning & cooking
    So hush now cobwebs, dust go to sleep
    I'm rocking my babies & babies don't keep

    Now, I know they're not babies but the sentiment still applies! I'm the worst when it comes to nagging my menfolk to keep everything in it's place, but I try & remind myself to breathe & see what's important!

    Good Luck with restoring order & enjoy your 'once more' full nest!! xx

  11. WOW back for a few days and the house already looks like that!! Good luck!! At least your babies are home, it will be a fun summer!

  12. How exciting!!!!!! I would be crying all the time...I am so glad to have y'all home...then knowing my cleaning issues...I would send them to run an errand and then clean it all up before they got home. That is just me. I love to clean. It is a horrible compulsion. I find myself doing it at other people's houses...hmmm...maybe that is why I don't have friends...Lol!! :)

  13. Okay Ms. Lisa - YES, you are Lisa H! :) So let's see your first layout!! :)

    And holy messy kids! I thought I was bad! Gotta love 'em! :) Keri is beautiful, she looks so much like you!

    What kind of graphic program, if any, do you have? There are ALL kinds of templates out there, easy peasy (to do the digi stuff). And there are free digi programs OR you can download PS (Photoshop) for free for 30 days!

  14. LOL! Look like a very big week in your home! Welcome home kids and time for a Calgon bath for mom!!!!

  15. Do you mean the ones with the pics of past stories? I assume you do! Click the linkwithin word under the right hand story, it should take you to the page and give you the code. If not I can post it for you, but it does it automatically if you go to the site. Good luck!

  16. sounds like the party's at your house! i'd say having them home is well worth the messy piles :)

  17. How cool is that to have your babies back home...mess or not. it will return to normal order. I fear the day my 14 year old goes away to school. But I hear they always return. Have a great week.

  18. Yow!! YOu have good looking children too! Must run in the fam! ;P
    And I know what you mean about trying to introduce the ol razor! You will see my brother popping up in pics on my blog from time to time...he has longer hair than I do (which I do happen to love..it is so pretty. lol)..but, his scraggly beard has got to go!
    Have a good week, babe!

  19. Congratulations! It looks like you raised a very smart children. A few days of chaos never hurt anyone. So what are you cooking for dinner tonight?

  20. Glad it worked for you, it looks good!

  21. how awesome to have your kids home! and what a proud mama you must be to have a college grad!
    now about those mounds and mounds of schtuff....LOL!!!
    I thought having babies brought in a ton of crap!!
    btw, how to u post the 'stories you might be interested in' with blogger.
    I'd seen it on a typepad blog and thought it was cool... never knew blogger could do it

  22. There for a second I thought you broke in and took pics of MY house!
    I'm sure having your kiddos back home will bring you much joy (and perhaps a few mown lawns?)
    Your layouts are fab :)

  23. Lisa, these pics are too funny! I remember when my two older sisters were off to college and it was my brother and I left behind. We had so much room when they were gone and then puff! They came back with more stuff then we could put in the whole house! Do you ever wonder where they put all of this in their little dorm rooms and other places they stay!!! Amazing what kids can fit in a little spot! have fun and I am sure they will keep you very busy and lots of company all summer long! Have a great week!

  24. goodness... looks like you're gonna have such a wonderful couple of months ahead of you =D


    congrats to your son for graduating!

  25. Congrats to Taylor on his graduation! Things will settle down and get back to normal before you know it! I think you are going to have a fabulous summer!

  26. So glad you have your babies back in your nest. As for the mess...deep breaths LOL! Have a great week Lisa.

  27. Boy do i know where your comming from!! I had empty nest syndrome and then got used to the kids being gone and then my son got out of the military and moved home for awhile and he took over my house!! Him and his girlfriend!!I loved him being there....but wanted my peace again!!

  28. Lisa....thanks so much for the phone call today!!!! YOU MADE MY DAY!!!! Check out the crop suey site and see what they did for my Birthday....it will crack you up!!!!

  29. Thats a lot of stuff for one person!!

    Guess what I have....pictures of my dress!!!


    I posted them there so the fiance can't peek..hopefully!

  30. Forget about Breathing...go pour yourself a glass of wine girl!!!!
    How wonderful to have the kids home...congrats to your son! You're not going to be lonely this summer!

  31. Ohhh what a fun summer you'll have with your two kiddos home with you. I'm with you on the clutter, I'd be hyperventilating too! :)
    Congrats to your son, I know you are proud!

  32. Oh, how fun to have your kiddies home with you right now, lisa! I am totally cracking up over the photos of stuff, lol. You have gorgeous kiddos! Big congrats to taylor!

  33. i SO remember the days of piling all my stuff to come home in the truck. it got to the point where we rented a storage unit for me and my rooomies. i think you should put clothes on their christmas lists.

  34. gosh, where do I even start. I’ve been away for so long and missed so much.
    first of all, what a beautiful family. the photos of your you with your mom and kids are awesome.
    you, your mom and daughter look so much alike it’s crazy! Congratulations on your son’s graduation.

    i LOvE all the scrapbook pages. sounds like you and your friend had fun playing with paper and glue.
    it was fun seeing your CM pages too. that’s what i started scrapping with too so i have a few of those pages too. and most of them look just like yours. crazy huh?

    totally relate to the feeling of having your kids back home. how fun. totally relate to the messes and the
    craziness and the anal, gotta have order panic attacks. hang in there. sounds like they are already trying
    to find a place for all their things. that’s good.

    so sorry to hear about your “doctor” experience. how terrible. i hope you’re feeling much better.

    i love your “love yourself dare”. i’m gonna have to give that one a shot. and funny enough, my hubby
    and i just got back from a short weekend trip and for the last few days i’ve been thinking about all the
    same things you are contemplating with your 30 day wellness challenge. the whole taking stock of
    where I’m at and where i want to be. i too have to remember that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest impact. thanks for the reminder. good luck on the positive changes.


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