Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hooray for kit clubs!

Let's hear it for monthly scrapbook kit clubs! I discovered my first kit club about a year ago and I have been in love ever since. I know I'm not alone in this, but when new product is released, I feel slighted if I can't run out and purchase it right away. It's an addiction of sorts. I keep waiting for news of a recently formed SA (Scrapper's Anonymous) group...a group I am sure my friends and family would encourage me to join. But I would be one of those who would prefer to live in denial of my addiction. There have been times when I've felt more like a collector than a creator. I have traveled to nearby, and not-so-nearby, cities to get my greedy little hands on the latest and greatest, all the while convincing myself that I would most certainly find the time to use my ever-growing know, one day.

Then reality came crashing in. I could no longer live in denial. Finances changed and I decided that "one day" had come. It was time to put a halt to my excessive purchasing and start using what I had. But a girl can't go cold turkey, now can she? So I found myself in a dilemma. Kit clubs became the solution to my problem. The concept behind them is pure genius! Each month I anxiously await the delivery of my goodie box. Heck, it's Christmas 12 times a year! And the beauty of it is, most of the kits consist of newly released products all coordinated and ready to be scrapped. How cool is that!!! This weekend, I got to spend some time with my much loved kits. An entire weekend devoted to my favorite past-time...I was on a scrapper's high!

Here are a couple of the layouts I created. From a previous post you should be all too aware that I have yet to master the art of taking & uploading the photos of my layouts. It was well into the "dusk" time of day when I finally had time to take my pics. I had to hurry to get the last bit of remaining daylight. I was just anxious to post a few layouts so please turn a forgiving eye to the quality of the photos.

The first layout was made from a kit I purchased from Scrap For A Cure. I love the idea that a portion of the purchase price of the kits goes for cancer research. This picture was taken a couple of years ago. Morgan was only spending weekends with Keith at the time and all she could think about was spending time with Claire, the little girl up the street. I talked Keith into letting the girls have a sleep over, Morgan's first ever sleep over. They were so excited! They were more than happy to pose for a pic.

The next few layouts are all from past Scarlet Lime kits. On the first one, I used one of my favorite pictures of Keith. He is such a clown and this picture really shows his crazy side.

I love this next page even though the picture leaves something to be desired. The pic was taken at Keri's graduation this past May and the layout simply states exactly how I felt that day...I wanted her to step out into to dare to fly!

This layout is super simple, In fact, they are all falling in the simple category. I think I'm getting a bit lazy. lol! But again, I used a favorite photo of my son, Taylor, and his girlfriend, Leah. They are so sweet together.

I know this is alot for one post, but I got alot done this weekend. In fact, I completed several more pages. Whoo hoo!!! I'll share those on another day.

Hope everyone has had a very happy weekend! Ta-ta for now!


  1. Great pages Lisa and I don't think the pictures look bad! I have yet to really master that either..

    I understand about the kit clubs..I've done a few in the past but not in a while..Stuff was just stacking

    and your last post about the tampon training was hilarious..he got a jewel in his crown for that one, for sure!

  2. some great layouts lisa! and i think the pics of them look good. i enjoy a good kit from time to time too ... i find it relaxing to have everything coordinated and right in front of me.

  3. WAY to go!!! I love the LO's and I love the idea of keeping things simple and elegant and that what's your LO's are!!! I too had to stop the spending and it was like cutting off my right hand!!! I too was always in search of the newest and the best products, but my answer came in kit clubs also!!! You are so right, it is like Christmas each month. I can hardly wait to see my box arrive and rip it open to see all the goodies inside!!! I love the LO of you and your man, what a funny face!!! Great moment to put on paper!!!! So glad you were so productive!!! Have a wonderful Monday!!!

  4. Kit clubs are great, and I love your pages! Thanks for commenting on my blog. My quick peek at yours lets me know I'll be back from time to time.

  5. Okay girl...your rocking the kits and I am a fan of Scarlet Lime too! I so look forward to that box each month!

  6. Such great layouts! Love that sweet photo of your DS and his girlfriend and the one of you and your DH makes me smile. Great job on scrapping these!


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