Thursday, February 5, 2009

Working Out & Girl Time

Month 2! That's right, baby! Getting started on month 2 of my extreme workout routine. My friend, Lydia, and I started way back in October working out 5 days a week at 6:00 am. The goal at the time was to just get through the holidays doing minimal damage to our waistlines. Secretly, I had hoped to actually lose some weight...a wish of most women most of the time... but no such luck. Even still, I was feeling better, actually beginning to feel more toned and I survived the holidays sans weight gain. All in all, I would call that a success. But I wanted more. Enter Chalean Extreme. To explain, I have to reveal my obsession with infomercials. OK, it's not really an obsession, but anytime I come across anything that offers me a complete body transformation, I'm hooked. And for any of you who have ever watched the Beach Body infomercials...well, who wouldn't want to look like that?

Fast forward from October to January. Time to get serious. We made it official. We met at Starbucks and over a cup of coffee mapped out the next 90 days. We planned each workout session, stated our goals and decided the best way to be accountable to one another. I weighed, took my measurements and calculated my body fat percentage. And just so you know, it was a most humbling experience. As for the pictures from every imaginable angle...didn't go there. First of all, I can hardly photograph myself from head to toe...that darn tripod just takes too long to set up. And heaven forbid I bare my cottage cheese ravaged body to anyone else. Just NOT happenin'! And so it began.

So far so good. In 5 weeks, I have only missed one workout and that was due to this silly vertigo problem I am still battling. I guess you might want to know how things are going as far as results. Weeelllll, I guess it is all in how you measure success. lol! Truthfully, I'm disappointed and happy all at the same time. That 15 pounds weight loss I dream of...didn't happen. But I did lose 3-1/2 pounds and lost 1/4 - 1/2 inch on each body part. The biggest boost came when I realized I had lost 3% body fat! This month I'm working hard on eating better...something I only half-heartedly did last month. Baby steps, baby steps. But I'm getting there.

On a scrappin' note, I'm excited to be spending the weekend with my scrap buddy, Pam. We are going to play Friday night and all day Saturday. Yea for girl time! I have a Valentine's project to finish for my sweetie and I plan to tackle my lastest Scarlet Lime and Studio Calico kits. I hope to post some of these on Monday. I guess I'll have to wait to post Keith's Valentine's surprise...he discovered my blog and he gets a kick out of reading it. He says he feels like he has been let into our secret club. Don't tell, but I think he is a closet scrapper....will probably get in trouble for that one! lol! Happy weekend!


  1. WHOA, you girls are going great! That's some track record for working out...I want major poundage lost frustrating..I'm very impatient! Let's keep each other motivated! and by the way, I did the photo in a bathing suit thing like they do in Body for Life, and yes, so ummm,, maybe when I'm all buff and fit, I'll do some more pics and display those "before" ones to the world to show that it can be done..until then, they remain for your sweet comments!!

  2. Wow!! I needed that inspiration!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Good for YOU!!!!! You are doing much better than I~~~~ Hey I got Scarlet Lime and Studio Calico too!!! Have fun scrapping and take some pics so we can see!!!


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