Friday, February 6, 2009

A Man in a Woman's World

I just have to give my man kudos for what he did last night. The boy/man had to do something no boy/man should have to do...he attended a "coming of age" class with his daughter, Morgan. Since becoming a full-time dad, with no notice mind you, over a year ago, he has continually amazed me at how well he has adjusted to juggling the many hats single parents must wear. But this hat...let's just say he would have given anything to place it right on my estrogen laden head. Although Morgan attended a maturation class at school, an additional, more thorough, class was being held in the evening so parents could attend with their adolescents. Oh how he moaned and groaned about going, yet he knew how important it was that he attend. Not so much for Morgan's sake, but for his own. So he sucked it up and went to what he called "Tampon Training".

Mind you, he has been witness to the shifting and surging hormones in women, yet he would not be what we call an expert on the subject. To Keith's credit I must tell you he is extremely compassionate and caring. He offers foot rubs, back rubs and stocks up on M&M's during this most uncomfortable and trying time. But he is still male...and from time to time, despite my warnings of possible impending hormonal rage, he sticks his foot in his mouth and provokes the beast within me to rise up and roar. Wanting to get a better handle on why otherwise sweet, innocent females become weepy, angry beasts, he thought it best to get educated. Here is his account of the evening.

Me: So how did it go?
Keith: Oh...I was one of about 3 men in the whole place?
Me: Did you learn anything?
Keith: Yeah, I learned alot.
Me: Like what?
Keith: Did you know you can exercise while you are on your period? Exercise makes you feel lots better.
Me: Yeah, I knew that. Did you learn anything else?
Keith: Not really.

You think he's looking for a way out of those foot rubs? I'm guessin' next time the monthly visitor comes calling he will just say, "Hey, baby, you wanna go for a run? I'll see you when you get back. And by the way...I ate the M&M's."


  1. "tampon training" .. never heard of such a thing. lol! might come in handy though ... i still can't bring myself to have this talk with my daughter ... and she's 12. lol! i think it's great that he went with his daughter!

  2. I cracked up when I read the tampon training and I cannot imagine my husband doing that!!! I can remember when I rented a movie from the library about the birds and the bees for our daughter to watch and I thought he would pass out when the cartoon lady got out of the bubble bath and the bubbles vanished showing her femaile body!!!!! What a good Dad~~~ Have a great weekend!

  3. Hahaha
    Mom...I love this. It fits Keith perfectly annnnddd it now gives me something else to give him a hard time about.
    Love you!


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