Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Challenging Challenge (edited)

Last week I wrote about a challenge at my not-so-local scrapbook store. This week I tried to tackle what I thought would be a relatively easy challenge. I made the obligatory trip to the store, bought the required items, gathered my photos and actually carved out some time to scrap. It was going well until I reached for one of my favorite punches and realized I couldn't use it! The guidelines of the challenge state you must use the listed items and you can only use additional items that have been purchased at their store. Darn! That ruled out most of my options. While I have contributed many a dollar to maintaining this store's financial well-being, I can't exactly tell you what I've bought there and what has been bought via other scrappy sites. And due to the inconvenient location of the store, a quick trip to purchase additional supplies was out of the question. However, I pushed ahead and this is what I came up with. The layouts are extremely simple, but what more can a girl do when she only has 3 items to work! I had to use one of the 2 new Basic Grey lines, either Marrakech or Porcelain, Core-dinations cardstock and any Technique Tuesday item.

The first layout was made using Marrakech paper along with cardboard and chipboard stickers. I layered tons of stickers to create the flower border. I also used the Ali Edward's "Loving Words" Technique Tuesday stamps.

While the title is a subtle sentiment, I think it says it all..."there is no doubt - i just love you."

I created an additional layout using the Marrakech line. The colors are so bright and fun!

My frustration with this layout set in when I automatically reached for my ribbon stash and had to stop myself. I tried to purchase ribbon at the store, but could find no good options. So I created some faux ribbon with the paper. Again, I used the "Loving Words" stamps. I think these stamps have quickly become some of my favorites.

(edited) The final layout is probably the simplest of all, but for whatever reason, it is my favorite. The photo of this layout doesn't do it justice. I'm not as fond of the Porcelain line because the colors are softer and I tend to always lean toward the more vibrant colors. I originally had this layout as a "mostly cardstock layout". But you know how an idea will come to you after walking away for a while? My struggle had been the use of patterned paper. Couldn't get it to look right to save my life. Well, last night...ahem...or this morning (3:00 am), it came to me. I like this much better.

All accents are stickers from the Porcelain line. I traced the butterfly on cardstock, cut it out and adhered the sticker with pop dots.

I used Technique Tuesday Technique Tiles for the hearts, using the Cuttlebug dotted swiss embossing folder to "embellish" the smaller heart. Thank goodness I remembered that I bought this embossing folder on my previous trip to the store. The word "bloom" was included on the sticker sheet or I would have been in a pickle trying to create a title. lol!

So that's it friends! It was the best I could do with what I had. Now I just have to find the time to get the layouts to the store before Saturday at 6:00 pm. Something tells me I won't be participating in anymore of the store's suppose to be a challenge, but I was counting on it being less!

On a side note, if you are interested in trying to win some awesome new paper, be sure to go HERE! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Until next time!


  1. Wow what a challenge! I know where most of my stash comes from (the 'LSS' is 2 hours away lol!) but online shopping would certainly add to the confusion. How gorgeous is the Marrakech range? I bought the card kit and am waiting for the paper range to arrive in the mail. Love the simplicity of the layouts, nice work...

  2. I think you did a Awesome Job on all the LO's and look at you go!!! I love them all. The first one is awesome with the flowers and your cutie sure makes the page worth looking at!!! Love how you arranged the pics on the second LO and yay look at you making your own ribbon. The third is just so beautiful!!! Simple, elegant and I love the heart placed around the pic!!!!

    Hoping all is well. I may have misplaced your phone number, email it to me again if you could!!! I would love to talk!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday, sweet friend. I am off to my Scrap Boook Club with the chickies. Hope I have the strength to get through the whole day!!! Yesterday was the day from hell around here and I am ready to take Sandra up on her visit to Texas, except I may never come home if I do!!!

    LOVE what you did and can't wait to start our challenges! I have put on my thinking cap. I traded pics with Julie and she is doing a LO for me. We could do that. You upload pics you want me to use and I'll send some your way!!!

  3. Like how you have used the new Marekesh papers. I've got a 6 by 6 pad here with a few bigger papers and have yet to use any of it.

    I've used my Poecelain stash though.

  4. The Layouts are just beautiful!!!

  5. Gorgeous work!!! I love what you did with the Marakesh line and the Ali E. tamps!! Good luck with the challenge!!! I hope you had a great time yesterday!! You deserve it girl!! I hope you have a great day today!!

  6. love that page with the heart - it is just stunning! :)

  7. Wow, that is quite a challenge, and you did an amazing job with it, lisa!! I can't believe how much you accomplished with so few supplies - very impressive!

  8. For using limited items you really did do some great layouts. The bottom is my Fav. also.
    Good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  9. WOW!! That was a challenge for sure!! But you did wonderful work girl - my favorites are the first one and the last one!!

    Good Luck!!!

  10. You did a beautiful job with your challenge! I love how the blue from the water of the first picture goes with the blue of your layout. And the 2nd layout I love how you put two different backgrounds together and matched the flowers with it. And I just Love the big heart and how you posted the picture through it on the last layout! PS...thanks for stopping by my blog! I saw your blog the other day...but I couldnt remember if I left a comment? Is that how you found me?


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