Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gold Star? I Don't Think So...

Just poppin' in to share a little story about my guy. A few of you have been following along the past few months as I try to figure out this wonderful little thing called blogging. So you will probably remember THIS post that gave a glimpse as to how well Keith is coping as a single dad. He certainly earned a star in his crown for that one. Now it's time to offer up another peek into what it is like for a single man to be thrust into full-time daddy mode with no warning. This one may actually cost him that star!

The conversation went something like this:

Keith: Hey babe, I've been giving Morgan that awesome multi-grain toast for breakfast just like you suggested. The little rat loves it so much, she asked for a second piece this morning.

Me: Oh yeah! Two pieces, huh? I thought she would like it.

Keith: I wouldn't let her have another piece since we are trying to eat healthier. She needs to eat something other than just bread.

Me: (a bit bewildered but amazed that he seemed to be on the nutrionally sound bandwagon) The bread probably wouldn't hurt her. It's loaded with fiber and even has some protein.

Keith: Oh. (insert pause) Well, I made her eat a Pop Tart instead.

Me: (gasp and double gasp) The only hint of nutritional value in a Pop Tart is the fruit filling and even THAT is mostly sugar!

Keith: Then I guess it's a good thing I gave her the chocolate one!

I don't think Morgan really cares that her dad is a nutritionally challenged dolt! She loves him all the same.

P.S. There must be a thing with us when it comes to Pop Tarts. I'll just blame Keith for my recent fascination with this nutritional wasteland of a treat. It's always nice when you don't have to take responsiblity for your own actions...lol!!! Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ohh thats very cute!!! I dont think we have pop tarts in Australia!!!

  2. This one cracks me up!!!! My hubby is the very same way!!!1 The other day he took Evan to school for me and he forgot to put his coat one and forgot his book bag!!!! I realized it when I walked out to clean up the breakfast mess and saw Evan's coat hanging on the chair and his book bag right next to it!!! Can you imagine that he put his coat on and did not noitice that his grandson has no coat! I felt like such an idiot, going to the school with his coat and book bag!!! They must think I am on drugs!!!! Love ya, sweetie. You always make me smile!

  3. LOL, funny stuff :-) I think I may miss pop tarts just a little - they were always fun once in a while! But then, letting me loose on a bag of multigrain bread is just as dangerous as the pounds of sugar in the pop tarts!

  4. I've tried the healthy poptarts from Earthfare once, have you been there? LOVE that store! I guess if I bought them from a health food store it is okay to eat more than one! hee hee.
    I love reading your posts and starting my day off with a smile!

  5. That's funny! My 12 yr. old would live on dill Quaker mini rice cakes, they have to be the name brand, and we usually clear Walmarts shelves when they come in. She would probably take a Poptart or two also.

  6. now THAT'S a good dad. (said the girl who just may be addicted to Pop Tarts!) :P

  7. Hehe, I'm a sweet thooth myself and I would have LOVE that breakfast! ;) I saw the layout from your when you wrote last and it was absolutely fantastic! (I'm still smiling from reading your post) :D Have e great evening! Love Johanna

  8. I just saw all the bad spelling from my last comment, SORRY! The keyboard and I don't always agree ;) Hope you still understad... *smiling*

  9. Oh thats great!! Poptarts before bread?!! lol funny man! Im a big fan of bread in general, I could eat the whole loaf! The same goes for tortillas, so no way would I cut them out or cut my consumption down!! Have a great humpday!

  10. Aww what an adorable picture of them...they seem to have a great relationship. A dad is so important in a girl's life. How are things between his daughter and you? I'm sure she loves you because you sound like a pretty cool stepmom to be! :) My fiance is very good with making sure his girls get their veggies...even if they dont like them! His 12 yr old needs a glass of juice to eat hers!

  11. LOL!! I love how men think because its a riot. And I love pop-tarts! Yum. I see you visit Laura's blog too!

  12. oh i love that story, my DH thinks the same

  13. Ah men !!! you just gotta love em!!!
    Love your LO from the last post (or was it the one before that) .. anyhow ... looks gorgeous!
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog .... great to have an international visitor. Where in the USA are you ... we visited last year for 3 weeks doing all the "tourist" things on the West Coast from San Fran down to San Diego and across the Las Vegas (wow, what a place) amd the Grand Canyon.
    Look forward to more chatting.
    Julie :O)

  14. lol...that's hilarious!

  15. that is so cute .. and funny! my girls love their poptarts though!


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