Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Would Never Guess She Is My Daughter

Keri gave me the gift of a Facebook account when she went away to Georgia. While I am never one to turn my nose up at a gift, I wasn't quite sure how to go about using this one. I am not exactly the Facebook type. Not that I really know what that type is. I just did not see myself as one to "hang out" on computer social networks...HA! The irony of that statement does not escape me. Yes, I LOVE blogging, but I see this as being completely different. A way to log your thoughts, record your journey and make a few friends along the way. To me, Facebook is a bit, ummm, less deep???

Now, all you Facebook lovers, please don't hate me. I've come to appreciate it, but let's get real here. You can't actually learn that much about someone with no more than "Jeff is off to the the gym" or "Sarah is taking a nap" or "Jenny wishes the rain would stop" or my personal favorite, "John is petting his dog, Sparky". While I have used the site to reconnect with a few old high school friends, we have done nothing more than exchange a few pleasantries and moved on. I think I just have this need to connect on a deeper level. I will admit I love seeing all the pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I also realize that sites such as this are the wave of the future. I'm just a little slow on boarding the fast moving train into the unknown. I like my little comfort zone in which I surround myself. But we all have to stretch beyond our boundaries from time to time and this was one of those times.

So I disguised my uneasiness with feigned excitement and jumped in. I still feel like I might hyperventilate from time to time when I log on. So. Much. To. See. It can be overwhelming. But it has been the greatest way to see a bit of what my girl is doing on an on-going basis. She always informs me of her latest photo uploads and my heart melts that she wants to include me in all she does.

Today, she posted the following on my wall. See if you find any similarities in how we think.

Count Down....5 weeks left after this one....but basically it's only 4 weeks because the last week of finals doesn't really count...and then basically 3 weeks because the last actual week of classes doesn't really count either...but it might as well be 2 weeks because of our birthdays...but then I'll be home the weekend for Easter soooooo pretty much what we're left with is ONE week until I'm HOME with YOU!!!!I love you mommy and miss you like crazy! ♥ .

That wonderful way of taking any situation and spinning it exactly to your liking...well, let's just say, THAT is how I know she is MY daughter!

Edited: The fabulous Jill just left a comment hooking me up with THIS hilarious video about Facebook. It's a must-see!


  1. Hi!I can tell you're lots of fun! And hey, 40 is the new 20 right!!!(Right there with you girl!)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!And for your sweet comment! I appreciate it!
    xOxO deb

  2. Ahhhh... you two are soo cute! I wish I had a beter relationship with my mom.
    When I first got onto FB I was totally addicted I was able to reconnect with friends from summer camp that I had lost touch with. But that addiction quickly faded..
    Have a great day!

  3. She's my kind of kid, I like people who see the glass as half full ;)

    I was like you about the whole facebook thing, its pretty superficial on the surface, but it is nice to catch up with people from the past once in awhile.

  4. What a fabulous 'Mum-Daughter' relationship you obviously have. That is a fabulous photo of you both & it's easy to see where she gets her stunning good looks!

    I'm with you on the whole Facebook thing! I find it a bit something & nothing, but I still have a 'wall' - well you have to keep up or get left behind!!

  5. Momma... i love it!
    It made me teary-eyed for some reason....maybe because I MISS YOU!!!!

    Love you!

    P.S......you know u love the facebook ;)

  6. yeah, I can't keep up with facebook...and I am totally ok with that. But I do like that people I went to High School with can find me. I would much rather spend my time surfing the 'net reading interesting blogs! Your daughter is so sweet!! :)

  7. I so agree with the facebook thing!!! My daughter first talked me into MySpace and then Facebook!!! I was in overload and could hardly stand reading all the things that people were doing, yes Jim is petting the dog!!! I was on for a few weeks and then said enough!!!! I love my Blog and all my friends on here, so I have to laugh when Danielle sends me something on Facebook and then says Mom you didn't respond, HELLO we live 2 minutes from one another and I see you more than I see your Father!!!!! Love what your daughter said and the pic of the two is you is just PERFECT, just like you!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday sweet friend!!!!!

  8. That's so cute! Hope your 1 week until your daughter gets here goes fast!

  9. Aww, what a sweetheart she is! You raised her well ;-) I have to admit that I was slow to warm up to FB, but now i'm an addict, lol! I will have to try to find you! :-)

  10. How cute is that! And what a wonderful pic of the two of you! I actually have a better connection with my mother now that college is over and Im getting married! My father and I used to talk about tv shows and celebrity gossip all the time when I called him from school. But now I talk to my mom more about whats going on in life and with the wedding! You have a wonderful daughter who loves and shows the need for her mother...and you show her that you need her, which is wonderful for a daughter to get from her mother :)

  11. I dont care for facebook. I dont like how you have to share your last name with the world and how everyone can see everything you write. A little to noisy my taste. I like myspace better, you have a little more control, but it gets old quick and thats that.

  12. so sweet. i loved this post. my mom just got a facebook account too. you girls are movin on up :)

  13. What a sweet entry! And how neat that she is looking so forward to being home w/ you and misses you! And, LOL @ the 5 weeks really equals 1 week logic!

    Great picture too...now you just need to scrap it!

  14. Oh yeah, forgot to say that the embellishment under the "daddy" part of my title is a portion of Queen & Co. felt border :)

  15. Hehehehe...love your blog, and I am glad you visited mine. Lots of funny ways to think and you crack me up with the facebook statement..."johnny or whoever is petting his dog...". So funny and so true.
    Thanks for stopping by and I am considering you my friend now...yayyyy

  16. Send me a friend request, send me a friend request!!! LOL!
    Okay - you WILL get a kick out of this link:

    It is VERY funny!!!
    The relationship you have with your dd is awesome btw!

  17. That is adorable!! I love the pic of you two!! I find myself not doing Facebook.....not because I don't have the time...but I worry about virusus. My Boss's daughter ruined his computer because of facebook. Am I being paranoid?

  18. You two are gorgeous!!
    Thanks so much for the congrats on my blog today! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  19. What a sweet photo of you too!!! And I will have to admit that I am a facebook addict. I have to stop myself from spending so much time on it. I love seeing everybody's photos and families!!

    Hope you're having a good week!!

  20. look how cute you two are!
    what a great trait to inherit from you. i love your attitude and your humor. that's why i love to read your blog.

    i feel exactly the same way about facebook. i get so confused about how and where to answer people back...my wall or theirs. i use it to stay in contact with a handful of people. i hope they can find my comments!

  21. Ohh HOw cute Lisa!! I have posted of your little Prize let me know when it gets to you!!!!!1

  22. I really have to agree with you about Facebook, Lisa. ;) I prefer visiting my friends blogs and seeing little glimpses into their lives. That said - I do use Facebook and love sharing photos.

    What a sweet photo of you and your daughter! I know you must miss her. :)

  23. Hi LIsa!!! THanks for stoping by both blogs I realy appreciate it you are such a sweetie! Love your post and you 2 are beautiful!! I have facebook too but I'm not addicted to it haven't figured it all out yet either.Have a great day!HUgs

  24. I am too a bit overwhelmed about facebook altough I'm also very deep into it... ;) It's a phenomenon of the future I guess... just like you wrote. What a sweet daughter you have who left that message for you :D Have a great evening and thank you for your always so sweet comment... :) Johanna

  25. yeah thats the one.... I cut most of it with my new cricut. I love the SCAL software. Now i cant believe I waited so long to get one.

    I cut the large circle to 10.5 inches, and the tag frame at 7 inches and cropped a 5x7 to fit the frame. The outside border is a little scallop thing on the home decor cartridge that comes with the machine and I cut 10 to go around the outside. The title is also 2 of the specialty words that come on the cartridge and the scrolls are also on there. I wouldnt mind sending you some if you'd like? Just let me know. It has some cute little birds that I cant wait to use.

    Its this cartridge

  26. Hey Lisa!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am soooooo with you on the facebook thing. Everyone else seems to just LOVe it. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me-glad to know you feel the same way. It's fun to reconnect with people, but I guess I'm wired for a bit more. Plus I've got people coming out of the woodwork-I just can't keep up and everytime I log on I just feel so overwhelmed!!!!
    You and your daughter are soooo beautiful!!!

  27. Hi Lisa, I am soo glad you found my blog, you always leave great comments. I generally am not a fan of WalMart either, the hubby pretty much forced me in there kicking and screaming but it seems to be a common occurance there, no one noticed us like they did at Babies R us!

  28. your daughter is gorgeous! and that is such a cute message from her! now i'll have to find you on facebook ;)

  29. great photo! your daughter's latest post it the perfect reason to be on facebook :)

    I agree with everything you said and yet I'm hooked. I'm guessing this too shall pass.

  30. Hehe Lisa, your daughter didn't only inherite her looks from you but your wonderful sense of humor as well it seems! I love this post, and like someone commented before me, it's nice to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like Facebook all that much. I let myself be convinced to sign up by some of my friends, who all assured me it was soooo much fun ... somehow I just don't see or feel it. I liked hearing from some friends I hadn't spoken to in 20 years, but what to say after the first pleasantries???? Loved the video btw, says it all doesn't it...
    xxx Peggy


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