Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My First EVER Award and a Few Layouts

Awards are always a good thing...something to be proud of. So please pardon me while I say, well, actually shout, "YAY ME!" I just received an award from my new friend Antonella Ryan !!! She has launched a cool sketch blog called Pinkalicious Sketches. I plan to participate in her sketch challenge this weekend. You should check it out.

I feel so honored and grateful Antonella would think of me when passing this award along. I'm relatively new to the blogging scene, at least from the writer's side, but I believe this means I can pay it forward by bestowing this award on several additional bloggers. I choose to pass this lovely award to the following:

Kristii Lockart (Honestly Speaking) - Not only will you find enormous scrapping talent on this lady's blog, but Kristii's wonderfully upbeat attitude and strong faith is a beautiful inspiration.

Lisa Houpt (itsjustlisa) - I recently admitted to being a stalker of this girl's blog...cannot wait for her to post her latest creations...'nough said!

Cassie (SomethingFromCassie) - You can actually feel this gal's energy leap off the screen...lol...and she can rock some layouts!

Jocelyn (Simply Me) - This lady is one of the sweetest, most encouraging people I know. She has welcomed me with open arms into this blogging world and made me feel so at home with her sweet comments. A visit to her blog lets you see straight to her heart.

Here is your award ladies...you SO deserve it!

Now for a few layouts. These are a few months old, but they are a some of my favorites. Not so much for the design, but for the emotion behind them. Friendships are something to be cherished and this first layout is of Keri and one of her best, very best, friends. They share one of those special friendships that is just there and will always be there. They no longer get to spend much time together, but the bond is strong...they always pick up right where they left off...and it usually involves silliness. One look at these photos and you get the idea.

The next one is special to me because this photo is classic Taylor and Keri...now...lol! There was a time when they wouldn't begin to get this close to one another. They have a fantastic relationship, always have, they just forgot about that bond for a few years...lol! I think they really do feel lucky to have each other...and to me that is all I can ask for!

Before I sign off, I want to thank all of you who have made these first few months as a blogger such an amazing experience. I love reading all the comments. And I especially love getting a chance to know more about you. If you visit but usually don't leave a comment, please do so at least once. I would love the chance to say hello! Happy Hump Day...tomorrow! G-night!


  1. You are soooo sweet!! Thank you my friend!! You made my day!!!I will be passing this award on as well!! It is so fun to make people smile!!

  2. Ohh Thanks Lisa - My Pleasure! Big Cyber Hugs to you!

  3. Oh sweetie thank you for the the award and the sweet things that you said about me!!! Just as I have always said, I am so glad that we found one another. You are a blessing bestowed to me!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the LO's!!! Great colors and I love the details!!!! Pics are so cute too. That always helps when you have great pics!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday and THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  4. great layouts lisa!! and congrats on the award :)

  5. What great layouts, Lisa! And congrats on your blog award!! :-)

  6. I will have to visit those blogs. I love finding new awesome creators that totally rock.

    Your new friends Sketch site sounds wonderful too, she has me interested with just the title. Going there too.

    And last I love your design and the happy yellow paper.

  7. Thank you for thinking of me! I am SO behind. I haven't blogged in a couple of days and I am leaving for the weekend and still have to shampoo these carpets...I live with 4 male-type people!!! I hope to catch up on everything this weekend!!

  8. Congrats on your blog award. I have to agree with it you have agreat blog.

    I love your layouts they are really sweet!

  9. Hey girlie,I meant to post that the shopping carts didn't get me lol! Just been sick, but feeling a lot better. Well your just getting all kinds of traffic on the blog lol . Oh, and make sure you read the Canon manuel for the camera;)

  10. Congrats on your award and I love the new layouts! :)

  11. Congrats on the award and great layouts!

  12. you totally deserve that award! WTG! and i will check out those links. i just love your silly photos, i think those are my favorite kinds. and i looooove the yellow background!

  13. awww, i read most of those blogs too!

  14. Very cool sketch blog! Thanks for linking that up, I will be checking it out regularly! Have a great weekend!!

  15. i found your blog via Jocelyn and im so glad that i did. i'll have to check out the Pinkalicious Scraps web. great layouts. that floral paper is one of my faves.
    your feet are NOT bad. i love the american pedicure you got on them. i too suffer from this angst of letting others see my feet (it's the toes for me. eww). i posted a picture about this too on my blog back in October.

    i hope your renovation projects are going well. i can't wait to see what it's all going to look like.

    hope you have a great weekend

  16. awww....you are so sweet!! I just saw this! Commented on other posts, but totally missed this!!

    THANK YOU!!! You made my day!!

  17. Big congrats on your award girl! Very well deserved indeed! Lovely LO's and have a great day!


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