Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lovin' Fall & Expectations of Others

Well, I did it again. I opened this big ol' mouth of mine and proclaimed a life void of wackiness. You know EXACTLY what that means. Craziness of every kind has found me! I'm not sure I had fully released the "Publish Post" button when I became surround my nuttiness. All good but wacked out nonetheless. Tons of deadlines at work ...a major crop at Serendipity ...computer issues of the worst kind ...that would be only a smidge of what has enveloped me. Isn't it just like a computer to act up when you need it to behave the most??? Kind of like a little child, huh? But you can't bribe a computer with a new toy or piece of candy...not that I ever did that with my kids.

Lots of changes have occurred in my world over the past 3 months. I haven't written about them yet, but I plan to soon. You will have to stay tuned. Lots of drama. My life could be a prime time soap opera complete with all the requisite heartaches, back stabbing, cat fights, sex (well, maybe not), hot sexy men (yep, that's right), fantastic gal pals and an exciting wardrobe (I treated myself to more retail therapy). I will admit to having debated starting a new blog...under an assumed name...where I can write about my antics. The life of a single girl over 40 kinda requires some anonymity if you disclose everything...

OK, so that wasn't what this post was supposed to be about but it's my blog and I can write what I want. LOL! I really wanted to post a few layouts I've done lately.

First is my Fave Things layout. This time it's all about our favorite season. Mine is unquestionably Fall. Everything about it makes me happy! So much so, I couldn't encompass it all in a single layout. So I made a mini album. I used products from this month's Serendipity Altered kit.

I hope you will participate in our challenge. You have until the 31st before the next challenge is posted.

The next few layouts were also done with my October Serendipity Altered kit. This is a gorgeous kit full of Pink Paislee's Amber Road and Scrap Within Reach products. I completed the mini (included in the kit) and 3 other layouts with so much product left over. The full altered kit has sold out, but you can get a mini version.

This first layout is a tribute to my dad. He is the hardest working person I know. Even at 64 he is still going strong. Although his up-bringing makes it hard for him to express his love in words, he has always worked hard to make my life easier.

I had fun with the next one. It was fun (not exactly...haha) making the half circle border. If you have anal tendencies and a strong need for perfection, I suggest you NEVER give this a try. LOL! It looks simple but my quirky personality flaws got in the way. I eventually took a deep breath and just let it go. I think it turned out OK. Funny thing, I have more crooked titles and tilted photos than I care to count. I try to turn a blind eye to them and just enjoy the process rather than seek perfection. But those little circles got the best of me, I tell ya!

My last layout from the kit is a hodge-podge of all the items in the kit. My kids have an incredible relationship with their cousins. While they don't get to see them as often as they would like, they are as much friends as they are family.

My final layout is for the current prompt at Forward Progress. The prompt asks us to explore the expectations of others and how we handle them. Do we allow them to effect our decisions? My journaling was very simple this time. This topic was a major source of struggle in my life when I was younger. I was so caught up in meeting other's expectations, or at least what I thought was their expectiations. But they say with age comes wisdom and I find that to be true with this subject. Once I let go of the expectations of others, life became so much simpler...easier.

Try to overlook the poor picture quality. The little "perfection" demon is having a hey day with me today. I'm not happy with anything I've posted today...just a barrel of complaints:).

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings. I will be around soon to say hello.

Hugs and love,

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  1. Once again I am highly entertained by your 'Ramblings'!! Please do include a link if you branch out to a blog with a pseudonym.....wouldn't want to miss that one!!

    I love your mini book...saw it on TAAFOMFT & drooled! All four of your LO's are simply gorgeous but I especially love the expectations one...just stunning! & as for that semicircle border....I can see nothing out of place by so much as a hairs breadth!! Do you want it to look like a digital?!!! Too perfect to have been created by human hand?!! I don't think so!LOL!

    Hope your week ahead is a little less wacky for you! XOXOX

  2. It's all beautiful Lisa! And you have a way with words, I can't help myself but smile when I read you. I beleive in wisdom for me too!
    Have a great week.

  3. Your layouts are all just wonderful (that mini book is so beautiful - I just love it!!!!) and it's incredible to see how many layouts you created from the kit. I admit to being anal about some things but right now I do the best I can, and that's that - after all, as I remind myself, it's just paper and some stuff - I can throw it away if it doesn't work out. Before I began scrapping, my major craft was quilting, and believe me, when you make a mistake in quilting, it costs money; fabric is a lot more expensive than paper so I suppose that's why I'm pretty much relaxed with scrapping. And even if I tear something apart (which I have been known to do) I can usually save most of the embellishments so..... Have a great week and I hope your computer starts being cooperative and if you decide to start an alter-ego blog, I want the link!!!!LOL!!!!

  4. Love your layouts! Hope the craziness stops soon! And cant wait to read your updates when you post them!

  5. looking forward to the updates!
    but loving the eye candy in the meantime... you've got some wonderful work here!
    Hope things start to calm down some for you.

  6. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing about your soap opera life... and yay for retail therapy! :-)

    Your LO's are ALL fantastic! Your FAV THINGS mini just rocks & I ♥ that the rest of your LO's also have a FALL feel to them as well! Bring on FALL is what I say! :-)

    Glad to see you posting! Been thinking about you! :-)

    Hugs ♥...

  7. Hey Lisa, don't sweat on the wackiness, I think its hit us all!! Lots of it going on here too!! Love the mini album, I might have to try it out with the Sept. LRS kit, full of Amber road goodies!!
    Love your layouts, they are so fresh and meaningful!! The one with the half circles, well, I won't try that at home!! Looks like alot of sweat and tears went into that one, lol!! Turned out really nice though. Hang in there girlie!!

  8. Well, Honey Bunny, you have been busy creating! This mini album is just so gorgeous! I'm a sucker for mini's. These layouts are incredible! I love the one of your dad...sniff, sniff.. Oh, listen to this emotional ball of tears going on... You are such a beautiful woman with an incredoble gift!
    Kim xXx

  9. Holey Mackral you have been busy and inspiring as usual. I would love to live vicariously (sp?) through you. My life lately is...content. Nothing exciting (thankfully) and nothing on the horizon, I am not so happy about that part. It is always fun to look forward to something. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I have been having computer problems myself. I can see your blog I just can't tell you what I am thinking. That might be a good thing. HA! Anyway, sending you some love and chasing away the perfection demons for you!

  10. do i need to call springer and get u signed up for a season?? lol lol lol!!!!! that's how i feel bout my life sometimes!!! lol!!! I could keep jerry entertained for a whole season!! lol!!!!!! *sorry* just trying to make U smile and hoping things get better soon!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your mini and those flippin' gorgeous lo's!!!! wow wow wow!!!! u are sooooooooooooooooooooo talented lisa!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. I like the idea of another blog with an assumed name. I might have to do this too. We'll talk!! I know what you can name yours....cougar!!!
    Oh sorry...did I give something away??? LOL!! I am dying here in anticipation of all the stories! Love ya!

  12. Love the posting today, you always make me lol... thanks! And of course I love the mini because I am obsessed with minis.. can't wait to hear your drama unfold.. and hmmm and assumed name....could prove interesting,have a great week

  13. I always love your layouts. The mini album is so cute. I love all the layers and flowers and pictures. I love fall too. I hope all is going better for you and I look forward to reading about whats been going on. Even when I havent been to your site in a while I always have great posts to come find when I do. Have a great day Lisa. :)

  14. Always enjoy your posts Lisa and look forward to visiting your blog! You have been busy creating, I love all your projects, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Lisa, your blogging just makes me smile. Love your projects. That half circle border is awesome and I love your color choices on all of them.

  16. Totally gorgeous stuff Missy Lisa. Love them all

  17. Lisa, these are all just beautiful! You are rocking lady!!!

  18. FAB-U-LOUS layouts! Can't wait to read what's coming up... will it read like a beach read, or a Harlequin romance?!

    Glad things are going good- EVERYONE loves a sexy man! lol

  19. Every one of these (especially the mini book) TOTALLY AWESOME!!

  20. Love the creations....you talent is so wonderful!!! I get such joy spending time here at your Blog!!!! The mini is just adorable!!!

    I am so sorry I missed you call last night...I could use some Lisa time toooo....alot going on....I will call...but I want it to be positive...I want to be there for you!!!!!

    Just loved hearing your voice on my answering machine...always brings a smile to my face....

    Love you sweet friend!!!! :-)

  21. Hey Lisa!!! I thought that was so funny about your computer...When Paper Crafts asked me to be on Moxie Fab WCMD and I had deadlines my computer so acted up....What's with that? Its like you have a deadline, therefore I will make your life ----!!!!!

    Love all your creations! Youve been a busy girl!!! Hugs, Char

  22. Beautiful projects as always. I love that Foward Progress LO. So pretty. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  23. Wow, can't wait to hear about your antics! I can live vicariously thru you! LOL! Love, love, love all your layouts and that mini is just divine!! My fav. PP paper!

  24. WOW!!!!!!! Those are some GORGEOUS layouts, and that mini album is FAN- TASTIC.

  25. Lisa, as always, your work is GORGEOUS!!! I have missed reading your posts in the hecticness of being back to work, so I have some catching up to do, but yours was the first blog I turned to when I realized I have the morning to myself!! Many happy thoughts going your way!!!

  26. First of all I want to know about the sexy men in your life. Second off this is your blog and you should write WHATEVER you want unless of course close family and friends read then you might want to go your alternate route. I hope you are feeling better and that things are getting a little better. Your work is always amazing..how in the world do you have time to do everything in your life AND scrapbook is what I want to know. Please do share with us:) I really like your favorite season mini album what a cute little book! And I love the last picture of you! Your beautiful! Hope your enjoying your weekend:) Talk to you soon friend!

  27. Sounds like life as usual has been crazy....Sorry to hear this but I have come to believe that if life was all good it might be a little boring...Hehehehe, LOL. I really enjoy reading your blog. Love, love, lvoe your layouts. Your mini book for Fave Things is most fabulous. Hugs, hugs and big hugs, Amy

  28. Hi Lisa!!! Wowzers...........what to comment on first?! Okay, let's start with easy...I adore fall!! Unfortunately, it is also the busiest season of the year, requiring extra effort to breathe in all that enjoyment. kwim?? lol I do love your handmade flowers on the last page of your mini album and your Family and Friends layout! As for the dreaded EXPECTATIONS.........my oh my, do they ever get me in trouble! Spending so much energy and time in my life trying to evaluate others' expectations...what they are, how they effect me, how I'm meeting them or not (too often focusing on the 'not'!) can exhaust a gal! There are moments of bliss though, when I excuse "Expectations" from the room and just enjoy the moment, all of the moment, and put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign intended for all those whispers yelling in my ear.

    I have missed visiting you!! You, your wit, and your words always leave me smiling, my mind churning so fast and hard there must be smoke coming out of my eye balls, and feeling like I've visited a friend over a hot latte. Glad to be able to pop back in on ya! :>


  29. I just love your ramblings!!!! Your pages are stunning!!!! SO love the page of YOU (expectations)!!! Slow down and have a good week!!!!


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