Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

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Poppin' in to post about the wackiness in my life. I posed a blog challenge to the ladies at Serendipity Scrapbooks, asking them to do a Wacky Wednesday post. Weeelllll, I didn't consider that I would need to do the same. LOL! Actually, I did. I assumed it would be an easy one as there is ALWAYS something wacky going on in my world. But as luck would have it, not one crazy, zany, wacked out thing has happened this week! Huh? Yep, my life is a total snore. LOL! Sooooo, my wacky fact is my life is totally void of wackiness!!!!

(Lame...I know. But what's a girl to do????)

Hugs to everyone!!!!!


  1. Better to have a week off than to have something totally nuts going on! Enjoy your non wacky wednesday!

  2. Ali Edwards recently did a blog posting about being thankful for ordinary days - I so totally agree. And my son who is a history teacher always quotes that old curse - may you live in interesting times. Give me boring, non wacky anyday. But I admit, it is sort of strange, maybe even wacky, that nothing has happened..........

  3. Thinking about you & hoping everything went well today. Motrin before you leave. Wine when you return. :-)

  4. Not so whacky here, more like wintery. Cold, dismal, overcast.

  5. i agree with deana's comment... pain killers!!! then come home and have wine! :) hehehe...

    and hope you have a wacky wednesday too! :)


  6. Just stoping by to say that I hope everything went well today and to say THANK you for your sweet comment, your the best!
    (((((BIG hugs)))))

  7. maybe this is the calm before a new storm of wackiness?!!! I look forward to reading about what happens next! Hope all went well today.....& nothing wacky happened there!!
    Thanks for stopping by to put a smile on my face {{{Hugs}}} & xxxx's

  8. Well that is it is still wacky wednesday..untill something wacky comes along and than it's double wacky..and this makes my post wacky too...;)
    I agree with Chris though to be thankful for the ordinary days!
    Loved your previous is so important!!

  9. I will happily share my wackiness anytime with ya, girlfriend!
    Kim xXx

  10. LOL!!! I wish my day was boring!!! LOL!!! Wanna trade me??? LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. LOL enjoy the lack of wackiness while it lasts, knowing you it will be right back LOL!
    xxx Peggy

  12. Hope you have a beautiful day!

  13. what's wacky is that I haven't been to yor blog in 2 days!
    I think I am having withdrawals...

  14. Well I think you're still pretty awesome even when you don't have any wacky stories to share ;-) HOpe you're having a great weekend, girl!

  15. hmmmm...maybe I should throw a wacky Wednesday challenge out to the universe...ya know to keep the wackiness at bay. Hope you have a perfect weekend.

  16. I have enough wacky and nearly unbelivable going on for the both of us. Thankfully things have finally started to look up.

  17. LOL at your wackiness!!!
    Love your sunrise page Lisa - its totally gorgeous-smorgeous!!!

  18. But I so look forward to your crazy, zany, wacked out things :)

    My husband is on a "Jill you need to slow down and recharge" kick right now. Maybe that is what this time is for you. Time to recharge.

    Honest?...he's driving me crazy with this LOL Gotta love him :)


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