Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scrapping With A Sketch & Honest Facts

Kim and I have completed another challenge. This time Kim chose this gorgeous sketch from Sweeties Sketches.

I just discovered either this link doesn't work or the blog is no longer in existance but I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Here is my take on the sketch.

Instead of using circular paper, I chose to use a template to pierce the design on my Core'dinations cardstock and lightly sanded it to further enhance the core color. I then machine stitched the inner circle using brown thread. I used another Serendipity kit...September's I Deserve It All kit. Like the broken record I am, I must say this kit is awesome...tons of gorgeous products.

Here is Kim's take on the sketch.

I always love Kim's work. She has a way of using just the right colors... just the right pics... just the right titles... to draw you in. I love the clean and simple beauty of this one.

As always, I seem to be behind in most areas of my life so it is only fitting I am behind in posting a tag/award I received from three very special ladies.

The award is the Honest Scrap Award.

Here is how it works....

*Say thank you and give a link to the presenter of the award
*Share “10 Honest Things” about myself
*Present the award to 9 other bloggers whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design or to those who have encouraged me
*Be sure to tell the 9 bloggers chosen that you are giving them the Honest Scrap award and provide the guidelines for them

The first one I want to thank is Julie, a new friend from Serendipity. I've had a blast getting to know her through the message board and she is a scrapping queen. I love her style and she is a wonderful photographer. The second special lady kind enough to honor me with the award is, Chris, aka Chrispea. She is also an extremely talented scrapper with mad, mad photography skills. Chris is also a true inspiration to me. She is currently battling breast cancer and her willingness to share her story and her positive attitude touch my heart deeply. Last, but certainly not least is Julie, my "boss" at These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things. I have mentioned time and time again how much Julie amazes me. Now that I know she completes most of her layouts in 30 minutes or less... let's just say she is my hero! LOL!

Here goes with my Honest Facts:

1. Although I was initially shell-shocked when I became an empty-nester last year, I've come to realize I LOVE this phase of life. It is the first time I've taken the time to focus on what I want and what makes me happy.

2. I am no longer engaged. There...I've said it. I know I've eluded to it over the past few months but I have yet to say it out right. Time to be totally honest, huh?

3. With regard to #2, I am secretly (well, now not so secretly) afraid of never finding THE one. A failed marriage and a broken engagement makes you stop and think.

4. Building on #3. I am an eternal optimist so despite my fears of being alone, I'm not really worried. I'm a firm believer in what is meant to be will be.

5. Since my divorce 5 years ago, I have "sown my wild oats" so to speak. Nothing like being in your 40's and finally cutting loose...not that I'm loose! LOL!

6. I don't know how to snow ski. I've always wanted to learn. The only time I tried, it was really too warm to ski. I did fairly well considering I was navigating mud puddles. This winter I plan to take lessons. Now, cross your fingers and say a prayer that I don't break something! :)

7. I hate to sit in my kitchen or family room at night. These rooms have lots and lots of windows and I feel as if someone is always watching me. This fear comes from the peeping Tom that was a permanent fixture at my house during my teen years. While we would catch him at the windows peeking in, we could never actually "catch" him. I still feel "eyes are watching me" to this very day. ***shiver***

8. Growing up in a small community, everyone knew everyone else's business...or thought they did. When my parents divorced 15 years ago, many rumors were started as to why. The whole "affair" involved our church. Believe it or not, I was drug into the middle of it all. I actually received "hate" mail. It was an anonymous letter quoting scripture complete with all the words being cut from various magazines. I still have it... it's always good for a laugh. It serves as a reminder that things aren't always what they seem.

9. Lately I'm missing my grandparent's more than ever. They were a big part of my life. We always have our family reunion in October and this would be the first one without my grandmother.

10. The most honest fact of all...I love my life. It isn't perfect, but it makes me perfectly happy!!!

There you have it, my list of 10 honest facts. When selecting who to pass awards on to, I am never able to narrow my list to a select few. So, as always, I want to pass this to anyone who leaves a comment. Additionally, I want to offer it to my blogging pals from Serendipity. Let me know if you choose to snag the award. I don't want to miss your honest facts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I hope to be back mid-week with more scrappy stuff. I've been working my can off so I must share.

Hugs and love,

P.S. There is still time to get your name in for my "Squeeze Your Melons" give-away. Go HERE.


  1. These are stunning layouts! I love the piercing on your layout and how girly it is. Kim's is more masculine and still stunning! Love them both!
    Kim xXx

  2. Very fun layout and interesting honest scraps. Have a great week!

  3. OK! That layout is rocking!!!!
    Loving your post today : )
    Have a great week!!!

  4. Those layouts are just awesome!! Love the honesty post, although I don't think I will snag it right now, I just don't know if I can come up with 10 things! I will have to contemplate this one for awhile, but love your honesty and am really a little envious of your "not so perfect" life that makes you "perfectly happy." Great way to look at it!! Keep it that way!!

  5. *sigh* i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's both of u made....absolutely gorgeous!!!! and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the honest facts u listed...*sigh* but sorry bout u and your honey.....i gonna one up ya though my lol lol....the "boss" isn't even FORTY YET...and she has been married THREE times and DIVORCED two lol lol...i hope u know i ain't one up-ing u to make me sound better...blah blah blah lol lol...i have never been a 'keep up with the jones's' type just telling ya cuz i wanna make u smile :):):):):):):):):):):):):) u are gorgeous, amazing, funny, gorgeous (yes! i said it twice!), and i know that "he" is out there for u!!!! love u! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Ahhhh Lisa, love your layout as usual, love the Honesty post.. those are great things to get out. Enjoy your life as it is now, the right one will come along when you least expect it.. I too like Julies boss.. have the divorced 2 times, married for a 3 and final one... Kerry was definatley worth all that soul searching, sowing my oats at 40 something lots of me time.... Life is what you make of it, and you are doing a great job making YOUR LIFE ROCK..... LOVE YOU!

  7. Wonderful layouts! Love that you pierced, sanded, and stitched the large circle, completely making it your own! I also love that you are able to spill so much here. :> You are able to accept the ups and downs and still remain optimistic. Its a talent that is a choice to employ....good for you for choosing to do so! Hubby said he fell in love with me for my optimism. About two years ago, I completely lost that ability and am relishing that it is back....for the most part. lol :> Thanks for all your sharing! :>

  8. Love the details of your layout.

    You received hate-mail...seriously? I love my life too :)

  9. Oh LO is all the detail and the title....just PERFECT!!!! I loved reading your list.....knew most of them...!!!! Thanks for the phone never cease to put a smile on my face...and I thank you for that!!!!! I will be sending you tons of pics.....your work is so beautiful and I can't seem to get a thing I am working on to look the way I want it!!!! :) I will call soon!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

  10. Lovely LO! I also know what it is like when parents divorce. I had a rought time when I was a kid. They would call my mom a hore, which wasn't true. She worked hard as a manager for a retail store. Yes, she did go out, like any normal person would do. She had a life, but the people who said that, they didn't know better. Kids can be cruel sometimes. I hope life is treating you well! Have a great day!

  11. I am so impressed by your sewing, with a machine, in a circle...WOW girl. GREAT layout.

    Interesting honest facts.... I must mull over some honesty about myself - probably a good thing for everyone to do from time to time.

  12. That is a great sketch! Love that you pierced it!! Have a great week!

  13. wow such great work! I love the piercing!
    And what a wonderfully honest list!
    Hugs to you!

  14. Lisa, the more I know you the more I love you.
    Don't be afraid of being alone.
    If it is meant to be you will meet your perfect match. If not, the world won't come to an end. (not trying to sound insensitive, I just know the strength that you posess.)
    I admire your honesty and love reading your blog
    Great layout too!

  15. I love what you did with the sketch...such a lot of work went into that LO & such a clever title!

    Your Honest list made fascinating reading...thanks for sharing! I did nominate you for this award myself about two weeks ago, but maybe I forgot to leave a comment to let you know!! Ah well...I got to see your list anyway!!

    I can honestly say that you should have no fears of being are such a warm & vibrant person...things happen when you least expect them, so stop looking for the 'perfect match' (they don't exist anyway...they all have their flaws!!) & just carry on enjoying your amazing, wacky, optimistic life!

    Happy Monday! {{Hugs}} x

  16. WOW girl, that was some genuinely honost scraps :-).Thanks for sharing!!!

    Your LO'S are amazing :-) Thats a gresat sketch and you rocked it!!!! Hugs, Char

  17. Oooops! Lisa!!! So sorry to have got your link wrong!! You were the one who taught me how to do that so I should have at least got yours right!!!! I said loved reading your Honesty list...whoever the Award came from!!!

    Thanks for dropping by again!


  18. I ♥ those LO's & that Keri-oke title is just perfection! :-)

    ♥'d reading your list. I say who cares if you never find THE ONE. You're an an amazing, awesome & hot woman with or without a man. How about THE ONE FOR NOW? :-) And btw... what's up with the hot men you eluded to in a recent post... still waiting to hear some juicy stuff here... ;-)


  19. Your layouts are amazing and what an honest list! I'm sorry your engagement ended, that sucks. Thanks for sharing this list with us!

  20. that layout is FAB hun, and your honest list is amazing - really honest!! hehe. hope you're doing well hun xx

  21. WOW, BABE..WOW..THOSE LAYOUTS ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! That first one is my fave!!!!
    And #5...hmmm...really?


  22. Hey there Lisa. Um, I think you know why I won't be doing the 10 honest thing right now! But I love yours! I'm amazed that some people thing their life is so perfect that they have the right to judge yours, but in face they are too spineless to take credit for what they say and send you a letter with words cut from a magazine. Crazy! and scary!

    Hope all is well- how was Friday??? KWIM???


  23. Your layout is beautiful; of a fun subject. Great!!!

    Thanks for the honest facts. It is always nice to know a bit about our blogger buddies!!!


  24. Me again, I've left an award for you on my blog!
    Kim xXx

  25. Love your work as always..your awesome! Doesn't it feel good sometimes to get some honest facts out in the air. Like a weight lifted off your shoulders! HUGS!!

  26. oooohhh, Lisa, i LOVE the doily effect of the piercing!! what a GORGEOUS way to frame your photo!!


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